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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2016

Helping Organizations Effectively leverage their Data: Eccella Corporation

“Data is what distinguishes the dilettante from the artist.” – George V. Higgins

Data driven companies are those that are able to extensively rely on data in order to make the best, most effective decisions. Being data driven is an aspiration that begins with generating data and ends with discovering insights and acting upon them. Headquartered in New York, USA, Eccella Corporation is a Data Management and Analytics consulting company that helps build data driven companies.
Eccella was founded in 2010 as an Information Systems consulting company with deep expertise in Data Management and Business Intelligence. In the early years, it focused on public sector customers and then transitioned gradually to large enterprises in the private sector. To support its international clientele and continue its growth, Eccella opened offices in the UK and India. With continuous success in Data Management, the company was looking to serve its customers throughout the entire lifecycle of data and their respective mission critical business needs. To that end, it increased its scope to customer analytical end results as a continuation of the Data Management effort. Eccella builds analytics solutions leveraging one of an organization’s greatest assets – data.

Why Eccella
Eccella has a long history in the world of data management that serves as the competitive advantage in devising complete analytics solutions. It provides the guidance and data infrastructure to becoming data driven and to provision data and insights throughout an entire organization. Where data scientists might expect data to be handed to them on a silver platter, Eccella has the proven expertise in provisioning this data, the advanced analytics expertise to model it, and the dashboarding, reporting and data discovery expertise to empower every individual in an organization.
Product & Service Offering
Eccella’s offering is geared towards guiding organizations in the journey of building data driven companies.
  • Its offering begins with Data Strategy – an analysis of an organization’s current state in terms of what systems are in place, what are its relevant KPI’s, etc. Eccella then works with an organization to build a roadmap for how they aspire to leverage data to add value to their organization.
  • Most organizations then require a data infrastructure, including systems integration to connect their applications as well as warehousing and reporting facilities to bring them to a state of operational awareness – all ensuring that key stakeholders have access to operational data across their enterprise in real time.With a foundation of systems integration and reporting in place, data and operational challenges are exposed. The next phase it supports is in building data governance infrastructures to ensure trusted, correct and consistent data throughout an organization, as well as to automate manual processes improving operational efficiencies.
  • Building on operational efficiencies, Eccella looks to match strategic imperatives and decisions with advanced models providing insight into which markets to enter, which customer segments to target and more.
    Building on top of the company’s data management solutions for acquisition, exchange and governance of data, Eccella offers industry and vertical based analytic solutions that add significant value to an organization including fraud detection, risk evaluation, claim prioritization, revenue reclamation and visualization models, resulting in operational excellence.
  • Finally, the key to being data driven is a cultural shift within an organization. It works to ensure that the data and insights are accessible to all, which involves providing portals and training throughout an organization.
The company practices across multiple industries but focuses primarily on Healthcare, Financial Services/Insurance and Energy. Some of Eccella’s biggest customers include large financial organizations, insurance providers and healthcare payers and providers.
Client Testimonial
“Eccella’s depth of knowledge in the products and best practices were spot-on, and equally impressive was their breadth of knowledge across many enterprise and analytics systems and technologies. Eccella is a can-do firm that can be relied on to get the job done right, the first time.”
– JustOneDB SVP & GM, Americas
Most of Eccella’s business focus is in North America and the UK, supported by its 3 main offices.
Present and Future Focus Areas
Eccella’s current focus is in building data driven companies. Future opportunities for the company are expanding its offering into additional industries, additional markets and relying heavily on machine learning processes that will help increase efficiencies and in the deployment of various solutions. Eccella also plans to be more involved in philanthropic work and community aid by leveraging Data Science and Data Analytics to make a difference.
Case Study
The Challenge: A large global reinsurance company that provides real estate insurance to properties all over North America and Europe was challenged by increased or unknown risk in areas where weather disasters such as flooding, high winds, hurricanes, fires and other disasters are more likely. This resulted in predicting inaccurate risk, which then resulted in incorrect premiums charged as well as increased unexpected claim payments to impacted households and reduced customer satisfaction.
The Solution: Eccella worked with the reinsurer on a combination of data management and data analytics for a self-service solution. It built a hybrid cloud and on-premise based solution for easy ingestion of customer data into the reinsurer backend systems that then allows business analysts and automated systems to clean and certify the data for increased reliability. The solution uses geospatial analytical techniques including heatmap analysis to help visualize the value of the portfolio and risk areas. The reinsurer customers are now able to load updated property portfolio data and get back assessment reports in a matter of hours instead of the days or even weeks it took prior to the new solution rollout.  This increased efficiency allowed the reinsurer to take on additional business.
Knowing the Key Executive
Meitav Harpaz, CEO
With over 15 years in the Data Management and Business Intelligence industry, Meitav played key roles in engineering and sales teams giving him a unique set of skills and perspectives. Joining Eccella in 2012, Meitav brought leadership, business acumen, and a deep understanding of industry trends to help form Eccella’s strategy and execute upon its goals. Prior to Eccella, he was Solutions Director with Informatica where he built a technology practice in which he led sales and delivery. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Interdisciplinary Center University and an Electrical Engineering degree from Ort Braude in Israel. Meitav resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.
“Our mission is to help organizations effectively leverage their data to make smarter, more informed decisions, faster.”