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Healthcare Commerce as a User-Friendly Experience: Rectangle Health


Our team strives daily to provide our partners and clients with best-in-class services and solutions to help their business grow.

Rectangle Health (formerly Retriever Medical & Dental) has been providing award-winning services to healthcare professionals for more than 25 years, but now also serves the needs of an expanded market within this growing and ever-changing industry.

The organization is one of the leading healthcare payment and premium processing companies. Focusing exclusively on payment challenges and opportunities in the industry, Rectangle Health works with 50,000+ healthcare providers in the US, reliably processing over $5 billion annually in patient payments.

Rectangle Health is unmatched in its team’s commitment to serving the needs of its clients. With an entrepreneurial-inspired corporate culture fostered by company leaders, the Rectangle Health team consistently puts their best effort into their work to generate effective results.

In conversation with the CEO of Rectangle Health Dominick Colabella

Q. What led to the inception of the company?

Frank Shiner, our founder, started out as a retail salesperson in the credit card acquiring industry. As he canvased businesses, he quickly learned that healthcare providers had unique credit card processing needs. At the time, most processing companies were offering healthcare providers the same products, services, and pricing as retailers. Traditionally doctors were treating patients and not getting paid at the time of service. Rectangle Health was founded on the premise of providing credit card processing technology exclusive to the healthcare industry enabling them to get paid faster, reduce liability and improve patient satisfaction.

Q. Brief us about your flagship product.

One of the flagship technology offerings is Rectangle Health’s Practice Management Bridge®. Prior to this innovation, providers had to process payments outside of their office administration environments, a step that added extra time and effort. By bridging card payments to all recognized administration systems in the industry, this innovation reduced workload while improving efficiency and patient satisfaction for Rectangle Health’s clients.

Practice Management Bridge® provides frictionless payment technology that helps healthcare providers capture and protect revenue by increasing patient payments and reducing costs. This powerful data-driven technology, combined with existing health patient information systems, assists in leveraging comprehensive reporting to achieve best-practice performance metrics, make informed business decisions and improve patient satisfaction. Our proprietary technology can interface with any practice management software or health information system.

Q. What were the grounds on which you have expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

Our expansion has been driven by the evolution of healthcare as well as by our customers/users. By collaborating with our customers and utilizing strong healthcare industry knowledge, we have been able to expand our product offering to continue to bridge new gaps while simultaneously expanding our resources across the healthcare payment industry.

Q. What are your companies greatest attributes?

  • Our Team: At Rectangle Health, we believe that our team members are our most important asset. We grow our team by hiring the best in class talent. We encourage all employees to contribute their individual talents and ideas to strengthen our team, our brand, and our services. We promote a culture that serves to empower and motivate employees beyond the standard corporate rhetoric one might see on motivational posters. Employees understand their individual roles in serving our customers, and this clarity of purpose encourages high job performance.
  • Our Technology: Our proprietary Practice Management Bridge technology truly differentiates Rectangle Health in the marketplace.
  • Our Customers: Rectangle Health is committed to assisting healthcare providers and our partners with strategic business growth and success. They are our driving force.
  • Our Service: We appreciate that delivering outstanding service, reliability and security is vital to customers. We stand by that commitment and provide all of our customers with a service guarantee.
  • Our Industry Expertise: Our leadership team has over 100 years of experience in the healthcare and credit card technology industry.

Q. Can you talk about the consumers’ feedback that you received over the years?

Since inception, the feedback from our healthcare providers has been tremendous. Over the years we have received hundreds of testimonials from our customers praising not only our solution but our exceptional team. We truly value all feedback we receive from our users and leverage that feedback to continually improve our operations and technology.

Q. Is there any person who has played a key role in shaping your organization’s road map?

When our CTO, Mike Peluso, was brought on board five years ago it allowed us to become laser focused on the development and implementation of software technologies to accelerate the revenue cycle for health plans and healthcare providers. He was instrumental in bringing our Practice Management Bridge® technology to a secure cloud-based platform that supports preauthorized healthcare processes and the latest chip-technology (EMV) credit/debit cards.

Q. What inspires you to excel in this industry?

Knowing we must stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape in healthcare is what inspires our team at Rectangle Health. Fifty years ago, patients walked into a doctor’s office and were responsible for a small copay and left. Today we see an enormous shift in healthcare payments to greater patient responsibility which makes our service invaluable. Our job is to stay ahead of the curve and offer our providers and partners technology and services that will allow them to succeed and drive revenue. Our commitment to their success is what drives us.

Q. What are the future prospects of the company?

Our product team is continually striving to streamline our user experience and create ancillary benefits for our end user through our Practice Management Bridge technology. With that said, we have several product extensions currently in development. Our goal is to continue our growth trajectory by delivering best in class solutions and service that meet the needs of healthcare providers.

CEO Corner

Dominick Colabella, CEO: Dominick Colabella brings his vision, innovative strategies and core leadership to his role as CEO. He began his career as one of the first employees of Retriever Medical & Dental, now Rectangle Health. His extensive experience in healthcare, combined with his passion for technology and finding new ways to overcome business challenges faced by Rectangle Health’s clients, has inspired the company to expand its suite of services to become a one-stop solution for everything healthcare providers need to efficiently process payments.

“Our growth is fueled by the need for healthcare providers to provide a more user-friendly commerce experience for their patients.”