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Helping You Better Communicate and Quantify Your Unique Value in Every Customer Conversation: Alinean


Generate more leads, better opportunities and accelerated sales.

Twenty years ago Tom Pisello was a product line manager in a position similar to yours, with many of the same challenges – he was responsible for launching a new solution and making it a success.

The product was a new data storage management suite that required a re-tooled and re-trained sales team to transcend from traditional product feature/price-focused technical selling to a more challenging conversation articulating the business value of information lifecycle management to executives … easier said than done!

To meet this challenge Tom developed one of the first ROI/TCO tools for IT, designed to diagnose and quantify potential sales opportunities and financially justify the new solution with a professional business case. Feedback from customers was immediate and highly positive.

Tom knew he was on to something with this new selling approach and soon left to form Interpose, the first company dedicated to the development of ROI/TCO based financial justification tools.

Over several years Tom gained the nickname “the ROI Guy”, and with a dedicated group of software developers and analysts created the industry standard for IT financial analysis. The success led to the company becoming part of Gartner, and the team playing a key role in the development of many value selling tools and practices still in use today.

In the late 90’s the technology bubble burst followed by the 9/11 recession, and the impact these events had on budgets turned buyers more frugal, dramatically increasing the need for financial justification – a condition Tom coined “Frugalnomics” in his publications. This inspired members of Tom’s original development team to regroup, and Alinean was formed with a singular mission to empower B2B sales and marketing to better communicate and quantify value to prospects and customers.

From its founding in 2001 Tom’s insight, thought leadership and passion have spurred Alinean growth and brand recognition. The team continues to grow, pioneering the development of exciting new innovative methodologies and tools to help B2B solution providers better Survive Frugalnomics.

How do you better communicate and quantify your unique value?

Alinean helps you:

  • Create differentiated business value messaging and quantification
  • Enable prospects to self-assess their challenges, “do nothing” costs & potential benefits from your solutions
  • Empower sales reps, partners & consultants to quantify prospect challenges, benefits, ROI & TCO

Solutions offered Alinean

Value Messaging: Codify your solution’s unique business value with Alinean, collaborating with your team to uncover and deliver provocative insights, differentiating value messaging and credible value calculations.

Value Marketing Tools: Generate more qualified leads and motivate purchases with Alinean, delivering customized online interactive content, enabling prospects to self-assess challenges, benchmark against peers, quantify the cost of “do nothing” and tally the value of your solutions.

Value Sales Tools: Activate better customer engagements with Alinean customized online and tablet installed Value Sales Tools, for use by sales reps, partners and consultants to collaboratively help uncover prospect challenges, assess & benchmark issues, and communicate & quantify the value of proposed solutions.

Clientele Testimonies

“Alinean worked collaboratively with our team to make our good financial justification even better with their experience and industry best practices, and then developed an easy to use and attractive interactive tool around it, to help bring our value story to life.”

- David Lee, Marketing Manager for Service Lifecycle Management and project manager of the Benefits Assessment project, PTC

“The vendor you choose to work with is vital to your value program. In our case, we chose to work with Alinean, as they really understand value marketing and selling. It’s all they do.

The Alinean partnership was a critical success factor, allowing our sales teams to engage earlier, delivering over 1,500 business cases last year, and generating $120M in incremental annual revenue.”

- David Caradonna, Director of Global Business Value Consulting (BVC), Splunk

“Alinean was helpful in not only building the tool but consulting with us on how to tell our story. Alinean went the extra mile to help us build a tool that positions us as a good partner around the Affordable Care Act,” said Patrick. “It simplifies a complicated process and helps clients see our value.”

- Patrick Flanigan, Senior Director, Sales Enablement, ADP

Meet the Trailblazer

Tom Pisello, CEO and Founder: Tom Pisello, The ROI Guy, is a serial entrepreneur, popular speaker, and author, focused on value marketing and selling. Tom’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor is Alinean, founded in 2001 to develop and deliver value-focused sales and marketing messaging, tools and training for B2B vendors, including ValueStory Cloud - a revolutionary storytelling + insights + justification / ROI sales and marketing application.

Tom’s value marketing/selling and financial justification experience began in 1993 with Interpose, a company he founded to develop the first automated ROI and TCO analysis software for IT and B2B investments. Interpose was acquired by Gartner in 1998 and formed the foundation for Gartner’s Measurement, ROI and TCO software solutions.  Tom served Gartner as Managing VP and was instrumental in the software becoming the industry standard for TCO assessment and ROI analysis/assessments. 

Over the past decade, Tom has engaged in the launching and maturing of several innovative technology companies including FullArmor, Connotate Technologies, DiCom Software, NoblePlay, DissertationsRx, DigitalOwl,, and

“Alinean helps you develop the right Value Messaging and Interactive Online Content / Marketing Tools to grab buyer attention, better engage buyers and accelerate purchase decisions.”