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Helping CloudOps Bridge the Gap between Finance & App Owners: Densify


In the present time, we come across many companies that use the cloud for their own advantage. Some use a single cloud, some use multi-cloud and some hybrid clouds. Densify is a predictive analytics service that optimizes your hybrid cloud in real-time. The firm is a leading service provider in the cloud sector where over 5000 organizations leverage its service to operate with fewer infrastructures, fewer cloud costs, and at the same time, deliver better performing applications to the business.

Densify is a privately-owned, venture-capital-funded corporation headquartered in Toronto. The firm feels that machine learning makes your apps self-optimizing—automatically and perfectly matching their resources needs to cloud products, 24/7.

To provide a solution Densify came up with a machine learning optimization engine called Cloe—continuously learns your cloud applications’ demand patterns, considers your business requirements, and perfectly matches those needs with the right available cloud supply to simultaneously minimize costs and improve app performance.

Cloe – the Machine Learning Optimization Engine

It is a Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine that enables your applications to become self-aware of their resource requirements and to dynamically match their needs to optimal cloud supply.

It responds to Evolving Application Demands & Leverage the Latest Cloud Abilities. Companies are increasingly buying into and making annual financial commitments to public cloud services that do not match their application requirements. They do this because it is not humanly possible to select the optimal array of cloud services for an application. Intelligent analytics are required to match evolving app requirements with existing and newly-offered cloud services. As application demands change, and new services are introduced, or old services are modernized, Cloe’s machine learning responds. Your applications—now made smart—are forever optimized, and your cloud spend begins plummeting immediately.

Cloe continuously learns your application usage patterns and demands and also has deep knowledge of what technology resources cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, currently offer—as well as their pricing. Cloe can perfectly match your applications’ needs with the supply available from one or more of these cloud providers.

How the Company Targets the Root Causes of Cloud Costs with Machine Learning

Application demands can fluctuate every day, hour, and minute of the week. In parallel, cloud offerings—such as a particular compute instance from a single vendor like AWS—can individually have millions of permutations. It is impossible to match your application needs with the cloud technologies available while optimizing each dollar spent.

Densify leverages Cloe’s machine learning technology to continuously analyze cloud usage patterns, proactively making your applications self-aware of the changes required to continuously optimize performance and dramatically reduce costs. Unlike traditional cloud tools that focus on your bill but don't fix the underlying problem, Densify uses Cloe to target the root of cloud cost challenges by addressing the problem at the application and infrastructure layers.

The Advantages of Becoming Densify’s Customer

Your risks will be reduced because it creates the right-size of your cloud instances for better app performance. Further making sure it is the right-type and modernizes it the cloud for you. Optimize your instances to the right scale, the right kind, and latest generation with the right budget. By opting for Densify you will be able to recoup 60-80% savings that can be used against other projects in the future. The results are evident since it has a huge customer base.

The Ultimate Decision Maker

Gerry Smith, Chief Executive Officer:

Gerry Smith assumed the role of CEO of Densify in November 2005. Prior to joining Densify, he served as Executive Vice President of IT Governance solutions at Compuware Corporation, a publicly-traded company.

Gerry was previously CEO and a founder of Changepoint Corporation, an IT Governance software company acquired by Compuware in 2004 for $100 million. During his tenure at Changepoint, he raised over $40 million in venture capital and grew the business from $0 to over $30 million in revenue. He is a member of the Young Presidents Association (YPO) and was honoured in 2002 as one of Canada's Top 40 under 40.

Gerry graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Toronto and a Masters of Business Administration from McMaster University.

“The Next Generation of Cloud Infrastructure Requires Densify Because It Helps Application Owners in Better Decision Making On Cloud Costs.”