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50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2021

A healthcare marketing agency offering industry-leading marketing solutions for healthcare brands and organizations: HashtagHealth

In our digital world, social media presence matters the most, irrespective of industries, as people continue to spend a lot of time in it. Almost every industry has embraced social media, and now the medical field has entered it. Medical facilities and healthcare organizations are now keenly looking at the roles and responsibilities of social media in the relationship between physicians and patients and how that can connect to other health informatics systems. Having proper care plans in place for patients and communicating with potential patients on social media platforms can yield many benefits.

Globally, various companies are helping healthcare organizations navigate through social media platforms but, HashtagHealth stands out from the rest. HashtagHealth is well known for its passion for health, love for engagement, and knack for social media. The company is driven by strategy, inspired by creativity, and balanced by business. Through social engagement, HashtagHealth empowers people to make educated decisions about their health, by connecting them directly to the source: healthcare brands and organizations around the world.

In conversation with Brittany Latson and Kristin Hassan, Founders of HashtagHealth

Q. A good workplace stresses teamwork while still encouraging individual achievement and creativity. Does your company follow the same strategy?


At HashtagHealth, we believe that the creativity, passion, and achievements of each individual are what make the team strong. We encourage our employees to think beyond each task to offer new perspectives and solutions that will ultimately enhance our work. In fact, even from the beginning, when people join our team and are undergoing the training phase and learning their roles, we encourage them to share any ideas that could improve our current processes and procedures based on their unique perspectives: just because something has been done one way before doesn’t mean it’s the only way; there could perhaps be a better way. By empowering our team members to think this way, not only are we able to enhance the work that we produce as an agency, but we’ve also found that it truly encourages our team to take ownership and enjoy their roles in the process.

Q. Trust is a difficult attribute to measure and a delicate dynamic to maintain. How do you maintain trust with your employees?

Trust is definitely a difficult attribute to measure and maintain—not just in the workplace but in life as well. Building and sustaining trust is an essential aspect of growing a strong, passionate, and committed team. One of the most obvious ways in which we aim to foster and maintain trust is leading by example. Managing partners Kristin Hassan and Brittany Latson don’t lead from a distance but rather are fully invested in the agency’s everyday work and processes. This approach allows them to accurately assess what it takes to complete certain tasks and initiatives; they collaborate with each team member to ensure that person is not asked to complete unreasonable tasks while still having the freedom to work on their own time and schedules. The well-being of team members is always our first priority. Creating an environment in which personal lives are valued above all things produces a more productive work environment where team members feel valued on many levels. At HashtagHealth, we trust that our team members can accomplish their designated tasks without being micromanaged, and in turn, they trust that when they need support, upper management is always there to listen to and support them.

Q. Tell us about the importance of communication while working with a client.

Effective, clear, and transparent communication with our clients is of the utmost importance in executing any type of project. Our ultimate goal is to form strong partnerships that will result in the best possible outcomes for our clients. At the beginning of any working relationship, it is absolutely critical that expectations, as well as ground rules, are clearly established for the development of the initiative or campaign. Over the years, we’ve learned that each client has its own communication preferences, so we customize our approach for each client and brand. Therefore, our experienced account management team collaborates very closely with our clients to ensure that our communication strategies are tailored to their unique needs.

Q. How do you understand the culture of the company before devising a marketing campaign?

Before we plan any campaigns or initiatives, our strategy team performs extensive research in collaboration with our client partners. We create an initial “wish list” of the types of information we’d like to receive from them to build up our knowledge base before developing any strategic recommendations. Often, we’re able to collect information regarding any corporate protocols or nuances we should be aware of to ensure that the ideas we devise truly align with their corporate and brand vision. We do not initiate any work or content development until the client has reviewed and confirmed alignment with our strategic proposals based on their provided information. Understanding each company’s particular culture is certainly an important aspect that should be considered when developing a marketing campaign.

Q. How do you bridge the gap between offline and online marketing services for the healthcare segment?

Many of our clients work with multiple healthcare agencies to ensure they have a multifaceted marketing plan to support their designated brands. While nearly all the work we do is based on social media channels, we also work closely with other agency teams to ensure seamless integration with any offline or in-person initiative planned for the campaign. We often collaborate with agency teams on live events and conferences to integrate a creative social component that allows those in attendance to engage with the campaign, both live and via their personal social channels. This approach also allows those who potentially can’t attend a live event to interact remotely with the campaign.

Meet the leaders behind the success of HashtagHealth

Brittany Latson and Kristin Hassan, the Founders of HashtagHealth, launched the company more than six years ago with the hope and goal of supporting and connecting patients around the world. It is still that drive and desire to support those who need it most that makes HashtagHealth a unique agency. Brittany and Kristin are extremely proud of the work the agency has created and are forever grateful for the incredible team at HashtagHealth that is equally passionate about making a difference.

“Effective, clear, and transparent communication with our clients is of the utmost importance in executing any type of project.”