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September Special Edition 2022

Gray Law Group, LLC – Drawing on Extensive Understanding of Local Rules and Regulations to Help Families and Businesses Solve Their Greatest Problems


Whether you're dealing with a business issue, the probate process, divorce, or criminal charges, you deserve to work with a highly skilled lawyer who demonstrates genuine care and compassion. These qualities are continually on display at Gray Law Group, LLC. As one of the region's most respected law firms, they're proud to offer New Jersey clients access to a highly respected team of attorneys. Their lawyers bring decades of collective experience to the table, along with a variety of valuable skills and perspectives that they draw upon while working together. This team-oriented approach represents one of their greatest strengths which benefit the clients. The attorneys who make up their distinguished team have built a strong reputation not only with their continued legal successes, but also, by receiving industry awards, publishing books, lecturing at colleges, and, in general, serving as integral members of the community. Despite this breadth of experience, they share the desire to bring a fresh feel to the legal industry by incorporating cutting-edge technology.

Leveraging Best Criminal and Corporate Law Services

Criminal Defense: Few scenarios are as terrifying as being arrested or otherwise accused of committing a crime. Suddenly, your entire future lies in question. The wrong outcome could lead not only to fines or jail time, but also, the negative mark of a criminal record. With so much at stake, you cannot afford to move forward without a trusted criminal defense attorney. At Gray Law Group, LLC, they assist clients who have been charged with a wide range of crimes. The following are among the most common criminal defense cases they take on:

  • Municipal offenses. Often maintained at the local level, these offenses can hold surprisingly harsh consequences.
  • Traffic offenses. When cases go beyond the scope of traffic laws, they're here to help. Top examples include DWI and hit and run.
  • Criminal offenses. The firm provides aggressive defense for clients charged with both misdemeanors and felonies. These could include drug crimes, theft, assault, or homicide.

Corporate Law: The business environment in the Newark area is full of promise. Still, legal and personal risks abound for the region's top entrepreneurs. Whether you're opening a business, expanding your operation, or seeking other opportunities, it's in your best interest to tackle these concerns head-on with help from a New Jersey corporate lawyer you trust. Innovative yet practical, their approach to corporate law rests on their in-depth understanding of the New Jersey business climate. They are pleased to assist corporate clients with a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Business formation and acquisition. Their attorneys help aspiring entrepreneurs perform due diligence and address early concerns to promote long-term success. This begins with choosing the right type of entity and continues with advice regarding tax, insurance, and funding concerns.
  • Contract negotiation and review. They use a detail-oriented approach to ensure that every aspect of every contract plays out in your favor. Types of business contracts handled by the lawyers include nondisclosure agreements, commercial lease agreements, partnership agreements, and more.
  • Business litigation. From breach of contract to fiduciary concerns, a variety of disputes can lead to litigation. Their aggressive, trial-ready approach improves the likelihood of emerging with a positive resolution.

Personal Injury: Negligence is an unfortunate reality of modern life in New Jersey. Many businesses and individuals fail to show the attention and care expected of them. This can cause long-term physical and emotional suffering, as well as major financial issues. It may be possible to secure damages following a negligence-related incident — but this is far more likely if you work with a trusted New Jersey personal injury lawyer. Gray Law Group, LLC may be a key resource as you move forward with the personal injury process. With their help, you could secure compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress. Personal injury is a far-reaching practice area that encompasses many legal matters. Common examples of cases involving negligence include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Dog bites
  • Defective products

While all personal injury cases look unique, there is always a strong need for assertive representation. At Gray Law Group, LLC, they are consistently prepared for the possibility of trial. Even if you don't actually end up in court, their trial-ready approach will improve your chances of securing a desirable settlement.

The Pre-Eminent Leader

David E. Gray, ESQ. is the Managing Partner of Gray Law Group, LLC. As the managing partner of Gray Law Group, LLC, he supervises the Corporate practice as well as real estate, litigation, criminal and family law. He graduated with honors from Seton Hall Law School. His undergraduate degree is in Organizational Management, Rutgers School of Business.  He is admitted to practice law in New Jersey and New York. Mr. Gray was a judicial law clerk for the Honorable N. Peter Conforti, J.S.C. before going into private practice.  He has taught and lectured on various areas of the law at Centenary University, St. Peter’s University & Sussex County Community College.

"Whether your vision of an ideal outcome involves dropped charges, a not guilty verdict, or a plea bargain, you can count on Gray Law Group, LLC to fight on your behalf."