November Edition 2020

Receive practical, timely, and comprehensive real-time labor market intelligence from the global leader: Greenwich.HR


In the past decade, employers are known for increasingly using the Web for advertising for job opportunities, which usually will specify the position and the required skill a candidate must possess. The ads for jobs on the Web can help in the decision-making process for many organizations, labor market shareholders, employment, and educational agencies. We can boost the economy and also make important decisions with accurate labor market intelligence, but the barrier here is that conventional data collection methods are often incomplete and confusing. In the digital age we live in, web-centric services are growing significantly, and this, in turn, has led to the introduction of web portal and services. The surge in data use gave rise to Labor Market Intelligence, according to which AI algorithms and frameworks to Labor Market Data will be used and designed for supporting decision-making.

There are various players in the Labor Market Intelligence segment, but Greenwich.HR stands out from the rest. The company provides the world’s largest and fastest-growing labor market intelligence platform. This allows users to see the labor market in an entirely new way – real-time, in high definition. Greenwich.HR consolidates online public data about hiring, jobs, pay, skills, and experience from nearly 4 million companies and over 400 million individual profiles. (All data is obtained from public sources and is fully compliant with applicable privacy requirements.) Greenwich.HR uses artificial intelligence methods to consolidate data from millions of sources into a common framework, enabling the most sophisticated analysis. Access to this data is provided on a subscription basis to the world’s top analytics teams, application developers, and service providers. Greenwich.HR’s clients span across a large and growing range of interests, including investment fund managers, corporations, management and HR consultancies, credit agencies, media outlets, staffing companies, universities, economists, political operatives, and more.

In conversation with Cary Sparrow, Founder of Greenwich.HR

Q. Do you support your clients patch-up their internal inefficiencies? Do you help your clients streamline their operations towards success?

Greenwich.HR provides easy access to comprehensive labor market intelligence, robust enough for the most sophisticated analytics and applications. Previously, robust labor market data required teams to build extensive data acquisition and consolidation capabilities. Greenwich.HR eliminates this requirement, allowing analytics teams, service providers, and application developers to reduce their data acquisition costs and increase their speed-to-delivery significantly.

Q. Efficient and reliable business/market intelligence comes with an expensive price tag. How affordable are your services for SMEs?

Access to the Greenwich.HR data platform is significantly less expensive than the cost organizations would need to spend to replicate the intelligence on their own, and is less expensive than other data providers. In most cases, Greenwich.HR affordably meets entirely new needs that simply cannot be met through other means, purchased, or built. But perhaps most importantly, we have tailored our business model to align completely with our clients’ success. All of our clients are bringing new capabilities to a new market – whether by introducing new services to internal audiences or by launching new commercial products and services. We understand the realities of developing and launching a new product, and we have tailored our commercial model to match these realities. This includes flexible pricing that enables cost-effective product development and various pricing options to manage risk during early market adoption. And we provide extensive hands-on support. What other data providers charge for consulting, we provide for free.

Q. Do you have qualified individuals who can help you keep your service standards up and running?

Of course, we do. We’re in the business of monitoring the world’s labor market in real-time. Millions of web pages are indexed every day, and we can provide high-definition intelligence with latency measured in hours, not months or years. Operational excellence is our core capability.

Q. Organizations should proactively define the problem they trying to solve. Only then they will be able to identify the right Business Intelligence solution that will suit their requirements. Do you help your clients devise a strategy before adopting a solution?

All of our clients approach us with a business opportunity to bring labor market insights to their constituents in order to deliver more value, build a stronger brand, create new revenue streams, and generate more profit. We help them bring their ideas to the markets they serve – not only by providing a next-generation intelligence source but also by aligning our business model and partnership approach to support their product development and market entry requirements.

Q. What are your plans for the future development of your company?

We are aggressively introducing new capabilities to reach new audiences and broaden visibility to new market intelligence types. This includes new delivery technologies, new data sources, new data coverage, and new regional coverage. We are also significantly investing in expanding partnerships with application developers and service providers who can incorporate our labor market data to deliver improved solutions and innovations to their clients and create new revenue streams.

Meet the leader behind the success of Greenwich.HR

Cary Sparrow founded Greenwich.HR in 2015 after recognizing an opportunity to create much greater transparency in the world’s $80 trillion labor market. His experience serving in top technology executive roles prepared him to recognize the factors that would lead to Greenwich.HR. Specifically, that companies are investing huge sums in analytic capabilities, but the quality of market data is extremely poor; that when large markets become more transparent, significant efficiencies and innovations occur, usually resulting in entirely new product spaces; and that a new potential approach to compiling labor market intelligence, using big data and artificial intelligence, was being largely ignored by traditional labor market data providers. The core data collection technology of Greenwich.HR was launched in late 2016, and Greenwich.HR began generating revenue that same year.

“Our mission is to make the labor market more transparent, opening the doors to amazing innovations.”