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Haltdos – Leveraging Automatic Protection to Minimize Downtime and Latency from Any Kind of DDoS Attack


DDoS attacks have been on the rise ever since, and can cause an everlasting impact on business in multiple ways which majorly account for loss in revenue, inoperable website and web applications and degradation of brand and its goodwill. DDoS attacks are increasing in scale and complexity and threatening to damage businesses around the globe. Armed with unlimited array of tools that hacktivists and cyber terrorists can exploit, more and more DDoS campaigns are combining high-volume traffic with stealthy, low-and-slow, application-targeted techniques. To combat these attacks from reaching the enterprise network, organizations need a solution that is equally dynamic and broad.

Haltdos promises an intelligent WAF & DDoS mitigation service with multi-layered security to online businesses requiring zero management. It is a self-learning solution that continuously learns and adapts network/website traffic and provides real-time and historical insights with stunning visualization. It also provides attack alerts and notifications, attack signatures, customer misbehavior, and audit trail. With Haltdos Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation solution they assure you the maximum uptime for your network infrastructure and business continuity.

Best-in-Class DDoS and Web Security Services and Solutions Offered

Web Application Firewall & API Protection Service: At this moment and time, web applications are the primary target of cyber-attacks because they are easily exploitable and offer an entry point to sensitive user information and data. To combat cyber attackers, organizations need to protect their websites and applications from existing and emerging cyber threats without affecting application performance and availability. Haltdos Web Application Firewall's intuitive dashboard enables users to build powerful rules through easy clicks and also provides Terraform integration. Haltdos Cloud is hosted across multiple clouds and such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, among others worldwide. One of its kind, Haltdos brings you user friendly Web application firewall backed up with deception technology and superior security from zero-day vulnerabilities or unforeseeable ever changing cyber-attacks. Its solution provides 360 degrees of website security from OWASP 10 threats, XSS, SQL and other web-based threats. The web application firewall also comes with API and web socket protection.

Global Content Delivery Service: Built over multiple networks for hyper local content caching & delivery across all continents with less than 30 milliseconds latency. Haltdos’ authoritative DNS service is powered by a worldwide Anycast network with 100 percent availability & low latency. Instant record changes ideal for faster migrations, scalability and failover. The company brings content closer to your users. They minimize the latency to your files and maximize the performance, making your website feel faster than ever. With its global network, your users are always just a hop away.

Haltdos Falcon- Enterprise Anti-DDoS Solution: It is built for everything and anything that is connected to the internet. The solution offers round the clock multi-layered protection from DDoS Attacks thus securing your website, web applications and entire network from illegitimate traffic while also making sure that legitimate traffic is not compromised at any given time. With Haltdos (Distributed Denial of Service) DDoS Mitigation Solution they assure you the maximum uptime for your network infrastructure and business continuity.

Haltdos Global Server Load Balancer: Highly demanding enterprise networks call for a full-featured application delivery controller that improvises application load balancing and performance while ensuring protection from an ever-expanding list of attacks and intrusions. Haltdos Server Load Balancer is a secure Application Delivery Controller that enables Application Availability, Acceleration and Control, while providing Application Security Capabilities. Available as an appliance, virtual and on cloud instances, Haltdos Load Balancer provides advanced Layer 4 and Layer 7 load balancing with SSL Offloading and Application Acceleration. The built-in Global Server Load Balancing module lets you to deploy your applications across multiple topographies. The Application Security module ensures comprehensive web application protection, including against OWASP Top 10 threats and major application DDoS attacks, while monitoring inbound and outbound traffic for Data Loss Prevention.

The Leader Upfront

Anshul Saxena serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Haltdos. Ex-Microsoft & Ex-Amazon, Anshul holds a BE from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi and MS Information Security, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He has a total of 11 years of work experience and multiple patents in Network Security.

“Our solution is one of the best DDoS solutions available in the market today, Haltdos DDoS Solution is an AI based security solution that can automatically detect and accurately mitigate cyber-attacks on applications and IT Networks in real time.”