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Humio – Furnishing modern log management with streaming observability and affordable Unlimited Plans


Infrastructure software is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Containers, orchestrators, microservices architectures, service meshes, and immutable infrastructure are incredibly promising ideas that fundamentally change how software is built and operated. As a result of these advances, the systems being built across the board at large and small companies have become more distributed, and in the case of containerization, more ephemeral. Systems are being built with different reliability targets, requirements, and guarantees. Observability might mean different things to different people. For some, it's about logs, metrics, and traces. For others, it's the old wine of monitoring in a new bottle. However, the overarching goal of various schools of thought on observability remains the same, bringing better visibility into systems.

Humio is the creator of a live observability platform that enables data aggregation, exploration, reporting, and analysis from a range of sources. It offers a time-series logging and aggregation platform for unrestricted, comprehensive event analysis, On-Premises, or the Cloud. With 1TB/day of raw log ingest/node, in-memory stream processing, and live, shareable dashboards and alerts, you can instantly and in real-time explore, monitor, and visualize any system's data. Humio's innovative data storage and in-memory search engine technologies provide a cost-competitive log management and analysis solution that requires significantly less hardware, engineering resources, and licensing costs vs. competing solutions.

Why Humio

Humio's Unlimited Plans enable organizations to analyze and monitor all of the data needed to prepare for the unknown. With unlimited log ingest, real-time search and exploration, and the ability to retain compressed data for longer, Humio minimizes recovery time and makes it easy to get to the root cause of unexpected issues.

Streaming Data: Humio is built from the ground up to be highly optimized for streaming data and continuous, concurrent writes. It ingests hundreds of terabytes of log data in real-time and searches that data with sub-second latency.

Index-Free Design: Search anything in your logs and event data with full-text search. Extract data, define new fields and use them to filter and aggregate while searching all at blazing fast speeds.

Optimized Storage: Humio compresses data by 5-15x or more to retain more data and reduce hardware costs. Store all data to affordable bucket storage, and search it all without ingesting.

Modern services and solutions furnished by Humio

Unlimited services: With Humio's Unlimited Plans, organizations are better prepared for the unknown. By logging everything, Humio can help customers uncover anomalies, threats, and problems as they happen, without worrying about filtering out data or fields in advance. Humio makes it easy to search for months or even years of data to get to the root of what happened. Because it is index-free, every part of every log is available for searching. Getting instant responses motivates users to ask more questions and derive more insights from their data. Logging everything reduces mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR), and increases the likelihood of finding the root cause of an incident.

Uncompromised observability: Humio's Unlimited Plans enable enterprise organizations to understand the health and security of their environment. Humio ingests streaming logs, metrics, traces, and events run alerts and scripts, and updates visualizations in real-time. No matter how many terabytes of data you send to Humio, all the data is available to search immediately, allowing for a more thorough investigation and faster recovery time.

Better business value and significantly lower TCO: Humio's Unlimited Plans let you collect, search, and store terabytes of data without ingesting limits. Humio is built from the ground up to leverage today's modern hardware. Humio eliminates the need for large index files, but it compresses data by 5-15x or more, making it more efficient to store, transfer, and compute. It is designed for streaming data and leverages Bucket Storage as primary storage to make deployments of cheaper, faster, and easier to run. This enables infinite retention and storage of huge volumes of live data at low costs.

The mastermind behind the success of Humio

Geeta Schmidt is the Chief Executive Officer of Humio. She has over 20 years of software industry experience and is passionate about creating great products for software developers. In her previous role at Trifork, Ms. Geeta was the team lead for the expansion and production of the GOTO Conference Series, which grew from one conference in Denmark to an international series with activities in 6 cities worldwide. She managed strategic partnerships to launch QCon SF and QCon London conferences, Scala Days, FlowCon events. Before Trifork, Ms. Geeta held product and partner marketing roles in the financial services, market development, and new product introduction teams at Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle).

"We partner with industry-leading companies around the globe. Our reseller partners facilitate licensing, and our integration partners make it easier to use Humio with their solutions."