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Holon: Reimagining how to provide relief to healthcare


The healthcare system as we know it is broken. The pandemic certainly exacerbated the situation— and care teams are feeling the burden of that chaos. Physicians, nurses, and staff are chronically burned out and leaving their jobs, leading to even worse attrition and subsequent burnout. Organizations adopting value-based care did not realize the administrative burden this would put on practices and healthcare teams. Every day is a challenge – with more to do, caregivers are getting further distracted from focusing on the patient.

Holon is bringing relief to the market with a new innovative platform and redefining how healthcare information is accessed and delivered at the point of care. The company focuses on providing operational relief, eliminating distractions, and relieving system pain through a rich portfolio of personalized tools, analytics, and information to unlock the potential of each team member to deliver the best care possible.

“We know through our customer research and deep engagement that the number one benefit care providers and staff want from their tech platform is more time with patients. Meanwhile, payers overwhelmingly require platforms to simplify communication between all the teams that are taking care of the patient. When we shared our new product vision, customers told us “This is too good to be true.” We are excited to bring this new platform to market to deliver relief and prove it can be done, especially in the wake of healthy skepticism. The platform was built with input from many different roles in many practices throughout our development process. Our patented technology works seamlessly in the background and gets the job done with incredible efficiency in an empathetic and personalized way,” said Jon Zimmerman, CEO of Holon.

Holon’s platform understands and supports how health teams interact with information by delivering intelligent tools with human-centric design that is personalized for each individual user. Holon’s Customer Success team is also a strategic partner focused on maximizing adoption and demonstrating value through analytics and reporting. The company’s digital platform complements and enhances the technology systems that care teams are already using and automatically delivers the right patient information at the right time at the point of care.

What motivates Holon’s team of innovators is its ability to empower the dedicated healthcare teams that serve everyone. “We focus on bringing relief to the entire healthcare team by making their everyday interactions with information easier, faster, focused, and much more user-friendly. We impact this practice relief with a simplified, easy-to-use experience that gives teams the right information, at the right time and curate data from multiple sources internally and externally. Additionally, we provide secure chat to collaborate seamlessly— which benefits the whole enterprise,” added Zimmerman.

The Holon platform curates information into personalized, helpful actions within provider workflows, regardless of the underlying medical record technology. It integrates multiple sources outside of the provider’s own medical record system and can include necessary social determinants of health to arm the care team with intelligent, precise care insights. The care team can then easily act to get care plans on track, make network referrals, manage scheduling, securely collaborate, and more. All this happens within the care team’s natural workflows.

The Holon experience is a role-based platform that’s personalized, so each person on the care team can access what they need, specific to their role. The platform delivers a seamless user experience and leverages proven practices across other industries that engage and delight customers with human-centric design and personalization on the individual level. That ease of use is crucial as it reduces training time and allows Holon platform users to realize new efficiencies immediately. The good news for sponsors, such as health plans, is that this operational relief enables care teams to focus so they can deliver better value-based results. The simple formula is “relief delivers results.”

“Beyond clinical data, we go even further to intelligently streamline things like referrals and health plan coverage authorizations so care providers can complete those interactions literally in seconds. No one has to waste time jumping through administrative hoops and filling in multiple forms just to get a patient the specialized care she needs,” explained the CEO.

A New Era of Innovation

Holon has a diverse team with backgrounds in healthcare, technology, retail, and entertainment that shares a strong empathy for disrupting the dysfunction and burden that healthcare teams deal with today. The company embraced a new approach to product development that uses human-centric design and strategically partners with its customers to drive platform-user adoption. The artful science of adoption requires a continuous process to demonstrate value with analytics and reporting. And that’s why Holon has made a huge investment in Customer Success to ensure that every user gets the relief they need with hands-on help and individualized attention. “Our customer’s success is our north star. We start by taking the time to understand where the greatest system pain exists for each practice and configuring our solution to deliver relief. We call this “operational empathy”. We believe this platform and approach will become indispensable to healthcare teams in their daily work life and be the critical information connection for payers and providers,” exclaimed Zimmerman.

If a care team is saving several minutes per encounter by having critical information automatically delivered right at his or her fingertips — effortlessly without separate logins or extra clicks — those minutes add up to hours, and those hours add up to days of work saved. That’s how the relief enables focus and performance.

Looking at the big picture with today’s value-based care models, providers need to be extremely efficient and recognize the burden those models bring to their teams. They are not getting paid to do more. They are getting paid for quality, comprehensive care, and positive patient experiences. Holon ensures practices save time, reduce costs, and earn their best possible reimbursement under these models. This direction will lead to clear benefits for the entire healthcare ecosystem and Holon intends to lead the way.

"Holon has a diverse team that shares a strong empathy for disrupting the dysfunction and burden that the healthcare teams deal with today."

Healthcare of Tomorrow

The $4 trillion healthcare industry has made it nearly impossible for each care team member to leverage individual strengths and practice the true art and science of care for their patients. The future of healthcare depends on nimble solutions and willing collaborators who recognize and support each individual healthcare team member. Holon’s functionality and personalized experience, combined with its focus on driving adoption to deliver value, is unmatched in the market today. “We focus on the dedicated healthcare professionals who serve us all,” mentioned Zimmerman.

Holon envisions an optimized and adaptable universe of digital tools, analytics and strategic partnerships to help healthcare professionals focus together on the patient, including all settings, especially at home. That means reducing time that’s wasted on low-value tasks such as searching for or keying in information, managing processes, and capturing documentation. This way, the healthcare system will only improve with better care — which means fewer portals to click on and data to wade through. “By doing so, we make life better for clinicians, payers, clinical and administrative support teams so they can focus. That reduces burnout, unlocks productivity, and improves the system as a whole. And we are only getting started!”

Practices deserve information that is fresh, accurate, precise, relevant, and efficiently delivered to make every minute and every encounter count. It is time to end the mountains of fragmented data that come crashing down on them with no context. It is time to have the systems work for the dedicated people in practice who serve us all. Holon’s new platform is here to bring relief to healthcare teams, deliver results and eliminate the pain in our system. We can all do better together. There is no better time than now.

About the Leader

Jon Zimmerman, CEO

Jon is on a quest to reinvent the delivery of health services through smart technology that serves the dedicated healthcare professionals who serve us all. His 40-year career in technology and health IT affords him a broad perspective on what it takes to improve access to intelligent patient information. One of his first experiences in developing health IT infrastructure was in a position with IBM. He also worked with Shared Medical Systems, where he applied the concepts of banking to healthcare, later leading initiatives for Cerner, one of the industry’s leading digital systems. 

An active industry leader, Jon serves as a member of the HL7 Industry Advisory Council, NCQA Industry Advisor, co-chair of the WEDI Administrative Automation Task Group, Board member with the American Academy for the Advancement of Home Care Medicine, and on the Forbes Technology Council.

“Holon is reimagining how health teams interact with information with role-based personalization, human-centric design, and strategic partnerships that drive user adoption, unlock productivity and eliminate system pain.”