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Helping retailers to resolve overpayments and revenue leakages through data analytics: Discover Dollar


Discover Dollar’s services are, Recovery Analytics: recovering overpaid amount to vendors due to various reasons like system error, process error, human error, policy change and more. Merchandise Analytics: helping retailers with its valuable insights into their merchandise procurement, profitability and margin analysis, vendor performance and many more custom reports. This will essentially help Discover Dollar’s customers to make better negotiations and deals with the vendors.

The company was awarded as Top 5 Most innovative solution by SAP in Orlando and also won awards from IIM Bangalore -TIE Bangalore, IMT Nagpur, Amrita TBI etc. CIO Review featured among Top 20 upcoming retail software companies in India - Feb 2015 Issue. Its mentors include Mr. Shibulal (Co-Founder Infosys) and Mr. Lalit Ahuja (ex-CEO Target India).

Solutions portfolio

Recovery Audit Services

Companies are losing upto 1% of their revenue in form of revenue leakages and overpayments. Large corporations lose up to $5 for every $1000 while making payments. For example when a new price drop is communicated over email and this new price list is not update in ERP, you may end up paying old price which is higher. Discover Dollar’s recovery audit services can help you ensure all these are fixed and drive upto 12% increase in profitability. Its expert auditors can analyze more than 100 overpayment scenarios and can help you recover them to directly impact your bottom-line.

Revenue Leakages:Significant part of retailers’ profit is earned in the form of promotional funding from suppliers for seasonal promotions like “Buy One Get One Free” or “Temporary Price Cut”. Up to 5% of promotional funding is lost by retailers especially when promotional deal discussed over email doesn’t’ get captured. Discover Dollar has more than 200+ scenarios where the retailers are losing and its auditors backed with AI enabled recovery capability will be able to identify potential revenue leakages in near real-time to help retails collect all the promotional Funding.

Discover Dollar Resolve

The firm can help internal teams achieve upto 90% increase in productivity by automating clerical work such as preparing claim calculation sheets, vendor follow-ups and collection. Welcome to next generation claim management system.

Comprehensive Claim Management System

Retailers have huge number of debit notes raised as claims from supplier ranging from promotional funding, overcharges and compliance fees. Significant amount of money and time is wasted by retailers in

  • Preparing Manual Claim Sheets (85% Time Is Spent Creating Manual Claims By Collection Teams)
  • Vendor Communication (70% Vendors Do Not Respond To First Email For Claim Approvals)
  • Claim Collection Process After Approval
  • Claim Disputes By Vendors Due To Lack Of Information

Next-generation Claim Management system – Discover Dollar Resolve helps retailers with

  • Automatic Claim Creation Over Click Of A Button
  • Automate Vendor Follow-Ups And Escalations To Buyers When Needed
  • One-Click Integration With ERP For Collection
  • Reduce Claim Disputes By Providing Maximum Information First Hand To Vendors

Promotion Management:

Promotions are vital part of retail industry. Ensuring right promotion management and collection can help retailers to increase promotional revenue by 20%.Though huge investment is made on promotion optimization and promotional efficiency from customer standpoint, there is huge gap in the promotion collection management post promotional deal is made with suppliers. Discover Dollar’s PMS can help retailers to ensure every penny negotiated is collected on-time and ensure they get better COGS

  • 80% Faster Collection
  • 15% Increase In Accuracy
  • 10X ROI
  • 20% More Promotional Funding From Smart Prediction

Discover Dollar Search

More than 50% of intelligent information of the companies are in the form of unstructured data like emails, negotiations and contracts etc. With Discover Dollar Search retailers can drive huge value by using for it’s advantage. Retailers have huge amount of intelligence hidden in the form of unstructured data like:

  • Email Conversations Between Vendors And Buyers
  • Annual Vendor Agreements
  • Special Agreements
  • Buyer Files And Documents
  • Promotion Plans With Funding Information

It is important to be able to search these documents easily and get relevant information which can be of business value to retailers.

Assume your buyer negotiated a deal with Samsung for a $100-dollar promotional funding during Christmas for every TV sold. You have reduced the retail price for the Christmas Promotion and sold 1200 units, but this funding was never captured in your promotion systems leading to a direct loss of $120,000 to your company.

Discover Dollar’s powerful search algorithms can help you such emails very quickly by intelligent semantic understanding of vendor information, promotion description, product id and more. Discover Dollar Search can drive 5X ROI to your company.

Founder’s Desk

Subrahmanya Rao Founder and CEO: A serial entrepreneur since 19, he has started and run multiple successful businesses. Subu is well known in the startup circles of Bangalore and has been a special invitee at multiple events including the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017.

“We help retailers with our valuable insights into their merchandise procurement, profitability and margin analysis, vendor performance and many more custom reports.”