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20 Amazing Startups of the Year 2022

iApartments – An Enterprise-Level Smart Home Platform That Turns Ordinary Apartments Into Intelligent Apartments


Technology is advancing with every passing day and owning smart home has now become a necessity. In the past, smart homes were considered to be part of a luxurious life style but today, they have become an important part of our lives. Smart homes enables you to have greater control of your energy use, all while automating things like adjusting temperature, turning on and off lights, opening and closing window treatments, and adjusting irrigation based on the weather. Everything can be controlled at your fingertips.

iApartments (Intelligent Apartments) is one such firm that predominantly offers a best-in-class, smart home platform providing enterprise-level asset protection, energy management, and access and comfort control features to multifamily properties. The company provides the latest innovative comfort, convenience, and security features to multifamily properties— from apartments to condos to townhomes. They are out to simplify property management while increasing resident satisfaction and safety. Whether you’re an Owner, Manager, or Resident, it is focused on bringing you the smartest features for a better life. From conventional apartments to student housing and senior living, iApartments employs CAT-M1 cellular technology to deliver an easier and more affordable connection to the cloud without a dedicated Wi-Fi or high-voltage network. The company has cracked the code to bring a new approach to the “smart community” experience and better serve the needs of owners, managers, and their residents. The firm is currently deploying nationwide driven by its leadership team that includes multifamily, IoT, and smart-home industry veterans with 100+ years of combined experience.

iApartments, Offering an Ecosystem of Automation for Comfort, Convenience, and Peace of Mind

Smart Homes: iApartmeents Smart Homes Increase Occupancies. Realize the competitive advantage and resident attraction that comes with a smart property. Renters expect a connected community that is mobile-driven and with modern conveniences, on-demand access, and energy saving smart features. Say goodbye to the time needed to sign out keys – repairs are handled on demand, length of service calls are reduced, and leaks are addressed in real-time.  Through the use of AI and predictive analytics that add to the protection of the building and components. iApartments can help your site team examine the health of assets and enable a proactive approach. The company’s smart technology solution increases net operating income and property value by creating an additional revenue stream while making operations more efficient thereby reducing expenses.

Next-Gen Access Control for Smart Apartments: iApartments offers a seamless access experience combined with increased security. By simply using their smartphone, residents can move freely about the apartment community. And by sharing exclusive, temporary codes, so can their guests. iApartments system of smart controls allows residents to control front door access from anywhere including temporary guest access. Management can assign access to vacant units for site team members and can seamlessly move residents in and out.

Self-Guided Tours: In today’s on-demand world the self-guided tour gives your prospective residents the convenience they are looking for and showing them you understand their needs. Prospective residents appreciate the freedom to tour your community on their time while allowing your staff to provide the best possible resident experience. Let your prospects see themselves in your community by giving them the opportunity to tour your property on their terms. Self-guided tours provide the convenience and security that turns prospects into residents while freeing staff time for resident care and retention. Maintaining a safe living environment for your residents and staff is crucial. With iApartments’ identity verification process, you can have the confidence that welcomed visitors are here for the right reasons.

The Leader Upfront       

Dave Magrisso is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of iApartments. He began his work with the multifamily housing industry in 1995 when he founded Valet Waste, now Valet Living, multifamily doorstep waste and recycling collection company now serving 1.8+ million residences nationwide. Mr. Magrisso pioneered the Amenity as a Service concept and continues that leadership and innovation at iApartments.

“Whether we’re increasing convenience and control for residents, saving time for management, or building more value for owners; our mission is to bring technology solutions to improve our customers’ lives and the lives of those they serve.”