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50 Most Valuable Brands of The Year 2017

Helion Energy, a company motivated to upsurge its “Fusion Engine” with science and technology input to “end energy dependence on other nations”

thesiliconreview-dr-david-kirtley-ceo-helion-energyThey said with time our sun shall not shine bright. The basis of living shall be lost with time making its pace towards end; humanity shall not fervor its life anymore on the planet; earth and all other beings shall be thriving no more, as one day an apocalypse might be the unseen reality.

“The conservation of natural resources is the fundamental problem. Unless we solve that problem, it will avail us little to solve all others,” hinted by Theodore Roosevelt about lives existence on the planet is not far from truth. 

One such company, Helion Energy has vowed to work hard for escalating the better use and reuse of energy for all the living beings on earth. 

“We watched our big government fusion programs continue to spend billions of dollars pursuing commercially impractical solutions and thought, there must be a better way. We came up with a new approach and, by leveraging $5M from the Department of Energy, we proved the technology in a series of breakthrough prototypes,” said Dr. David Kirtley, CEO of Helion Energy.

The successes received in return by the company gave a significant technical lead and with a private backing it continued to rapidly advance the technology toward commercial application. The Helion team is uniquely suited to this ambitious goal, with an entrepreneurial history of rapid development, cutting edge engineering and award winning science.

Why Fusion?

Fusion is what powers sun and environment. Other renewable, like wind and solar, indirectly harness the fusion energy of the sun. At Helion, it aims at directly create and use fusion energy to generate clean electricity that is reliable and extremely low cost, fundamentally distributed, and does not have the geopolitical concerns of traditional grid-scale power sources.  

Why Now?

The technology and engineering required for net-production fusion finally exists. But the big government projects have either stalled or have spent billions of dollars chasing difficult-to-commercialize solutions. By combining company’s years of experience in fusion, newly available electronics technologies, and a revolutionary design using cutting-edge physics, Helion is making a fusion engine 1,000 times smaller, over 500 times cheaper, and realizable 10 time faster than other projects.

Why Helion, if you ask?

Helion Energy is a proven team of American entrepreneurs and scientists who are making fusion happen right now. The Helion team has designed and built award-winning technology and fusion prototypes many experts in the field consider the most promising approach to commercial fusion. Helion Energy is backed by a world-class team of American investors, technical advisors from throughout the fusion community, and the Department of Energy. 

Stating below are the Key Benefits of Helion’s Approach 

  • Magneto-Inertial Fusion: By combining the stability of steady magnetic fusion and the heating of pulsed inertial fusion, a commercially practical system has been realized that is smaller and lower cost than existing programs.
  • Modular, Distributed Power: A container sized 50 MW modules for base load power generation.
  • Self-Supplied Helium 3 Fusion: Pulsed, D-He3 fusion simplifies the engineering of a fusion power plant, lowers costs, and is even cleaner than traditional fusion.
  • Magnetic Compression: Fuel is compressed and heated purely by magnetic fields operated with modern solid state electronics. This eliminates inefficient, expensive laser, piston, or beam techniques used by other fusion approaches.
  • Direct Energy Conversion: Enabled by pulsed operation, efficient direct conversion decreases plant costs and fusion’s engineering challenges.
  • Safe: With no possibility of melt-down, or hazardous nuclear waste, fusion does not suffer the drawbacks that make fission an unattractive alternative. 

Say Hello to the Key Executives of Helion Energy

An NSF, NASA, and DOD fellow, Dr. David Kirtley has 13 years of experience in nuclear engineering, fusion, and aerospace and holds Nuclear and Aerospace Engineering degrees from the University of Michigan. He serves as Helion’s CEO, and has raised and managed many high technology programs.

Dr. John Slough, Chief Science Officer is the inventor of the Fusion Engine and an award winning, world leading expert in fusion and high ß plasmas. Dr. Slough has conducted more than 30 years of fusion research. As President and Director of Research of MSNW and a Professor at the University of Washington, Dr. Slough has lead million dollar programs and been awarded $15 M in DOE and DOD grants. 

Mr. Chris Pihl holds a degree in Innovation Management and founded Pulse Power Solutions. He brings 23 years of industry, 10 years of fusion experience and expertise in commercialization of high technology electronic technologies. Chris was instrumental in design and implementation of the breakthrough validation devices.

“The team at Helion is combining their years of experience in fusion, newly available electronic technologies, and a revolutionary design to make fusion a commercial reality.”