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HIVERY: A pioneering hyper-local retailing by combining artificial intelligence, operations research and human-centred design models


As we’ve seen unfold in recent years, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics are rapidly changing the speed at which the retail industry operates. As these technologies become increasingly popular among leading retail companies, it’s clear that early adopters of AI have seen a sizable financial advantage compared to retailers that haven’t yet adopted the technology. Non-adopters will need to erode their margin to stay competitive on price, while adopters with sizable financial gain will be able to weather volatility on price inputs.

AI is being used as a differentiating factor between smaller retailers as a way to get ahead and capture market share. The gap between adopters and non-adopters will continue to grow, meaning AI is no longer just a way to get ahead of competitors — it’s become a pivotal part of staying relevant in the industry and maintaining innovation.

HIVERY was born following a big data hackathon that brought together Franki Chamaki and Jason Hosking (serial entrepreneurs coming from the Coca-Cola Founders platform) and Charles Gretton, Matthew Robards, and Menkes van den Briel (data scientists with backgrounds in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research coming from Data61/CSIRO).

HIVERY’s mantra is that “Data has a better idea”, and since our inception in 2015, HIVERY has been proving time and time again that data really does have a better idea. At the core of the HIVERY business is its technology platform, and the mantle around that is its incredibly talented team of scientists, engineers, designers and customers who bring our platform to life on a daily basis.


The firm believes that data has a better idea. HIVERY listens to that data, harness it and ultimately ensure the world benefits from unleashing it.


Its mission is to help its customers maximize the return on their retail space investment.
By enabling the retail sector to make smarter decisions with their products it ultimately helps reallocate the planet’s natural resources.

The HIVERY platform is an AI system built on bleeding edge technologies from machine learning. Its platform came from humble beginnings in 2014, as the basis of space and assortments experiments in dozens of vending machines in Newcastle, Australia. Since those small experiments, undertaken with its bottler partner Coca-Cola Amatil, its platform has been propelled into deployments in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. In its latest incarnation, our data-driven platform is planning optimal retail strategies around occasion, brand, package, price, and channel. It is optimizing the scheduling of promotions, and eliciting meaningful customer segments on the back of e-commerce platforms.

Just as its platform has matured and grown, so too has its team. From the initial group 5 co-founding entrepreneurs, the company has now employ an internationally diverse team, comprising of business development executives, architects, designers, programmers, engineers and scientists.

HIVERY Enhance

HIVERY Enhance uses your data and its powerful AI-driven engine to help you achieve the optimum mix of product, space and price for each of your machines in your fleet. It factors only a few data variables to make recommendations that maximize profit.


HIVERY Curate is a category management tool which leverages artificial intelligence and operations research techniques to help optimize space and assortment for CPG companies and retailers. HIVERY Curate product combines assortment optimization and planogram generation so retailers can manage each store individually.

HIVERY Promote

HIVERY Promote helps CPG/FMCG companies plan promotional calendars using Artificial Intelligence. Its software models several demand signals such as product catalogue promotions, product placement in stores, seasonality, plus own, competitor and cross-retailer price elasticities to generate promotional pricing recommendation with a high degree of accurate predictions.

Artificial Intelligence in retail

HIVERY is an artificial intelligence company focused on helping companies generate a Return on Retail Space Investment through AI-backed smarts in product recommendations, price learning, space rationalization, and effective promotions.

Vending Analytics: Vending Analytics is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence solution that increases returns and reduces restocking in vending machines. It does this by recommending the right product mix, the right space-to-sales, and the right price for each individual machine in the fleet.

Forming part of the Retail Genome™, its self-learning algorithm uses existing data to learn and make advanced fingerprint recommendations in retail spaces. The result is ROI within six weeks.

Jason Hosking, CEO and Co-founder

Jason loves turning ideas into reality. He drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth, and brings a wealth of experience from working with all types of businesses around the globe. Jason has a rare ability to drive clarity when surrounded by uncertainty.

“Our team of seriously smart bunch of engineers, designers and data scientists develop simple-to-use solutions for better business outcomes.”