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October Edition 2019

Harnessing the power of data in the field of education: Civitas Learning


EdTech or education technology encompasses everything from the simple use of computers to teach math and reading to children in elementary schools by Stanford University professors in the Sixties, to the submission of homework online, entirely online degree platforms, informal mobile learning applications, gamification, or virtual reality techniques in the field of education.

As we witnessed the digitization of the media industry via the profusion of new content, audience fragmentation, data centricity and the convergence between content and platform players, as they impact the education in the market, leading to a raft of opportunities for innovators in EdTech. The importance of EdTech does not just lie with the power it has to bring down costs and engage learners in new and innovative ways.

It is also about the way in which it can equalize standards and enable access for all, resulting in the democratization of education. Online platforms, mobile applications, and new learning formats have massively improved access to education, as well as enhancing the learning process itself, while online and Cloud technologies bring with them exciting standardization possibilities for content.

Civitas Learning is a mission-driven data science company, dedicated to helping students solve their pressing challenges and improving student success outcomes. The firm harnesses the power of predictive analytics to guide student engagement, advising workflows, course evaluation, and institutional management.

Civitas learning solution and services empower administrators, student success professionals, faculty, and even students to:

  • Identify opportunities for student engagement
  • Coordinate cross-team student care and support
  • Measure the efficacy of student success initiatives
  • Unify data and teams across campus
  • Integrate data insights into advising workflows


Together with a growing community of customers, the firm is making the most of the world’s learning data to help a million more students per year by 2025 learn well and finish strong.

Core Values

They include a family of data science strategies that combine hindsight (e.g., data mining) and foresight (e.g., predictive modeling) to guide initiatives in teaching, learning, student support, and institutional management. The data they pull from various systems at a college or university tell stories of the diverse student journeys through institutions. The firm uses its cloud-based architecture, provides a strategic, sustainable, and sophisticated infrastructure to help partner institutions. The firm believes in three important values which are;

Intelligence:Todeliver open and connected intelligence to power personalized student support.

Measurement: Quantify the impact of student supports to improve student success outcomes.

Unification: Bring people, technology, and supporting services together to improve student success.

Services furnished to stay connected with the students

Holistic advising

The main of the firm is to improve day-to-day efficiencies for advisors and to provide a student support network. Create space for strategic, creative student engagement. Leverage new intelligence into your daily workflow.

Persistence management

Improve retention by understanding and engaging with students at the right time in the right way.

Efficacy measurement

Maximize the impact of programs by understanding what’s working and for whom.

Intelligence platform

To change the trajectory of your students and your institution by equipping your team with the data they need to take the action that your students need and to achieve a scalable, transparent platform for innovation and measurably improved outcomes.

Fostering new culture

The firm is not exactly a startup anymore, but they still keep those startup perks, as well as the hunger for innovation. The company anchors its work in these core values. They believe that it is the one thatguidestheir team every single day.

Cloud-Based architecture

Using our cloud-based technique, the firm provides a strategic, sustainable, and sophisticated infrastructure to help partner institutions learn when the moment is right to intervene, and when it’s not. They can now validate what interventions are the most appropriate and for whom. They can also analyze the impact of strategic policy change. Standing on this foundation, the company can employ action analytics that use insight to fuel the right interventions at the right time with the right student along each individual’s learning journey. The firm believes that action fueled by insight is essential to helping students succeed.

Future goal

The firm focuses to make the most of higher education’s student data to help a million more students graduate per year by 2025.

The leader behind the success of Civitas Learning

Chris Hester serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Civitas Learning. He brings more than twenty years of experience leading companies that create social impact through the application of improved workflow technology and robust analytics.He gives very good direction to people working under him and takes care of them.