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30 Fastest Growing Private Companies to Watch 2021

Get the best training resources specifically for mid-market companies to build the systems and processes you need to thrive: Growth Institute


Being an entrepreneur or a business leader means that you must continuously focus on personal development to stay productive and achieve career growth. Because well-informed and adaptable leaders play an important role in an organization’s success and transformational growth, there is an ever-growing demand for executives and professionals in the highly competitive world we live in. In response to this growing demand, executive education is gaining immense traction due to its ability to equip leaders with future-focused skills. Companies must now focus on developing the skills of future leaders in a world where the speed of innovation is increasing every day.

Globally, there are various companies providing excellent educational services for executives, but Growth Institute stands out from the rest. Growth Institute is a leading online executive education company for C-level executives at fast-growing firms. The company’s mission is to help scale growth, expand impact and reduce drama for 10 million leaders by 2040. Growth Institute is doing this by curating the best content, implementation tools, and community for mid-market companies that want to scale up. Through different business methodologies, tools and coaching from world- class thought leaders, Growth Institute strives to help leaders scale their companies. Founded in 2012, the company has made it on the Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies for two years in a row now and is based in Austin, Texas.

In conversation with Daniel Marcos, Co-Founder and CEO of Growth Institute

Q. Do you offer individualized learning and differentiated instruction and what do these things look like?

We focus on group training as we think the community is one of the main assets a person can access in a learning program: executives can join our Master Business Courses and meet with CEOs from all over the world. They can also join our programs with their teams, as we promote team implementation for better and faster results.

How is your curricular approach integrated into the classroom at different levels of education?

  1. a) We use a hybrid education model for the development of the skills you and your company need.
  2. b) We have a library of proven business methodologies you can implement directly with your team.
  3. c) We build a community of business leaders facing similar realities and sharing their experiences and success stories. Also, we have a team of business experts and consultants that will guide you during your implementation process. We make executive online learning a friendly experience through our digital platform.

Q. How do you monitor the performance of subordinates? What guidance and direction do you find most effective?

We execute with the guidance of the methodology we teach to our clients: Scaling Up and the three disciplines of execution: Meeting rhythm, priorities, and data and dashboards.

  1. a) Setting priorities allows us to have a culture of accountability, and we set them by looking at each individual’s KPIs. Based on the company-wide KPIs, we define 3-5 priorities for each of our teams.
  2. b) The meeting rhythm is important for synchronization. They help us accelerate our business, ensure teamwork, and heal/improve relationships. We like to consider meetings our pulse. The faster we pulse, the faster we can move.
  3. c) Gathering data is looking for future indicators and past indicators. We have dashboards that let us know how we are doing in each of our priorities (super green, green, yellow, and red).

Q. What strategies do you use to promote a vibrant and cohesive community at your institute?

The live spaces we host are essential:

  • Live sessions where the courses’ coaches dive deep into each course content and answer our clients’ questions.
  • Group masterminds where the students gather to hear the stories of implementation of other business leaders.
  • Open Q/A spaces with authors from our faculty.

We also host a live weekly podcast where we sit with the thought leaders of our faculty to learn more about how to scale and make a positive impact in our communities.

Q. What kinds of technological resources do you have and in what, if any, ways do students have access to these?

We have a Learning Management System in which we host all of our courses and learning programs. This LMS contains community spaces such as forums and learning pathways.

Q. How do you market your services?

We invest heavily in inbound marketing through ads and social media. We also attract customers through our content, which is blog articles, videos, podcasts, and social media content. We have partnerships with different organizations that help us promote our programs, and we participate in different PR opportunities, such as podcasts, media articles, and virtual events.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes! We just launched our weekly podcast, Conversations At The Edge, where we meet with an author of our faculty and they share what they think business leaders should be prioritizing to build better businesses, positively impact our communities and scale up. In Conversations At The Edge, you’ll learn from the top experts on business growth, marketing and branding, execution, culture, and more.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We’re really excited to be featured in the Inc 5000 list of 2020, this is the third year now! And we’ve also been ranked as company #201 on the Inc. 5000 Regionals list of the fastest-growing private companies in the Texas region. This is a great accomplishment for us, especially after a year of uncertainty and turbulence. During the past 11 months, we’ve focused on building an agile team and we’ve managed to pivot and thrive, not just because of the rise of online education but because of our discipline and focus. This is the same mentality that I’d encourage entrepreneurs and business leaders to adopt today to scale in 2021.

Meet the leader behind the success of Growth Institute

Daniel Marcos is the, Co-founder and CEO of Growth Institute, the leading online executive education company for C-level executives at fast-growing firms. He is a keynote speaker and a CEO Coach, with a mission to help 1 million entrepreneurs scale their impact and reduce drama in the process. He is a member of YPO and EO and is a certified coach in the Scaling Up methodology. He is a graduate of EO’s premiere CEO program, the “Birthing of Giants”, and he holds a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from ITESM (Monterrey Tech) and an MBA from Babson College. Daniel was an early entrepreneur. He started a t-shirt business at the age of eight and then partnered with a car detailing franchise to provide cleaning services throughout his high school years. In the year 2000, he built an online trading business that was acquired within six months by what was Argentina’s largest financial player at the time. Daniel’s next business launched just before the untimely crash of the financial markets in 2008. His business was shut down and Daniel took on $1 million in debt. Despite the recent setback, Daniel had an abundance of experience and successes under his belt and had recently been recognized in Expansion Magazine’s “30 under 30”. As a serial entrepreneur, Daniel quickly realized that CEOs are often the bottleneck of the company. In the same way that you can’t solve a problem without first elevating your mindset, a business can’t evolve beyond what the CEO can handle. Daniel partnered with Verne Harnish in 2012 to bring executive training to the masses. What was once reserved for a small niche of wealthy companies is now available to all CEOs and their executive teams. In less than a decade, Growth Institute has been recognized among the top 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the USA, with over 40,000 members across 64 countries.

“At Growth Institute, you will get the best training resources specifically for mid-market companies to build the systems and processes you need to thrive”