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10 Best Supply Chain Companies to Watch 2020

HERE – Enabling an autonomous world for everyone and driving the automotive industry forward with location intelligence


Whether you want to find the nearest restaurant or advertise deals to shoppers who are in the neighborhood or locate your friends, location-based services (LBS) have become an inseparable companion of yours. They grant users access to relevant, up-to-date information about their surroundings and allow businesses to provide current updates to their customers. Let's understand how the location is fundamental to all business processes. In today's world of mobile, wearable, location-aware, and digitally aware technologies, we are always "on" and always connected. In this ever-connected ecosystem, we have a more profound concept of location, which is more refined, instantaneous, and even predictive in some cases. Location intelligence provides the powerful "where" perspective to businesses, and propelled by the innate ability to make the best of the technologies available; the service industry is effectively grooming a new kid in the block.

HERE is a location data and technology platform, moves people, businesses, and cities forward. They empower their customers to achieve better outcomes from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely. The firm is creating three-dimensional living maps that grow upwards, breathing with layers of information, insights, and beyond. It is focused on the concept of location and its potential to improve the way it does business radically and is shaping the future by redefining what was formerly known as a map.

Driving the automotive industry by offering top-class solutions and services

Supply Chain: HERE minimizes the impact of unexpected delays, increase inventory turnover, and provide accurate ETAs. The firm offers better align cargo connections and monitor supplier patterns for optimal lead times and inventory levels. One can receive real-time ETAs and incident alerts based on the status of their shipments throughout their journey, helping meet sustainability standards and take action to avoid delays. HERE Tracking offers precise, end-to-end tracking, and real-time and historic locations for all your devices and assets. Gain global visibility of these elements while maximizing battery life and reducing operating costs.

Connected Driving: As a trusted partner in the automotive industry and with an open, location-centric platform, HERE can help you create a unique vision of tomorrow's mobility. One can integrate flexible automotive and mobility solutions for a wide range of use cases. The firm also gives coverage in up to 200 countries with its industry-leading location platform. Also, it offers expert collaboration and customer support to help make your product a success.

HERE Navigation on Demand: It is a software-as-a-service solution that gives your customers an always-fresh and upgradable navigation experience. Generate new, recurring revenue streams while keeping full control of the UX and services delivered in vehicles. This solution cuts development and lifecycle costs by offering extensive off-the-shelf functionality and the ability to upgrade the experience anytime. It lets you deliver freshness beyond the map, including new functionality and UX elements to cars in the field, anytime. Extendable via its software development kit, it differentiates from mobile-brought-in solutions with vehicle-integrated experiences, including hardware controls, multiple screens, mobile companions, and map enablement of ADAS systems.

Fleet Management: HERE offers a rich portfolio of map data and location services specifically built to support some of the most critical fleet operations going well beyond mapping, navigation and routing into other aspects such as road curvature, slope, speed limits for trucks, and location of traffic lights, accident black spots, and location of tolls. With enterprise-grade data and services, software developers can maximize their customers' most critical KPIs.

The ardent visionary behind the success of HERE

Edzard Overbeek serves as the Chief Executive Officer of HERE. He is leading HERE Technologies as it enters the next phase of its growth as a newly independent location cloud company. Mr. Edzard brings to HERE Technologies a unique mix of sales and technology experience. He also has worked at Cisco, where he was Strategic Advisor and responsible for the Global Services organization with over $12 billion in revenues and 15,000 employees.

"From autonomous driving to the Internet of Things, we are building the future of location technology through strategic partnerships. Together we're building open solutions for the future."