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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2021

A woman-owned laboratory that has been serving the cannabis community with industry-leading services since 2011: Green Leaf Labs

“We believe in continuing the advancement of cannabis and hemp science to ensure transparency in quality control systems.” - Rowshan Reordan

Across the United States and around the globe, cannabis and hemp CBD products are transforming the world in positive ways. The industry is booming more than ever, from supplements to relieve anxiety and arthritis to cooking ingredients in baked goods. As cannabis and hemp CBD become more widely accepted, consumer safety is paramount and must be at the forefront of all producers, manufacturers, and distributors’ minds when creating infused products. To accomplish this, meticulous testing and safety measures must be accessible in this ever-growing industry.

Which better company can spearhead this undertaking than the nation’s first accredited independent analytical cannabis and hemp CBD laboratory, Green Leaf Labs! This woman-owned cannabis and hemp CBD testing laboratory, founded by Rowshan Reordan in 2011, has set the standard for quality testing for over ten years. Green Leaf Labs’ passion for consumer safety in the cannabis and hemp CBD industry is coupled with their diligent efforts to leave a profound, socially equitable footprint inside and outside of the industry. The highly trained team at Green Leaf Labs strives to educate the greater public by providing informative material to dispel any misinformation surrounding cannabis and hemp CBD and to bring to light the importance of third-party testing.

The Importance of Cannabis Testing

A simple search regarding cannabis and hemp CBD testing will reveal a void in the realm of federal regulations surrounding these items. In places such as the United States, cannabis and hemp CBD have not been fully embraced. In many areas, it is socially unacceptable and illegal. The legal states have been at the forefront of developing analytical methods for testing cannabis and hemp CBD. The analysis of cannabis and hemp CBD products is one of the most complex sciences to work in. To successfully test cannabis and hemp CBD products, robust sample preparation and sample clean-up processes needed to be developed. This, in addition to the complexities behind cannabis and hemp CBD regulations, is why many companies seek out a third-party analytical testing laboratory.

Introducing Green Leaf Labs

Enter Green Leaf Labs: an independent third-party analytical testing laboratory founded with a mission to efficiently and accurately test all cannabis and hemp CBD products while focusing on education around misinformation surrounding the industry. After being founded in 2011, Green Leaf Labs has since become the nation’s first licensed and accredited cannabis and hemp CBD testing laboratory. Green Leaf Labs has grown to offer research and development testing, compliance testing, and much more, serving Oregon, California, and the national hemp market with a growing client base and professional processes. Through hard work and an enduring dedication to consumer safety, they eventually pioneered the Green Leaf Lab Certification Program, in which a product receives the official seal that represents it passing a test performed by an ISO 17025-accredited third-party analytical testing laboratory. This seal serves as an unmistakable stamp of safety to all consumers of products tested by Green Leaf Labs.

Breakthrough Cannabis-Related Product Development

To find the level of success Green Leaf Labs has over the past ten years speaks volumes about their passion and intelligence in the cannabis and hemp CBD industry. In addition to testing products, Green Leaf Labs also uses that well-formed expertise in new product development. Green Leaf Lab’s chemists use their boundless knowledge and combine it with nutraceutical and pharmaceutical product development experience, continually pushing the industry forward by providing consultative advice on product development and production practices. Their expertise ensures the successful development of new products and a competitive advantage for their clients.

Innovative Technology for Complex Testing

Green Leaf Labs uses the same state of the art instrumentation found in pharmaceutical and environmental science testing facilities. This technology includes gas and liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectroscopy for pesticide residues, high-pressure liquid chromatography for cannabinoid content, inductively coupled mass spectroscopy for heavy metals analysis, and polymerase chain reaction instruments for microbiological contaminants. Being one of the oldest cannabis testing companies in the country means that Green Leaf Labs has been perfecting its methods to handle all types of samples. They are continuously improving and adapting their technology to keep pace with the rapid developments occurring in cannabis and hemp CBD testing. Their innovative mindset also applies to employee and client safety. When the Coronavirus pandemic began, Green Leaf Lab acted swiftly, prioritizing the health and well-being of their team and clients. Their actions include but are not limited to providing air purifiers, masks, gloves, respirators, social distancing guidelines, and expanding on safety processes to adhere to local, state, and federal guidelines.

The Culture

“We care about our clients, our community, and our team,” says CEO Rowshan Reordan. Successfully operating a state-of-the-art independent analytical testing laboratory requires in-depth training and quality leadership.  Green Leaf Labs is no stranger to fostering employee growth and a teamwork mindset in their facilities.  Their diverse, passionate, and dedicated staff are committed to quality and excellence in everything they do.  “Together, our team furthers the mission of establishing Green Leaf Labs as the standard across the United States and beyond for quality cannabis and hemp CBD testing.”

The Future at Green Leaf Labs

As cannabis and hemp CBD becomes more nationally and internationally commonplace and universal regulations surrounding the safety of cannabis and hemp CBD emerge, innovation and product testing methods will continuously transform. With licensed and accredited operations in both California and Oregon, the future at Green Leaf Labs is expansive. They have several products and services in development, including new features for clients and expanded testing options.

Meet Rowshan Reordan, Founder and CEO

To be the first woman to pioneer an independent analytical testing laboratory that blazes a trail never before set is no easy undertaking. Yet Rowshan Reordan, Founder and CEO of Green Leaf Labs, does so with poise, strength, and passion. After having a very personal experience with a friend living with HIV, she realized the lack of safety surrounding cannabis and hemp CBD consumption. Rowshan decided to open Green Leaf Labs to establish a standard in testing and help change the world for the better. The need for social equity is one of many roots to the foundation of Green Leaf Labs. Being the first woman-owned independent analytical testing laboratory furthers gender equality in the professional sphere. When cannabis and hemp CBD businesses send their samples to Green Leaf Labs, they are directly supporting progress for an equal and united world. Included in the conversation regarding social equity, Rowshan Reordan strives to transform the narrative surrounding cannabis and hemp CBD products and their positive impact on humankind.

To learn more about Rowshan Reordan, the team, and the organization itself, visit the Green Leaf Labs website today.