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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2020

ICAM leverages AI technology to deliver astounding returns in the investor's accounts


The world around us is disrupted by the new phase of the industrial revolution that is industry 4.0. With artificial intelligence, we will be entering a new realm that will look nothing similar to the past. The buzz in the AI segment is loud enough to gain the attention of angel funds and seed incubators to pour their investments into developing AI infrastructure, services, and platforms. AI is also helping investors make smart decisions and is behind almost every activity people undertake today. Before the advent of AI, investors used to be dependent on human effort for portfolio diversification, but now certain algorithms allow you to manage your investments. ICAM is an information technology service to deliver in the investor’s accounts the buying and selling opportunities signals identified on 17 international capital markets by using very advanced artificial intelligence software named theServer, a system made by Cristian Păuna and developed by Algorithm Invest company. theServer is using more than 2400 data-mining algorithms executing over 6.6MM instructions per second to take automated investment decisions. ICAM initials come from Investment Capital Account Management. This is a service each investor has a minimum 100.000$ plus the used risk to raise the capital in his own account, making automated investments by contracts for difference (CFD).

More than 2400 AI algorithms work for the profit

The current market landscape shows that greater volatility to be the new normal. In the financial world of mutual and hedge funds, something new must happen. ICAM service permits professional and stable investment management with the capital deposited into their own capital accounts opened with an independent and supervised brokerage company. ICAM is the service generated by using theServer automated informatics system. Using artificial intelligence procedures, the investment opportunities are identified in real-time on 17 international capital markets and are automatically sent into the investor’s account. The brokerage house will receive buying and selling signals, will transform them into trading orders, will execute that order in a direct connection with the stock exchanges, and will deposit the realized profit immediately into the investor’s account. All investment decisions are based on real-time data analysis made by the data-mining algorithms considering the price action and the historical price series from the last five years. The improvements of the ICAM services translate into improving the profitability rate in partners’ accounts. In the last 12 months, they have obtained an average 72% net profit in all partners’ accounts. This is equivalent to 6% profitability for each month, meaning a 3% net monthly profit for each ICAM partner.

A profitable investment service costs nothing

ICAM service costs nothing. This is an entirely free service. They deliver the service into each investor’s account, and they collect from the investors 50% of the realized profit made as a result of the ICAM service. Their share is paid by the investor monthly or weekly after the profit is collected in his account. The investor can act as he wants. He can stop the ICAM service anytime without penalties or cancellation fees. Also, the ICAM partner can manage the risk and capital exposure according to his preferences. theServer software automatically manages the market risk. The investor can set the capital exposure level as 10%, 20%, or 30% of the invested capital. We guarantee by contract that the operational exposure is limited at these limits. An important note is that capital exposure is a risk only in the first months of the activity. After the profit made is higher than used exposure, the initial capital is preserved no matter what is happening on the markets.

Safety and confidentiality drive to success

ICAM act as real partners for all their clients. Consequently, they share both the good and the bad moments of the markets equally. The artificial intelligence software system that ICAM uses offers them real and effective risk and capital exposure management. The system proved an optimal functionality even in the last deep market crash produced by the previous pandemic panic from the beginning of 2020. Artificial intelligence gives ICAM a different approach to financial investments, and they are proud to provide a continuously profitable service. Trust is built only on results obtained with our actual partners. ICAM may seem a “too good to be true” service, but once the investor tests the service, he will receive the performance level confirmation. The business transparency and the exceptional results offered are enough for a long term partnership. Moreover, confidentiality is a critical factor in their personalized relationships with ICAM partners.


From reliability to a stable future

ICAM was started in 2019 as a small company, but they have surprisingly discovered a fast-growing activity. The reasons are multiple, mainly because of the excellent profit rate obtained, because the money is anytime in the investor’s account, and because there are no constraints in the ICAM service contract. As already mentioned, confidentiality is key in their line of business. Furthermore, they sign no commitment contracts with their partners, and the money stays at his disposal anytime in the investor’s account. Any investor can cancel the service and close the deal anytime if he is not satisfied by the ICAM service.


Meet the leader behind the success of Investment Capital Management Service

Cristian Păuna, Engineer, Economist, and computer scientist, a Ph.D. candidate in economic informatics, is the author of several original algorithms for capital investments. After a sustained activity of more than 20 years, Cristian Păuna is the software author of theServer, an automated capital investment informatics system with outstanding results. Costin Claudiu, MBA associate professor at SNSPA University, a Ph.D. in sociology with extensive multinational corporation marketing and sales expertise and more than 15 years of successful entrepreneurship in various fields.

“With real-time control of the money in the investor’s account, ICAM provides a reliable, secured, and confidential investment service with outstanding profit.”