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August Edition 2020

Hargrove – Innovating sound solutions for the process, manufacturing, and energy industries to implement successful projects


Effective construction project management firms benefit owners by increasing the potential for successful project completion on time, within budget, and free of financial or legal complications. Construction management is a professional service that uses specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project. While project oversight services evolve throughout the project, construction management is intended to optimize best industry practices, prudent management decision-making, and effective and transparent project controls and reporting methods. Construction management is vital to large-scale projects that have more potential for problems that could significantly delay the project and cost money. A construction manager measures each design decision with a careful analysis that calculates the impact that decision will make on the budget and schedule.

Hargrove is a full-service engineering, procurement, construction management, project management, controls + automation, and technical services firm with over 2,000 Teammates across the US. The firm serves energy generation, manufacturing, research and development, and process-heavy industrial clients in long-term support relationships in multiple modes of service: in on-site support arrangements, in plant-level small projects, and consulting roles in larger capital projects. Their safety culture protects and promotes the well-being of every person who works with them.

Innovative solutions furnished by Hargrove

Project Management: The firm recognizes the importance of having strong project management to communicate with its client's team, align project goals, develop comprehensive schedules. The firm manages resources and information, make decisions in your best interest, meet project benchmarking, provide value-added solutions, and facilitate project closeout. That's why it approaches project management as a systematic process that starts at identifying project success factors and ends at successful construction, commission, and operations. Excellent project management breaks down the project workload into manageable elements, including project scope, quality schedules, material procurement, safety and risk, relative cost, personnel resources, communication, reporting, and integration. The company has a comprehensive suite of project management procedures and tools that cover project conception through startup and are scalable based on project size and need.

EPC Project Delivery: With fewer resources to turn to, companies are now looking to turn-key EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) projects as an effective way to execute a growing capital workload. Design-build projects utilize local contractor experience and commercial relationships to provide a single point of integration, eliminating the many hand-offs typical of other project delivery methods. One of the benefits of using Hargrove in an EPC role is that Hargrove is not constrained with a fixed construction capability. The firm asses each project as a unique construction opportunity and utilize an extensive portfolio of construction partnerships to strategically integrate the best fit for both the client and the contractor. As the overall EPC lead, they utilize their construction management team and procurement, safety, and quality specialists

Process + Chemical Engineering: From process designs for new products to operations and maintenance support, Hargrove's process team customizes services to meet your specific project needs. Their areas of expertise include process design engineering, project scope development, process simulation, equipment specifications, environmental compliance, process flow diagrams (PFDs)/process and instrument diagrams (P&IDs) development, equipment optimization, and process startup.

Hargrove's process team has expertise across unit operations, including reaction, distillation, heat transfer, absorption/adsorption, crystallization, extrusion, and material handling. They know that design basis documents are critical in aligning the client and engineering firm expectations and requirements, so they are prepared for each key process element and piece of equipment to ensure alignment, meet project goals, and reduce rework. Design capacity, heat duty, operating philosophy, flow rates, temperatures, pressures, stream compositions, utility requirements, physical property data, and construction materials are representative of what is included.

Electrical + Instrumentation: The firm provides support for planning and feasibility studies, alternative studies, detailed design, total installed cost estimates, shut-down support and checkout, and startup. Their designs reflect the optimal, cost-effective solutions while meeting industry standards. Hargrove team members have extensive experience in plant environments and understand the importance of developing solutions to meet your system requirements, minimize outage durations, and maintain a high level of service continuity. The company's projects range from site-wide electrical infrastructure studies and revamp to lighting improvements.

Consultancy: As one of ENR's Top Design Firms in chemicals, petroleum refining, natural gas, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and energy/utility, Hargrove strives to be the industry's best technical partner. When top specialists in a given field are needed, Hargrove Consultancy brings a team of the industry's leading professionals to serve in advisory roles as independent engineers, provide due diligence or help solve specific problems. Hargrove knows how vital your capital investment is and will listen to your needs and help teams quantify and understand options. With the best interests in mind, the company's team will work alongside your leadership to solve issues and improve effectiveness for the entire lifecycle of their client's assets. Hargrove adds value by bringing time-tested approaches and proven methodologies, as well as a thorough understanding of technologies and tools.

Ralph A. Hargrove, President, and Chief Executive Officer

"Hargrove's safety culture protects and promotes the well-being of every person who works with us, and every person touched by our work."