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Homethrive: The Next Generation caregiving benefit innovator that’s revolutionizing support for unpaid family caregivers and their loved ones


Nurses and other healthcare professionals leaving their jobs due to stress.

Other employees changing employers for less stressful work environments and companies with more compassionate cultures.

Insurance clients choosing a new agency that provides better support benefits.

These are just a few examples of the problems for which this exciting and growing company solves.

This is a pivotal time as the U.S. grapples with a crisis that was amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic but has been brewing beneath the surface for years — taking better care of families, particularly women sandwiched between children, aging loved ones, and work; seniors who want to safely age in place; and those with special needs.

Family caregiving impacts the majority of employees. Women are most negatively impacted, a staggering number of whom have exited the workforce. For those who remain in the workforce, the stress and worry are taking a huge mental toll, resulting in lost productivity for companies and reduced outcomes for insurers. It’s a problem that shows no signs of easing.

Headquartered outside of Chicago, IL, Homethrive is the next generation caregiving benefit innovator that’s revolutionizing support for unpaid family caregivers and their loved ones through its high-impact family caregiving platform, Dari. Homethrive breaks the caregiving support mold by skillfully blending self-service digital caregiving and health support with expert human interaction to effectively and efficiently right-size care to large populations.

Homethrive works together with employers, affinity groups, insurers, and other stakeholders to help support business priorities, such as providing a competitive advantage, reducing turnover, increasing engagement and satisfaction, increasing productivity, enhancing DEI efforts, and supporting mental and general health. Dari uniquely integrates digital resources accessible anytime, anywhere, with expert human knowledge – to best support members no matter where they are in their journey.

Challenging the Status Quo

Veteran healthcare professionals Dave Jacobs and David Greenberg identified a gap in our system, a vast unmet need for a comprehensive solution to support unpaid caregivers and their loved ones, so they created Homethrive. The company has grown into a leading resource for comprehensive caregiving support in a short time. Homethrive works with thousands of caregivers and their loved ones every day to help make their lives better while ensuring they also take time to care for themselves.

“We are creatively solving the access, coordination, and navigation issue through our 24/7 self-service platform that includes hundreds of easily accessible and digestible resources on all things caregiving, self-care, aging, and special needs related,” said Dave Jacobs, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Homethrive. “We also have credentialed experts on hand to answer questions, make recommendations, and provide dedicated support when needed. Gone are the days of navigating our complicated system alone. Dari by Homethrive is available 24/7 to help.”

While other companies offer care coordination services, it’s often too high-touch and not scalable, which limits the number of people they can help. Others in the space offer digital-only products that are too high-tech and not personalized enough to be meaningful. That’s where Homethrive stands head-and-shoulders above the rest: Dari by Homethrive strikes the right balance between high-touch and high-tech to help unpaid caregivers wherever they are on their caregiving journey, whether they simply want to educate themselves by consuming content on their platform or work one-on-one with a Care Guide.

“Our expert Care Guides, professionals with years of experience helping families navigate caregiving challenges, are the power behind Dari. Their knowledge fuels every single piece of content on the platform. They answer every chat live (no bots here!). Their personal connection with our members gives them unique insight into the needs and challenges of caring for a loved one, from how to manage challenging behavior to finding the right therapies for a special needs child to home delivery services. This insight, expertise, and empathy for the caregiver fuels every interaction within Dari,” explained David Greenberg, Co-founder and Co-CEO.

Innovation is at the center of everything that Homethrive does. The company is constantly updating its process to streamline it for the users, improving the function and scope of the platform. Whether someone is engaging with the Dari Digital offering or working one-on-one with a Dari Dedicated Care Guide, Homethrive blends tech and human touch seamlessly. “For example, if members don’t have a pressing need but still have questions or want to learn more about a topic of interest, they can easily log in 24/7 to our platform to engage with tailored, curated resources that can provide them quick, informative content without the need to go down the ‘Google rabbit hole,’” said Dave Jacobs.

The Dari platform is intuitive, easy-to-use, and explores hot topics important to family caregivers, such as practicing self-care,  locating the right therapies for a child with special needs, navigating an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, enrolling in Medicare, and how to invest in your retirement years.

With more and more unpaid caregivers struggling to balance work and life, the inherent need for a company like Homethrive will continue to grow significantly. This crisis is so impactful; it’s being discussed from boardrooms trying to stem the “Great Resignation” to the halls of Congress debating infrastructure spending.

“We are not anywhere close to finishing our quest to transform the industry. We are working with some the most progressive and forward-thinking companies to continually challenge the status quo and change things for the better. We are in late-stage discussions with large, well-known organizations that bring the number of lives we will touch to close to 2 million in the very near future,” mentioned David Greenberg. The company’s platform, Dari, continues to grow and evolve in scope and functionality, and the company continues to forge partnerships with other notable players in the family caregiving space.

The Leadership


Dave Jacobs, Co-founder and Co-CEO

Dave Jacobs is Co-CEO and Co-founder of Homethrive, the next generation caregiving benefit innovator that’s revolutionizing support for unpaid family caregivers and their loved ones

Dave has extensive experience as a leader in the healthcare industry. Even so, a personal caregiving experience left him struggling to navigate complicated systems and find the support he needed, making family caregiving far more challenging than anticipated. That’s why he co-founded Homethrive: to help other unpaid caregivers and their families identify what they need, when they need it, and who they can trust, because no one should have to go through this alone.

Dave spent fifteen years as a senior executive at Medline Industries, a leading healthcare products company. While at Medline, he was President of the Durable Medical Equipment division and ran Medline’s Post-Acute business that encompasses nursing homes, home health, assisted living, and managed care insurance. While in those roles, Dave developed a deep, first-hand appreciation for the benefits of seniors living independently at home and the many challenges seniors and their family caregivers face.


David Greenberg, Co-founder and Co-CEO

As a veteran executive, David has enjoyed a distinguished career rooted in leading multi-billion-dollar companies. Prior to co-founding Homethrive, David served as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Group President at Medline Industries, a leading healthcare products company. In his role as Executive Vice President of Strategy, his responsibilities included defining and supporting strategic priorities, leading business development initiatives to strengthen the Medline portfolio, and M&A. As Group President, David ran Medline’s distribution business, and several manufacturing and marketing divisions David spent 13 years in a variety of management functions at Aon Corporation and practiced corporate law in Chicago. David also serves as Lead Director of ICU Medical (ICUI: NASDAQ).

“Homethrive works with thousands of caregivers and their loved ones every day to help make their lives better, while making sure they also take time to care for themselves.”

“Caregiver burnout is real. Homethrive has the solution. Headquartered outside of Chicago, IL, Homethrive is the next generation caregiving benefit innovator that is helping solve the caregiving conundrum through its one-of-a-kind, high impact caregiving support platform, Dari.”