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30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2023

I.F.O. srl. — A world-class leader in designing & Building the finer things in life


You may not believe that interior design & Build has had a significant impact on your life, but the truth is that it has most likely played a role in millions of situations in your daily life.

Interior design & build approach has the power to make spaces more compelling and to amplify your experiences in them, from a particularly gracious dinner at a friend's house to a store that you return to time and again.

Certainly, it would be wonderful to have your professional or personal interiors designed & built by an acclaimed ID contractor house that makes bespoke and one-of-a-kind interiors and fit outs for its clients. And if you are on the lookout for one such brand, then I.F.O. srl has got you covered.

For over a decade, the team at I.F.O. srl has worked with some of the world's most prestigious architects and designers to create stunning solutions that truly stand out for their clients. Italian Fit Out is a company that was born from a long experience in interior design manufacturing, thanks to architects and designers who guide customers in selecting the best solutions, with constant support from the design stage to the project's implementation and completion. Their deserving work was recognized in the Architecture Awards after ten years.

I.F.O. srl is involved in all aspects of interior design, furniture, and fit out contracts. The hospitality industry, retail, offices, and private residences receive special attention. IFO has established a strong reputation in the interior design industry, having received orders from major international clients.

A leading interior design and fit out contractor all over the world— I.F.O. srl

Since their inception in 2013, the team at I.F.O. srl has made it their mission to incorporate their founders' extensive experience into the creation of truly remarkable homes. Many of the team's decisions have been guided by their incredible in-house abilities, demonstrating the possibilities of modern design when combined with breath-taking attention to detail and quality that is second to none.

I.F.O. srl has made a name for itself as a world-class leader when it comes to designing the finer things in life. That level of quality is what clients not only expect but also receive from the team. It’s little wonder that so many people rely on the team for their most complex and demanding projects. With efficiency in the supply chain and creative customization at the heart of the business, it’s little wonder that this team has proven to be an astonishing success.

The best is what the team at I.F.O. srl wishes to deliver, and the best is what their clients expect of them. To date, the team has been proud to serve top world-class clients, earning a high reputation in the international interior design industry for their expertise, work quality, and dependability. Nothing is too difficult for this talented team, which is why they have been asked to work on projects that are out of the ordinary. Complex properties for hotel chains and developers have become the organization's bread and butter. Among the clients for whom the team has worked are Bvlgari Hotels, Ritz Carlton, Marriott International, and Oekter Development.

Top-notch team and astute facilities for producing timeless designs

Because of the team's turnkey operation, it is now possible to closely adhere to the designer's philosophy and shape each space concept. Alberto was eager to explain how the turnkey approach had resulted in the team's success. “Enhancing the atmosphere, the beauty of a space, and its functionality represent I.F.O. srl’s goals in creating the interiors of luxury hotels, residences, bars, and restaurants,” he tells us. “Thanks to this attitude, some of the world's finest interiors are born, where craftsmanship, perfection in every detail, attention to the construction, and the careful selection of materials come together in a unique synthesis.”

I.F.O. srl's incredible production facility is one of its standout features. An innovative production line focusing on joinery and FF&E is combined with passionate, precise craftsmanship. The team also provides amazing millwork, lighting, and special finishes that set them apart from other companies on the market. The team's CNC machines, 4.000 square meters of production space, and 1.000 square meters of internal painting space are critical to achieving these results. It not only provides a fast and efficient path, but it also maintains the value of craftsmanship that people have come to expect. It's always worth turning to I.F.O. srl for a one-of-a-kind finish, where the final product's quality easily competes with the most well-known brands on the market.

As a result, I.F.O. srl employs precious materials but always takes care to ensure that they are leveraged as far as possible to enhance rather than overpower. Above all, the IFO team prioritizes focusing on the details that make a functional space as efficient as possible. “IFO follows the supervision of the entire project, logistics, services, and customs procedures, installation of furniture, and after-sales service,” Alberto says with a smile. “There are many orders of special projects handled by IFO, which increases its credibility in the international community of design and architecture. Each project is an opportunity to demonstrate solid know-how and exploit a vast wealth of resources.”

Driving the collaboration between I.F.O. srl and AADA

As a partner of AADA (Asia Architecture Design Awards) 2023, the collaboration between I.F.O. srl and AADA has been driven by several factors and inspirations.

Firstly, the collaboration I.F.O. srl was established with a strong commitment to delivering high-quality contract interior design services, catering exclusively to VVIP clients, Archistars, and renowned hospitality brands. With the ability to select their clients, I.F.O. srl has established a reputation for excellence and attention to detail in the world of interior design.

Participating in AADA provides I.F.O. srl with an excellent opportunity to gain exposure and recognition in the Asian market. The firm believes that exhibiting their expertise and portfolio at AADA will allow them to expand their presence in the region and connect with potential clients and partners.

They do, however, recognize the value that the Asian market brings to the table. The region is well-known for its rich heritage, cultural diversity, and increasing demand for sophisticated interior design solutions. By collaborating with AADA and engaging with the Asian market, I.F.O. srl aims to contribute their expertise, particularly in the areas of intricate interior design details and exceptional finishing. This exchange of knowledge and ideas is seen as mutually beneficial by the firm, as it can help elevate the level of interior design in the Asian market while also fostering growth and innovation in the industry as a whole.

Looking ahead, I.F.O. srl has great expectations for its growth in the Asian market, aiming to establish a reputation as a prominent player in the high-quality interior design contract field. I.F.O. srl desires to become a reference point for special and ambitious interior design projects, showcasing their expertise and creativity.

I.F.O. srl’s newest offerings

The I.F.O. srl team has had to provide bespoke solutions for many clients over the years, drawing on years of expertise to provide the right answer the first time. Because of the team's collaboration with various wood fabricators, they are able to meet the incredible demand for supply from clients. These strong collaborations have been critical to maintaining quality control as well as the overall design and project management of the process.

One of the team's most recent projects took them to Vietnam, where they were awarded the contract to fit out and furnish 433 Marriott International residences in HCMC and 108 Ritz Carlton residences in Hanoi for Masterise Homes. In less than a month, the team was able to deploy more than 25 people with relevant experience from both the industry and the company to begin work on this stunning product. “In all the above cases, the big challenge is to guarantee the high quality expected,” Alberto explains, “as well as maintaining a value engineering approach as requested by the employer and abiding by the very tight construction schedule. Engineering, management, and a QA/QC approach are the key factors to overcome the difficulties of these projects,” he concludes.

“Enhanced atmosphere, the beauty of a space, and its functionality represent IFO’s objectives in achieving luxury hotel interiors, residences, bars, and restaurants.”