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Dr. Michael Everest, Residents Medical Group Founder, Chairman, and Chief Academic Officer: “I have innovated this company and a foundation to (The Everest Foundation) to help humanity through medical education. I am a leader that believes in creating new ideas that will help humanity”


Typically for a student, graduate school and post-graduate training can cost them a fortune. In some cases, for highly driven students, securing a fellowship can help them pay for advanced education programs. Medical fellowships are reserved for physicians who have already completed medical school and completed a residency in their specialty. Why is it important to get a fellowship? Experts say that obtaining a fellowship is not only a method to gain financial benefits but also gives the students a professional reputation as scholars. Students who have fellowship in their resume stand out from the rest in the academic job market. Fellowship training is an integral part of becoming a specialist physician. While in a fellowship, a physician will continuously shadow a specialist to learn a specific subspecialty. Globally, there are various firms that provide excellent fellowship training, but the Residents Medical Group stands out from the rest.

Residents Medical is a one-of-a-kind organization, along with its sister organization (Residents Medical Consultancy) are embedded in the field of Graduate Medical Education and improvements of the American and global healthcare systems. Residents Medical helps medical school students and graduates prepare for and achieve post-graduate training in medical residency and specialized Fellowship training. There is a severe doctor shortage, and Residents Medical is helping alleviate that shortage by helping graduates who have been unable to achieve residency or fellowship to achieve it through preparatory education and placement. Residents Medical is unique in that it takes its candidates to the finish line and achieves medical residency or fellowship, not just giving courses and leaving them on their own. Residents Medical Consultancy assists community-based hospitals in starting medical residency programs and assisting governments to improve their health care systems and outcomes.

In conversation with Dr. Michael Everest, Founder, Chairman & Chief Academic Officer of Residents Medical Group

Q. How do potential applicants approach you? And what are the various technologies leveraged by you in your lead generation efforts?

We are approached organically through word of mouth, and we have leveraged the Metaverse as well as a robust online marketing plan. We reach out on social media and have a strong presence there. I started social media marketing before many of my competitors.

Q. Documentation processes are complex in the U.S. Medical Residency and Fellowship placement for people to understand. How do you make the processes more feasible and transparent?

By having some of the best trained Specialist Counselors whom themselves are MD’s. We have a bespoke approach and hold each one of our students and client’s hand throughout the whole process. We have partnerships with documentation evaluation organizations and have an infrastructure of Professors and immigration lawyers when needed for international students. ON the RMC (Residents Medical Consultancy) side we mentor and guide the leadership at the hospital in order for them to prepare the staff from the C-Suite to the doctors to convert to a teaching hospital. It is a very personalized approach.

Q. Specialized offerings come with an expensive price tag. How do you maintain your affordability and profitability?

We try to scale things as much as possible, but quite frankly we are the best. We are the Bentley of preparation, education and placement in Graduate Medical Education. The way to grow in the future is to provide a loan assistance program that I am in the process of creating, through private equity. This is not like buying milk; this is an investment in one’s career that pays 100-fold.

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

To look at the market and see a need that needs to be filled. Also educate yourself and be passionate about what you are doing. If you can make money doing something good for humanity that is an added bonus and should be a motivating factor on the days that are challenging.

Q. What makes your Medical Residency and Fellowship Placement services standout?

There is no other organization in America that educates, prepares and completes the journey and places its medical residency and fellowship candidates. Meaning that we don’t stop at giving courses and the student/candidate being stuck in the same scenario unable to advance their post -graduation aspirations for medical residency. RM gets them past the obstacles to the finish line.

Q. What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful leader?

Foresight, Confidence, Soft Skills.

Q. Where do you stand as a company in the current market landscape? And what are you doing to stay ahead of the curve?

As a company we are the defacto innovators of new concepts and ideas in the arena of medical education and hospital management. We have been growing double digits year after by creating new products and improving current products in the medical education sphere of influence. We are constantly innovating and improving, by doing such we are leaders and are growing stronger quarter after quarter.


Q. A well-defined mission and vision are the secret behind the success of many firms.’ What is your company’s M&V statement?

Our mission is to Build Tomorrows Doctors Today and to Pioneer Medical Education globally for RMC. Our vision statement is that anyone from the world especially those that may not have had opportunities but have completed medical school and want to be a doctor in America can. Vision for RMC is to see vulnerable population areas with community-based hospitals to be CLASS A teaching hospitals bringing quality healthcare to the downtrodden as well as improve healthcare globally.

Q. How does Residency Calculator help candidates to find their dream residency?

Residency Calculator is a tool that I created, in partnership with UCLA School of Statistics and a Ph.D. in statistics. The calculator was created to cut through the noise and give people a free tool on our website to objectively see what their percentage is in obtaining a medical residency in America. We have an objective tool, compiled from five years of data. The residency calculator helps evaluate what are the percentages of a residency applicant in any specialty, from Anesthesiology to Urology achieve their residency. We also give a solution by offering education and prepatory courses.

Q. How do you market your services?

Online and through word of mouth. Community events and development.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We are planning on launching the Indian Health Services (IHS) initiative. This will help the American Indian populations with their defunct healthcare systems helping this vulnerable population. We are also planning on launching a loan program to expand our business. Residents Medical is also funding my newest venture called Everest Education Technologies, Inc., this organization will be a 100% AI organization that will deliver education services through Robotics Humanoid technology, stay tuned!

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

The future holds growth and a better healthcare system in community-based hospitals and better prepared medical residents and Fellows.

Leader behind the success of Residents Medical Group

Dr. Michael Everest was born in Houston Texas. From a young age he excelled in school, achieving awards in middle and high school in mathematics and reading. At the age of 16 he received an award from Pepperdine University for creative writing and future leader in innovation. Dr. Michael Everest graduated from Liberty University with a master’s degree and a Doctorate in Education. Due to the significant work, he has done to improve medical education globally he also achieved a Medical Degree in Honorarium from Dow Medical College. He successfully runs the largest Graduate Medical Education non-profit in America and the top medical education consultancy in the States. He is the proud father of four children and happily married to his beautiful wife Agata Everest with whom he works hand in hand running The Everest Foundation.

“Together, we break down the barriers to U.S. medical residency acceptance for our candidates.”

“Using data from nearly a decade of post-Match results, our proprietary tool was developed by a team of Ph.D’s at UCLA’S Department of Statistics.”

“Since day one we’ve had one goal in mind: helping qualified candidates (like you!) Achieve their dream of practicing medicine in the United States.”