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Helping you Transform Your Customer Journey: Canopy Labs


Everything you need to increase conversions, engagement, and retention.

Today, more than ever before, new forces are changing the way companies sell to consumers. Customers now expect targeted marketing and personalized recommendations for everything from the emails they receive, to the webpages they view, to their in-store experience.

Every consumer makes a buying decision in a unique way. Understanding each buying cycle is critical to converting consumers into customers and earning their loyalty. Canopy Labs’ mission is to help businesses, from Fortune 500 retailers to the largest performing arts centres and museums in the world, to top travel and tourism organizations, transform how they interact with their customers, create more engaging customer journeys, and deliver better results.

They help you with everything you need. Like increasing conversions, engagement and retention, also aids you in optimizing your customer interactions, analyse, segment and predict any customer journey.

The company’s data science team consists of PhD-level researchers from the universities in Waterloo, Toronto, Oxford, and more. The researchers have experience in mathematics, physics, and computer science at companies like IBM, McKinsey & Co., and more.

Canopy Labs works with your first-party data. The firm's platform integrates data automatically to build 360-degree customer profiles for everyone from your anonymous website visitors, through to loyal customers that shop and interact with all of your channels. These data sets represent rich environments for feature engineering and optimization. Since most marketing channels enable regular data updates, it also can train and re-train models regularly. Your AI-driven models are only as effective as your datasets, and its first priority is building the best customer data set possible.

Drive Your KPIs with Customer Success

The firm’s team's partnership approach gives you the expertise and assistance you need for a shorter path to ROI.

Journey Workshops and Strategy

The mapping sessions help you build an understanding of how your customers flow through your business, from acquisition through to long-term loyalty. Canopy Labs’ subject matter experts facilitate the workshops, which means you’re more likely to succeed and achieve your goals.

Customer Journey Optimization

Canopy Labs team are experts that can consult you on how to optimize activities to achieve greater success. The company help you improve campaigns to increase total revenue, cross-sell metrics, average order value, customer lifetime value, churn metrics, and more.

Monitoring and Business Reviews

The firm will review your progress and run tactics and strategy sessions with you, helping you with attribution models and its 360-degree customer views. Get one-on-one support, dedicated help in setting up and running campaigns, and advice to achieve your broader goals

All-In-One Customer Journey Software

Simple, powerful cloud technology to execute your marketing - The Canopy Labs platform includes everything you need to analyze your customers, optimize your omnichannel campaigns, and drive your ROI.

Consolidate Your Customer Data

The Canopy Labs platform merges all of your customer-facing data, whether online or offline.

Build a 360° Customer View

Discover where each customer came from, how they interact with your marketing channels and gain deeper insights into what drives them to purchase.

Success Story

Canadian Opera Company Increases Repeat Ticket Purchases by 14%

Based in Toronto, Canada, the Canadian Opera Company (COC) is the largest producer of opera in Canada and one of the largest in North America. The company enjoys an international reputation for artistic excellence and creative innovation.

Like most performing arts organizations, the COC faced the challenge of converting one-time attendees into repeat visitors. In the past, the COC waited until the end of the season to contact single performance purchasers. The COC used a paper-based system to provide their outreach team with names and telephone numbers, which caused delays and inefficiencies. Using Canopy Labs, however, the COC was able to automate and personalize communications with each patron.

Learn how the Canadian Opera Company (COC) in Toronto used the Canopy Labs platform to drive repeat ticket purchases.

The Charismatic Leader

Wojciech Gryc, Chief Executive Officer:

Wojciech Gryc is a visionary in marketing and analytics, finding new ways to improve business results with data. He has experience working on AI and marketing analytics at IBM Research and McKinsey & Co. He is a Rhodes Scholar and studied Mathematical Modelling and Social Science of the Internet at the University of Oxford.

“We help businesses track, optimize, and personalize their customer journeys. We're a predictive analytics software company bent on revolutionizing customer experiences.”