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Here’s how Taiwanese brand advertising titan OneAD is unleashing the true power of data assets via AI technology


The original meaning of the word “brand” is an identifying mark burned on something to indicate the ownership. That means, as you see the brand, you know the identity. Nowadays, no matter the scale of the company, everyone has their brand, and the mission of it does not change a lot: to create the impression, to show who you are, to make your name. Advertising has always been a perfect tool to reach consumers and to amplify the brand impact or influence in the market, achieving the ultimate brand building mission. However, the Internet has dramatically changed the landscape of advertising, and consumers’ online behaviors are much more complicated and fragmented these days. Hence, the need to target and to communicate more precisely with brand target audiences gives rise to the booming of technologies. One of the toughest challenges for marketers today is to leverage the right technology to put their everyday marketing strategies in practice. Data-driven solutions and AI-powered brand advertising could be the answers that everyone thirsts for.

OneAD is a tech startup that help brands create ad video compelling solutions to actively build impact for the brand across the fragmented media environment. The company was founded in 2010 and it is based in Taipei, Taiwan. The edge of OneAD is the superb ability to develop, integrate, and leverage MediaTech, DataTech, and AdTech capabilities to offer one-of-a-kind data-driven ad solutions to the market. OneAD builds their data technologies and this has enabled them to become a leader in providing data solutions for brand advisors. It is also the first data source provider for Nielsen and TTD data marketplace in Taiwan market. OneAD’s self-built OneDATA, comprises of multiple sources, fresh and current audience data, and it also covers 99.8% Taiwanese online population (above 15-year-old). OneDATA has become the most accessible leading Data Management Platform (DMP) in Taiwan. OneAD identified that the marketing ecosystem had become a duopoly game that is conducted by the two giants Google and Facebook. Even though there are other enterprises and brands that collects an abundant amount of data, they are restricted from using those outside the walled garden. In Mandarin, “cross” means to step out and do not restrict at a specific area. OneAD has advocated the spirit of “cross” and the concept of the Open Internet.

AI is taking over the world of advertising and it isn’t only about creating ads without human intervention. AI is transforming every aspect of ads from creation to audience targeting to buying. Brands are now making use of commercially available tools to segregate audience and intelligently identify them. “AI-powered brand advertising” is the value proposition OneAD dedicates to serve their clients. Solutions from OneAD can be divided into three categories:

Media Product

SuperImpact and SuperView are OneAD’s state-of-the-art advertising solutions that enable advertisers to build an impact for the brand in the digital environment. The mission of these two marketing weapons, which containing appealing Outstream and Instream ad formats, is to help brands catch customers’ eyeballs and have advertising messages cut through in their hearts.

Data Product

Under the condition of lacking competitive resources, most AdTech companies can only follow the rules monopolized by few tech giants. OneAD didn’t want to be part of the bandwagon, so they used their innovative and adventurous spirits to develop their own techniques. This helped them build their one-of-a-kind database OneDATA, the cornerstone of OneAD’s every provided solution.

Cloud Service

One of the biggest challenges in the business marketplace is the data silo issue. To solve this problem, OneAD created the OneID Audience Manager (OAM), an AI-powered data platform that can help enterprises build their own brand DMP to deploy, collect, integrate and analyze their own first-party data and second-party data. It will reveal and enrich the value of brand data assets with meaningful and comprehensive consumer insights and online behaviors through powerful OneDATA.

OneAD’s co-founder & CEO, Joyce Lee leads the organization with the idea of “Wall-less Teamwork”. She believes that every talent in OneAD is the best in their specialties, however, if everyone only focuses on their own and do not willing to combine their strengths altogether to achieve the goals, it will bury the true power each of them could provide, just like the situation of the walled garden. To be a part of OneAD’s team, expertise alone is not important. They want the employees to be open minded, welcoming and agile.  This is why they adopt the principle of SWAN (S: Smart, W: Working-hard, A: Ambitious, N: Nice) while recruiting talents.

Joyce Lee believes that integration capability is one of the most powerful strengths of OneAD. Like MediaTech, DataTech, and AdTech are indispensable to OneAD, talents from different kinds of specialization are crucial to the company’s success. This kind of leadership style nudges the team to leverage the power of cross functions and integrate everyone’s skills to accomplish what its competitors cannot achieve.  

“Beyond boundaries’ is the phrase that perfectly represents the spirit of OneAD. From the background of the management team to the idea behind our services, “beyond boundaries” is the belief that embeds in everyone’s mind in OneAD and also embodies the concept of the Open Internet that OneAD has always advocated.”

“Specialized in AI and big data, OneAD builds its unique capabilities in MediaTech, DataTech, and AdTech, and seamlessly integrates the three technologies to help advertisers successfully build digital branding in rapidly changing internet era”

Meet the Jedi behind the success of OneAD

Joyce Lee, the co-founder and CEO of OneAD, is an experienced Chief Executive Officer skilled in the Digital Business model, Digital Media, Strategic Planning, Integrated Marketing, and Advertising. Leading multidisciplinary professionals in the fast-changing technology industry, Joyce breaks all the boundaries between different specialties and integrates everyone to embrace seamless teamwork. The synergy of it creates the unstoppable power that is beyond imagination.