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Kristy Hunt, Green Star Products President: ‘Many commercial and industrial products are being developed by GSPI; some in partnership with other companies worldwide. Our projects focus on reducing environmental impact, using only renewable resources, and ultimately improving efficiency’


There are billions of people on this planet sharing the natural world with you, and they are always competing for resources and space. In order to protect humanity from negatively affecting the world, governments have developed several policies and governance. Along with this, the new breed of technologies is also helping humanity maintain a balance between the natural and developed world. In simple terms, the main motto of environmental technology is to protect the environment. They provide new ways of consumption that are sustainable and will prevent the depletion of natural resources. In the digital world we live in, dozens of new technologies emerge every year, ultimately aiming to provide humanity with sustainable tools.
There are various companies working in the environmental technology segment globally, but Green Star Products (GSPI) stands out from the rest. GSPI is an environmental technology company that produces and distributes technology related to the environment, ideas that increase production, reduce impact. Bring together ventures between parties with a unified goal. Greenstar began with BAAT International, whose main focus was to bring the idea of Electric cars to the forefront. BAAT was the brainchild of Joseph Lastella, an Engineer and Research scientist who was determined to use technology to reduce the carbon footprint and protect the planet. From there, Joseph began finding/creating new products and ways of producing items that would further progress in environmental tech while increasing productivity—increasing the level of algae production, amplifying the output of Biodiesel, finding a way to produce Graphene in a fraction of the time without using expensive carbon to do so.

In conversation with Kristy Hunt, President of Green Star Products

Q. How does your expertise help you stand apart from your competitors?

We have the tech born from Joseph Lastell, and no one else has that. He has the mind of an engineer and aimage visionary.

Q. Tell us about Viro Spectrum Shield. How effective is it against COVID-19?

Viro Spectrum Shield was tested by “MRIGlobal”  a Federally Accredited Lab, contracted with the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, and it was shown to be 93-99% effective against the covid-19 virus. The formula has been used for over 38 years by people associated with Lastella and has been tested on two different occasions by the lab, first in 2009 against swine flu and variants, again for COVID 19. All reports from actual users are that the symptoms reverse within 24-48 hours. Many use it as a preventative, taking one pill every other day. Of those, no one has yet contracted any symptoms of the virus.

Q. As the new president of Green Star Products, what is your focus going to be?

My focus is to re-ignite the past relationships built and re-open the products to new opportunities. We are looking into algae projects, Graphene, lubricants, and anti-corrosive materials use. All of the tech involved in these areas are still viable, as at the time of development were so far ahead of their time.image

Q. How important are partnerships to your firm?

Technology can only be improved with more energy, intelligence, and resources, so the right partnerships can mean everything. We are always open to the idea of a partnership that will increase the opportunities for our tech or to improve it.

Q. What does the Green Star work culture entail?

Long days, no weekends, collaborations, passion, drive and taking your supplements. 2020 was a challenging year. How was it working through the COVID-19 pandemic? Tell us about the firm’s experience.
GSPI picked the most difficult time to re-emerge in a pandemic, but as unfortunate as that is, it was the pandemic itself that made it necessary for GSPI to wake up, for VSS, to bring it to the aid of our world.

Q. What is Green Star Products’ vision for the future? Are exciting things on the way?image

So many exciting things lay ahead. With our renewed energy and team, we are opening projects at just the right time. With our political atmosphere re-engaged in environmental focus, we are primed and ready to go, finding the right atmosphere to showcase all of the work that has gone into research and development over all of these years. With a new president to run this company, Mr. Lastella is now free to go back to his lab and redefine all of his work, get it ready to move forward.

Meet the charismatic leader of Green Star Products

Kristy Hunt is the newly appointed President of GSPI, as of March 10th 2021. With a background in process management and organization, she has assisted many companies in becoming more efficiently run. With a vision to increase exposure of GSPI’s environmental tech and respect for Joseph Lastella’s work, Kristy will be able to build a team to perfectly promote GSPI.

“Greenstar is aware of the worldwide need for assistance against this viral pandemic, and with the proven research and testing, Viro Spectrum Shield has proven itself as an ally to the human body's own defense system.”