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GSS Infosoft Pvt Ltd: Helping organizations stay ahead of the evolving and pressing threats

img-responsiveFounded in 1999, GSS Infotech is a pioneer in applying innovative, technology-based solutions to common business problems. We help organizations leverage the power of Virtualization, "The Cloud" and outsourced models of technology services delivery. Utilizing these technologies, we help organizations gain competitive advantage, reduce costs, ensure system stability, and improve efficiency. Specializing in Remote Infrastructure Management Services, Virtualization solutions and Application Management Services, GSS is a partner of choice for Infrastructure optimization solutions worldwide. With its global headquarters at Hyderabad, India, GSS Infotech has quickly grown through organic growth and strategic acquisitions and has 9 business centers and 3 development centers across the globe.

During this period of accelerated growth, the company has established itself as a preferred partner for IT services to hundreds of Fortune customers worldwide, spanning Telecom, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, HealthCare, Retail and Government organizations. GSS Infotech offers world-class services propelled by industry experts and a vast pool of professionally qualified work force operating across the globe. The company has been recognized by international standards a number of times.

CEITSM (Collaboration Enabled Information Technology Service Management)

While revolutions in communication and service management automation have enabled a far more mobile and efficient Information Technology Service Management, effectively marrying these key technologies has not always been easy. Companies have found it difficult to leverage all the traditional and ever-increasing new communication and collaboration channels within their processes. When decision points in processes require human intervention, the inability to immediately locate, communicate with and capture responses from a highly mobile workforce and customer base creates latency that slows down processes and increases costs and risks. In addition, an inability to streamline the process of delivering routine notifications and inquiries has increased costs as expensive skilled resources must be used to track down the right people, deliver the message and obtain the required responses to move the process forward.

Collaboration-Enabled IT Service Management (CEITSM) removes latency in the execution of automated Information Technology Service management. By integrating CEITSM with unified communication and collaboration services, CEITSM eliminates the wait each time a human decision is needed to drive a process forward. With CEITSM, an automated process can invoke the appropriate communication and collaboration services whenever human decision-making is required. These services engage the user(s) who must participate in the process, providing automatic notifications over the users' channel of choice and enabling them to respond through any channel so that the process can continue with minimal interruption.

Professional IT Services

Typical in many organizations is the need to manage intermittent skills resources and gaps. GSS Staffing Solutions can help smooth out the peaks and troughs of skills delivery and give your organization a fast track to finding the best IT talent for your immediate needs. Identifying and recruiting the right talent, is a lengthy, expensive and inefficient model for achieving business critical initiatives. Often the skills needed are hard to find experienced professionals who can hit the ground running with no training and minimal management.

Outsourcing specific roles or entire teams give you more time to focus on core business activities. If an organization is to be successful and profitable, management should be planning and directing business strategies and not giving attention to administrative or ancillary functions.

  • Stability and Performance - GSS' robust and proven processes ensure that you get highly skilled placements that integrate into your organization with the minimum of disruption. Our highly disciplined program management and change management controls eliminate the hurdles of managing complex deployments. We can quickly pull together onshore, near shore and offshore resources into a highly efficient team that quickly delivers short time-to-benefit windows.
  • Financial Advantage - Using GSS' cost effective delivery model, companies are often able to reduce their employee count and related costs, such as recruitment, supervision, salary and benefits. By outsourcing a capital-intensive function, organizations also benefit from reduced equipment obsolescence and depreciation costs.
  • Flexible Management Options - Many organizations choose to absorb entire teams for specific short term project delivery. Often companies do not have the bandwidth to manage the team. GSS can help by managing a part or all of your outsourced project team, with seamless integration into your existing management hierarchy and reporting lines.
  • Diverse Expertise - GSS stays abreast of changing technologies and is proficient in all platforms and operating systems. We're driven by quality processes and proven best practices. Our broad range of experience enables us to be an immediately productive part of your team.

Knowing the visionary

Bhargav Marepally, CEO & Founder

Bhargav Marepally, the CEO and founder of GSS Infotech comes with 19 years of experience in the IT Services Industry. He holds a double Masters degree from BITS, Pilani. He is a member of many technology and management associations worldwide. He was also nominated for "The Entrepreneur of the Year" contest by Earnst & Young in 2005. Bhargav's vision is to make GSS Infotech as the most preferred Managed IT Services Provider and grow the revenue and profits in line with the best in the industry. He has been awarded the "Udyog Rattan Award" on April 11, 2008, in recognition of his significant contribution to the country's IT industry. This award also recognizes his outstanding performance as the Best Manager for putting GSS on the express elevator to growth.

“At GSS Infotech, quality is the ultimate yardstick for customer satisfaction. We understand that while not every customer requires the same solution, all demand unprecedented quality of service. GSS is committed to delivering excellence in everything we do.”