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10 Fastest Growing BYOD Solution Providers 2017

Helping mobile operators with a multi-channel solution to enhance the quality of customer service while reducing customer support costs: AetherPal

thesiliconreview-daniel-deeney-ceo-aetherpal-17Reliable mobility is critical to business operations and critical to the delivery of services. In many job functions, when a device is down, users are unable to complete core business functions, jeopardizing delivery, production, and revenue. As businesses embrace digital transformation, they become dependent on real-time mobile apps, and information.

Mobile workers require always-on data, connectivity, directions, and knowledge throughout the business and decision-making processes. Every business and mobile operator today realize the value of always-available mobility.

Founded in 2009, AetherPal helps enterprises drive app adoption and usage through mobile task-based tutorials and keep their apps running through remote support and self-service so that enterprises can efficiently and reliably scale their businesses on mobile.

The Best-In-Class Products by AetherPal

AetherPal’s patented Mobile Support Management (MSM)

AetherPal helps enterprises efficiently and reliably scale their businesses on mobile. AetherPal offers a solution to enterprises and mobile operators with its always-available Mobile Support Management.

The Mobile Support Management software by AetherPal helps efficiently scale mobile deployment:

  • Approximately 50% of all IT support calls relate to a mobile app, process or device support request - Downtime is costly. Conventional enterprise support desk using phone and email doesn’t meet business continuity needs, nor provide remediation or efficient training, often driving shadow IT practices.
  • Boost ROI and User Satisfaction, Lower TCO - On-demand Remote Support boosts mobile utilization, time and cost savings capabilities improve return on investment (ROI), app engagement and help lower mobility total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • App Adoption and Usage - 74% of IT decision makers report ROI from mobile app integration proved the value of implementation; Redhat mobility survey notes that 79% percent of all U.S. companies report mobile apps contributing to their success.
  • Complements Mobile Software Infrastructure Ecosystem - AetherPal’s MSM offering complements and integrates with existing mobile apps, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) offerings and leading third-party IT trouble ticketing solutions like ServiceNow. MSM also improves the workforce scale and scope of popular EMM offerings, including MDM and MAM.

Remote Support Keeping Mobile Users Productive

Critical business processes are now literally in the mobile worker’s hands at the register, taking inventory, collecting vitals, and making decisions. Mobility is at work every day in warehouses, vehicles, kiosks, Point of Sale, and Point of Care. The mobile delivery mechanism for getting crucial information to workers, customers, and partners at the right time is critical for business success.

With real-time, secure mobile insight into IT applications, devices and connectivity, AetherPal’s award-winning MSM Remote Support software resolve issues quickly and efficiently, without a trip to it.

Remote Support enables IT departments to securely connect to remote devices in the field to efficiently diagnose, remediate, and support apps and devices to increase uptime, productivity while reducing downtime, device returns, and service calls.

GuideMe Digital Adoption Platform: Simple Seamless On-Demand

Designed with the mobile-first businesses in mind, AetherPal’s GuideMe Digital Adoption Platform makes employee learning, adoption, and usage of enterprise applications effortless. GuideMe provides a platform to easily automate mobile business processes and employee training with instructional and real-time guides. It is a virtual coach for every mobile workforce.

The Best in the Market

Reliable Mobility for Every Enterprise

Every industry deploys mobile apps. The clear majority of these is unproductive and ultimately fails. Mobile apps are critical to many enterprise groups within key industries including managed services & solutions (MSS), Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, and Manufacturing.

AetherPal’s Mobile Support Management (MSM) helps Enterprise knowledge workers eliminate issues and frustration with an app or lack of understanding of app features. It also helps in eliminating the Enterprise Mobile Support Gap including lost revenue, stalled app deployments or slowed innovation as developers support time drops below development time, and TCO decreases. The MSM boost app success since 64% of employees cite a poor user experience as the reason for rarely using enterprise mobile apps according to BTC Research. With AetherPal’s MSM, one pair new app deployments with MSM-based real-time training and support features.

Reducing Support Costs for Mobile Operators and Network Carriers

With devices becoming increasingly complex, mobile operators are rethinking their customer support models, transitioning to a proactive and predictive model through a multi-channel approach across call centers, websites, and most importantly, on-device.

AetherPal’s Mobile Support Management solution portfolio provides mobile operators with a multi-channel solution to immediately enhance the overall quality of customer service while reducing customer support costs. Mobile operators are well positioned to personalize the customer experience through Remote Support and Device Diagnostics products while providing subscribers with GuideMe™ Tutorials to enable subscribers to access rapid training, troubleshooting, and problem resolution on their mobile device.

Backed by New Venture Partners and PJC, AetherPal’s popularity is reaching the greatest heights with its first-rate products. The amazing MSM software by AetherPal is boosting today’s mobile businesses’ continuity and uptime with mobile support management with its world-class service.

Meet the CEO

Daniel Deeney is the CEO of AetherPal. Daniel leads the company’s overall vision and strategy to expand its leadership in the enterprise mobility market through its focus on mobile support for end users. Prior to AetherPal, Daniel was a founding partner of New Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm with $700 million under management. Before joining New Venture Partners, Daniel was with its predecessor organization, Lucent New Ventures Group.

Daniel holds an MS in Management of Technology from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania/Penn Engineering, an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BS in Finance from San Diego State University.

“Businesses deploy AetherPal MSM software on more than 45 million mobile devices helping mobilize their business process while minimizing infrastructure costs.”