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Helping Sales Teams Sell Better and Faster: Prolifiq


In an era of globalization, it is very important for sales and marketing teams to keep up with the latest market trends and adopt the latest tools to stay ahead of their competition. As an organization grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for sales teams to acquire more customers and keep track of all the resources and maintain records. Additionally, professionals in marketing also have to worry about the time to market for a product or a service. Prolifiq helps companies of all sizes sell more by enabling their sales teams to do what they do on a regular basis, better, all within Salesforce, the global CRM leader.

Prolifiq drives more value and increases user adoption of Salesforce without costly consulting engagements with its native Account Planning and Digital Content Enablement tools designed for sales professionals.

In a dialogue with the CEO of Prolifiq, Vrahram Kadkhodaian:

Can you tell us about your decision to pivot the business to focus on the Salesforce ecosystem?

Salesforce is the best CRM Platform and most widely adopted enterprise system of engagement in the marketplace. We have been providing solutions for complex business problems for the last 20 years, ensuring that our efforts are focused on helping salespeople sell more (Account Planning) while ensuring that the content is distributed to the right person at the right time (Digital Content Enablement). In this way, the customers have a “connected experience versus the traditional disconnected experience.”

We reconfigured our products to embedd them within the Salesforce Platform for three major reasons:

  • To delight our customers with standards they already have in place
  • To add value to Sales Reps and how they are using Salesforce today (bringing the two most valuable selling motions back into Salesforce)
  • Leverage the vast and robust ecosystem Salesforce has created

What were the challenges faced in implementing the new strategy?

  • Corporate alignment
  • Culture - We introduced not only a new technology model but a new business model and go-to-market shift with this strategy

We at Prolifiq place customer success above everything else and this has propelled our growth. However, ensuring everyone is aligned and passionate about what we’re doing has a lot to do with communication and transparency. I had the opportunity to lead at Salesforce and I brought the concept of a V2MOM (Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles & Measures) to Prolifiq. It is one of the best ways to align executives, managers, teams and individual contributors around who we are, what we’re doing, and how we’ll know we’ve achieved what we set out to do.

Creating alignment with every person in the company is tough and needs to be taken very seriously. Culture is created from within. It takes time to build, but it starts with trust. The trust of our employees, customers, and shareholders is extremely important. Without a common fabric of trust, there is no basis for culture or success. Earning the trust of all our stakeholders has been one of the most rewarding experiences in implementing this new strategy.

Can you list five of the biggest assets to your organization?

Our People: We have some of the smartest, most talented and dedicated team members in the industry. Our compact team has serviced some of the largest companies in the world. They inspire me every day and are a force to be reckoned with.

Our Past: We have been setting the tone for how sales reps sell more and how they service their customers better with our technologies. The Sales enablement industry is ready to be disrupted and we have once again changed the game by becoming fully native with our offerings; Account Planning & Digital Content Enablement on the Salesforce platform.

Innovation: We are not only bringing the most valuable selling motions into Salesforce, but we’re the only vendor to offer these capabilities on the Salesforce platform. Both our products Prolifiq CRUSH™ and Prolifiq ACE™ are directly tied to driving revenue and mirror the way sales reps do their jobs. Since they are embedded in Salesforce, our customers can be up and running in minutes, not months, enabling faster time to value and enhancing user adoption for Salesforce customers.

The Salesforce ecosystem: Being built on Salesforce (native) and being part of the Salesforce ecosystem is truly a dream come true. There is a massive global customer base and an enormous opportunity for us to add value and disrupt the traditional ways companies have taken to improve user adoption by offering them ready-to-use account planning and content enablement products. The AppExchange is a fantastic marketplace for transparency, information, and for ISV’s like us to complement the core Salesforce offerings.

Customer-obsessed culture: The inspiration behind our sales motions, product development, customer success and release schedules are the customers. Prolifiq is really good at discerning the market demands and delivering on our promises. We have three releases per year for both of our products, just like Salesforce. We knew there was a better way than costly development, professional services, or disconnected, siloed applications that were not only expensive to implement, but also to maintain.

Tell us about your first product you launched on the Salesforce platform?

Prolifiq CRUSH™ is an account planning tool that enables sales professionals and organizations to quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly conduct account planning directly in Salesforce. CRUSH gives sales professionals the best of everything—the ability to leverage account planning to hit their quota and grow their business, in a way that doesn’t waste valuable time and energy working outside of Salesforce. We are helping our customers and their sales reps to CRUSH their quotas, CRUSH their comp plans, and CRUSH their competition.

Here’s a look at the CEO of Prolifiq

Vrahram “VK” Kadkhodaian joined Prolifiq in September 2016 as Chief Commercial Officer and transitioned into the role of CEO in February 2017. Vrahram is responsible for driving the company’s continued growth and vision by building upon Prolifiq’s longstanding legacy of innovation, customer centricity, and passion for solving complex business challenges. Vrahram has spent his career in executive sales leadership positions, working for organizations such as Wells Fargo, CDC Software and Salesforce, where he was responsible for customer acquisition, customer success, go-to-market strategy, and distribution, both locally and internationally. Vrahram specializes in scaling and building Sales teams with methodologies that are proven across all market segments.

“Our mission is to help companies become smarter about how they sell and service their customers.”