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Helping Companies Work Smarter: Caspio


With the modern internet boom and extensive usage, there can be little doubt that smart applications are the future. Apps help a company expand its presence on the internet and serve their users better. A wise man once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then it will go out of business”. Nothing epitomizes the importance of interactive mobile applications as today’s smartphone revolution. It has become an industry in itself with several companies, big and small, competing for as large a share of its market as possible. However, a pioneering company based in California’s Silicon Valley has taken a whole new approach in applications development.

Caspio is an unconventional Silicon Valley company in that it is entirely self-funded. As a result, their business is driven by passions and deeply held values. This allows Caspio to hold their customers' interests as the top priority in every aspect of their operation. The company is honored to provide the highest quality services and solutions to customers and hopes that in return, the customers maintain trust and loyalty. Providing high-quality service to customers and employees as well as the local and global communities is at the center of Caspio's ideals.

A Powerful and Versatile Platform

Visual Application Builder: Now, business professionals can create forms or publish databases on the web in minutes. Caspio offers a long list of rich capabilities for every aspect of a modern, smart custom application. Whether you want to improve an internal process or create a customer-facing application, Caspio has the tools that you need. Unlike approaching development companies for custom apps, Caspio provides innovative tools for customers to help them build apps on their own. Slow and expensive application development is a thing of the past. The cutting-edge platform is an ultra-fast application development solution designed for non-developers. It allows clients to create custom cloud applications in hours and days, instead of weeks and months.

Powerful Cloud Database: Cloud computing is for internet services providers today, what the internet became for companies in the early nineties. Services hosted from the cloud are cheaper, efficient and easily scalable. Caspio raises the bar for cloud data management by providing one of the most capable, scalable, and secure databases available through a web-based interface. It requires no installation, no upkeep, and no advanced database skills. It is designed to be your centralized cloud database, easily working with your Caspio-powered applications and external services and programs.

Scalable, secure, and compliant: Caspio’s platform was perfected in 2000, and today serves thousands of customers ranging from large corporations and government agencies to non-profit organizations and small businesses. Over 500,000 applications are running on Caspio’s online platform across several global sites. Caspio also meets the demands of many industry compliance and security requirements.

Interactive Reports and Data Publishing: Caspio has set the standard for bringing data to life on the web. You can easily convert spreadsheets and databases into rich, interactive, web-based reports that are accessible from anywhere by the public or by authorized users. Over 80% of the largest U.S. news websites use Caspio to publish open government databases and other databases to their extensive user-base.

With such a sophisticated platform offering unparalleled versatility, Caspio has become the go-to company for a number of prominent industries.

Caspio for Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare in the United States, service providers, as well as patients, are well aware of the challenges thrown up by the unavailability of a seamless means of exchanging patient information. The Caspio HIPAA-Compliant Edition brings the power of Caspio to the healthcare industry. With Caspio’s HIPAA Edition, your custom applications are immediately HIPAA compliant, and will always meet the high standards of security and privacy mandated by the government. The company’s HIPAA Edition meets the HIPAA requirements for storage and use of Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Caspio for Online Media

Since its debut in 2001, Caspio has set the global standard for reliable cloud database technology for online media organizations. Today, over 80% of the largest American newspapers use Caspio to publish databases on their websites. Using the wizard-driven platform to publish data without writing code, journalists and editors from the nation’s top news sites have drastically increased productivity, user engagement, and revenues, while serving their readers more effectively than ever.

Secure Data Management for K-12 and Higher Ed

Traditional coding methods are slow and expensive, and these outdated methods are no longer necessary in process automation, web-based data management for business operations, research and converting paper forms into database-driven electronic forms.

Caspio is the perfect platform for fast application development. It requires no coding and development skills, and as a result, allows those professionals closest to the problem be involved in building solutions. It has everything needed to go from an idea to the finished product. And as a hosted solution, requires no internal IT to manage and operate the applications.

Meet the Stalwart CEO of Caspio, Frank Zamani

Overcoming extraordinary life circumstances, Frank became a refugee after fleeing Iran to escape religious persecution for his belief in the Bahá’í Faith. He received asylum from the United States and began a new life. Later, he earned a BS in Computer Science from California State University, Chico — where he is recognized as a distinguished alumnus — and co-founded, which made a successful initial public offering in 1999.

A pioneer of cloud computing, Frank founded Caspio in 2000 based on the simple idea of enabling non-technical business professionals to build online database applications quickly and without coding. Now serving thousands of customers in over 100 countries, Frank is focused on Caspio’s next phase of growth. He remains passionate in his vision and dedication to the satisfaction and success of every single customer.

“Create powerful applications faster and smarter”