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The World's Most Advanced LED Grow Lighting: Growgenics


Energy efficiency continues to be a key factor for the adoption of LED technology in the horticulture sector. Controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) powered by LED lighting has been on the rise even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the pandemic has now pushed this industry to grow faster as there is an increased demand for the CEA facilities. Horticultural lighting being integral to this form of agriculture, has also seen a significant rise in demand. The market is expected to continue growing. One of the foremost innovators in this segment is Growgenics; a leading advanced LED grow lighting company.

Founded in 2014, Growgenics has created advanced, patented horticultural LED grow lighting solutions for all species of plants worldwide. Its Founder and CEO, Richard Genga, a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur of 35+ years, designed the Growgenics lighting solutions to solve the problems associated with traditional grow lights. The company currently works with four major markets:

  • Controlled environmental agriculture (CEA)
  • Legal commercial cannabis cultivation
  • Supplemental lighting for commercial greenhouses
  • Horticultural university research
  • Leading Innovation

With Richard Genga’s extensive integrated background in business and product design, Growgenics has been a culmination of almost forty-years of in-depth experience by which he has built a powerful and experienced team and designed exceptionally innovative products that are highly applicable for the new and exploding markets of cannabis and indoor vertical food farming. Mr. Genga has successfully implemented such powerful design techniques, over his exciting career, for multiple companies saving them millions of dollars annually. These techniques are now used in developing the Growgenics modular design approach.

Growgenics’ flagship product (The Shape Light Pro 630VS) is its patented Multi-Shape Lighting LED technology that directly drives maximum photonic energy to the plant foliage via adjustable and pivoting light module segments. This unique design provides the user the ability to easily and quickly adjust angles of light modules to direct maximum photonic energy directly to the plant foliage where it is needed.

An Interesting 2020

While world-over, the pandemic was wreaking havoc, Growgenics dug deep and focused on its innovation. In 2020, the Rhode Island-based company began producing a new line of products in addition to the original Tunable Variable Spectrum lighting products. This new line of Dimmable Full Spectrum products provides growers with athesiliconreview-image-growgenics-21 lower-cost option for Growgenics lighting solutions. This line of lighting utilizes several key white LED frequencies alongside specific supplemental red frequencies to maximize plant growth while minimizing cost. Though this line of products does not have a tunable spectrum, it has full dimmable and daisy-chaining capabilities via a smart tablet control system. This Full Spectrum line of products also continues to outperform leading competitors in energy savings as well as plant yield.

Redefining the Market

Three key elements have contributed enormously to Growgenics’ success: the right product, the right team, and the right timing. Growgenics came to the lighting market while it was in its infancy, and it has continued to grow as the market has grown. Mordor Intelligence projects that the horticultural grow lighting market will grow from a $2.71 billion market in 2020 to a $7.61 billion market in 2026, with LED grow lighting as its fastest-growing market segment. Technavio predicts that the LED grow lighting market will hit a CAGR of 25% between 2020–2024. In this fast-paced environment, this lighting system’s wide range of applicability (CEA, legal commercial cannabis cultivation, greenhouse supplemental lighting, and university research) has helped Growgenics adapt and expand.

Exciting Times Lie Ahead

The company is currently working with key PhD plant and botany experts; Growgenics is constantly planning future innovations that will further reduce power consumption to make both vertical food farming and cannabis cultivation more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. As a result of these cutting-edge innovations, the company continues its journey on the path to explosive growth in the LED horticultural lighting industry.

Q. Why Growgenics?

Growgenics Advanced LED Grow Lighting gives commercial growers the ability to minimize their energy usage. Compared to traditional HPS and HID lighting, Growgenics LED lighting reduces both electrical consumption and heat generation by ~50% while increasing vegetative yield. Growgenics has also received Design Light Consortium (DLC) listing for their advanced lighting products after extensive research and testing. This DLC listing allows their clients to obtain the maximum rebates available for efficiency with power companies in their state of operation.

The Leader

Richard Genga, Founder and CEO

Mr. Genga is an entrepreneur and 35-year veteran of engineering, advanced product development, and business development. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1982 with a BSME in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Mr. Genga is an expert in Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) methods and techniques studying directly with Peter Dewhurst, a world leader and author in DFMA. Genga has applied these techniques over the past 20 years on multiple products in multiple industries with incredible success. These powerful techniques were applied to the current Growgenics products resulting in innovative designs with exceptional quality and minimized parts.

He currently holds 15 patents and has several patents pending. Genga has also successfully built and run several product design and engineering firms, most notably Acela Design LLC. Genga started, owned, and operated Acela Design for nine years engineering and developing advanced products for a variety of industries including military, medical, dental, and consumer. Genga’s expertise includes an extensive background in innovative product development, manufacturing systems, business development, electronics, software, and lean design for manufacture.

Joe Anter, VP of Business Development

In 2019, Joe Anter left a $1.5 billion company to join the Growgenics team, because he believed so strongly in the technology and the mission of the company. Anter is a seasoned business development expert with over 30 years of experience in emerging high-growth markets, and facilitating the launch of new ventures, products, and services. Adept at building powerful and productive sales teams, Anter has spent years taking businesses from being start-ups to being massively successful, including companies that became publicly traded.

“Growgenics is constantly planning future innovations that will further reduce power consumption to make both vertical food farming and cannabis cultivation more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.”