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Help Businesses of Varying Sizes Realize Their Full Potential: VisionSoft


Founded in 2005 with a mission to address the key challenges in the industry with the complexity of Big Data, HANA Solutions, Cloud Managed Services, and Digitization, VisionSoft simplifies the transformation landscape and offer end to end IT services.

VisionSoft Global is a premier provider of S/4 HANA Solutions, GRC, Application Consulting in SAP, Sales Force and e-Commerce, Outsourcing Services, and IT Infrastructure Management Services that has been serving various customers for years. The company is named after its legacy company, VisionSoft Consulting Inc. which has been in the business for the last 12 years. The company offers a compelling blend of sustained credibility, Historical Success, and its Vision and Thought Leadership to take clients’ businesses to the next level of performance in the digital era.

Having a diverse team of highly qualified SMEs and industry leaders, VisionSoft evaluates & analyzes the organizations before implementing the strategies that are most befitting to the needs. Not only does this approach amplify the productivity of the overall organization, but it also optimizes the costs considerably and paves the way forward for the organization’s business model by predicting future market trends.

Overcoming Challenges

The initial years of VisionSoft were not a cakewalk; it was just like any other new-born company in the market — full of challenges. And one of the big challenges was to identify the target markets and customers.

The company was dormant for some time as it was not sure about the priorities in terms of funding and had difficulty in keeping the employees motivated. However, with time, VisionSoft mastered its skills and faced the challenges that the market presented.

VisionSoft started its journey with an SAP support project for a Media and Wholesale distribution company that has 1 Million deliveries per day across the USA. SAP system was mission critical for the client delivery operations and even 1-hour time delay in shipping, routing, and distribution would have been a disaster for this client. Given this challenge, VisionSoft has delivered a robust, reliable, and scalable SAP system to accomplish 1 million deliveries per day on time and on budget. And the client was completely happy and satisfied with the service, team commitment, and lean pricing.

“Vsoft team has been managing our SAP AMS support and enhancements for the last 7 years. The team is dedicated, collaborative and committed to us,” says Executive Director - IS Applications / Media Distribution Client.

After years of hustle, today VisionSoft is one of the leading companies in the industry. With its best-of-breed offerings and successful projects to date, the company has proved that it deserves to be admired.

In an exclusive interview with The Silicon Review, CEO of VisionSoft Anji G Reddy spoke more about the company and shared his views.

Interview Snippet with Anji G Reddy:

Q. What kind of organizations survive and flourish into the distant future?

In this fast-paced business era, organizations need to keep up with the changing dynamics of the market and evolve with the changing needs of the customers by offering desired products and services. And organizations that do follow this, can survive and flourish in the distant future.

Q. A company’s behavior is as important as its economic performance or the quality of its products. How do you interpret this saying?

Company values and mission statement are the backbone of any organization. The economic performance will certainly be impacted if the company does not stick to its core values. The retention of employees and customers becomes a challenge when the company’s behavior is not eyed positively by the stakeholders. Hence, along with adhering to quality in products, it is essential for organizations to build a positive image, which is made possible by positive behavior.

Q. Trust is a difficult attribute to measure and a delicate dynamic to maintain. How do you maintain this with your employees?

We firmly believe trust is an attribute that is built over time; it cannot be acquired overnight, but gradually forms based on the confidence that the management inculcates in the employees and vice versa. The only way this can be built and maintained is by providing a positive atmosphere, where employees look forward to a work day, where they are given a confidence that it is ok to make mistakes as that is the path to learning. And our leadership preaches and practices the above principles to build trust with the employees, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and deliver phenomenal results to our clients.

Q. Is VisionSoft a ‘leader or follower’?

Our company is definitely a leader in the market. Our products HANEYA and DMAG are a testimony to this statement. When many organizations were struggling with the challenges of migration to S/4 HANA platform, our company came up with the answer to the complex problem. Haneya®, our firm’s flagship product automates the entire migration to S/4 HANA platform within HALF time, effort and cost. While, DMAG is an ongoing data quality assessment and Data Migration tool for S/4 HANA Green field implementations – it identifies Data inconsistencies and automatically fixes them to accomplish 100% error-free data for internal consumption and external digitization. It also achieves Business ready data via DMAG approach for quality migrations during the implementation, and high quality data beyond post-Go-liveperpetually. In addition, VisionSoft offers integrated solutions aligned to Salesforce and e-Commerce, which presents 360 Degree view of the Customer and comprehensive Digitization capabilities for its’ clients.

The Future Vision

Currently, Companies are migrating their IT infrastructure and business applications to the cloud and digital platforms such as S/4 Platform and And VisionSoft believes that it will see a significant uptick in demand for its products and services in the next couple of years. The company sees its products and services thriving S/4 HANA economy globally with a focus on S/4 HANA Greenfield Implementations, S/4 HANA Migrations, and Customer Digitization with SAP, Salesforce, and Hybris capabilities, and by leveraging its foundational Data and Compliance platforms.

Also, in the next 2 decades, VisionSoft sees the potential of $3 Billion Revenue opportunity for VisionSoft group of companies.

Greet the Leader

Anji G Reddy, Chief Executive Officer: With 20 years of experience in several verticals, Mr. Reddy is a Business Transformation Services Executive and a thought leader in Enterprise Solutions. He is also an avid SAP Program Manager, CRM/Sales Force/Vistex capabilities leader, SAP HANA Advisor, and a Global Business Systems Integration architect.

Alumni of Harvard, Mr. Reddy holds Advisory positions at CGT (Consumer Goods Technologies), Trade Promotions Association, and Wholesaler-Distributors Association of America. He also holds a member position with CIO Council, SAP, APICS, PMI, and Cambridge Who’s Who, GCI & GS1 and CEO Club India.

“Our relationship with our customers and our teams’ commitment in fulfilling the customers’ needs to their utmost satisfaction goes a long way in placing our organization in its current ranking — Top 50 IT Services Companies admired to work for.”