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‘At ICFiles, we are always on the side of security’


In the age of the internet, it is astounding when we think about the sheer amount of data and file-sharing that occurs every day. But file-sharing must be done with care and often, it is hard to find the right product/tool to handle file sharing.

In a world where data leaks are increasingly becoming common, having the right tool is of paramount importance before you even consider file sharing. And the importance of secure file sharing tools has only grown since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as the world started working from home. Businesses and professionals have had to improvise to remain relevant in this environment. ICFiles is one such communication system that has been pivotal for professionals all over the globe at this time.

We recently interviewed J. Sebastian Lee, the Founder and Owner of ICFiles, to know more about the communication system. In this interview, Mr. Lee spoke to us about the features that make ICFiles the technology of choice for professionals everywhere. Read on for the excerpts from the interview. 

Q. Could you tell us about ICFiles and what sets it apart?

ICFiles is a proprietary, best-in-class encrypted communication system. It utilizes advanced technology to deliver unrivaled end-to-end secure file sharing that encrypts in transit and at rest, covering all access points to and from any virtual and physical location. ICFiles comes with a $1 million data breach warranty to back up our claims of having the highest levels of security. No other company in our sector offers a warranty like this. One of the best features is ICFiles eSign, which allows paperless processing via the OneSpan app, a critical element that expedites workflow. In fact, it has the highest customer satisfaction rate (98%) and retention rate (96%) in the industry. But that’s not all we offer. ICFiles is the engine that drives Service2Client, a company that creates websites with Dynamic Content and marketing packages for CPAs, Tax Pros, and Accountants. Together, ICFiles and Service2Client help ensure the security of important assets while building their reputations and growing with your businesses.

Q. The basic problem with any collaboration tool is the risk of damaging important files. How do you provide improved file security and authorization?

It all starts with our Secure File Share system: It’s like having a lock on every client file, and it takes a million years to hack the encryption. Specifically, here’s how ICFiles handles safety: ICFiles are stored in an IBM SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, CSA, HIPAA, and CJIS compliant data center. This allows you to file share with your clients with no worries. A SOC 2 Data Center can provide you with a feeling of trust, knowing that your data is protected by a facility, a group of employees, and a company that adheres to a standard of excellence. ICFiles makes this communication airtight because account passwords are designed with one-way encryption. For a second layer, we offer 2-factor authentication and IP tracking. No one knows your password but you.

Q. Project managers know how tough it is to manage multiple projects and stakeholders with multiple files across all platforms. How do you ensure that projects, files, and file sharing are organized and well-managed with your solutions?

All client folders are separate, and you can’t move a file from one client folder to another client folder in ICFiles. You can create unlimited subfolders and move files between them and give different permission for each subfolder. All new files are marked as “New” until viewed, and all files have an audit trail that persists after deletion. We also offer the ICFiles Express Desktop application, which allows you to upload by simply printing a PDF to a folder on your computer. But here’s exactly how we ensure that all your files are organized and well-managed: You can save and manage your login credentials using Windows instead of a browser. Large uploads are handled with ease: There’s no more tying up browser windows. In fact, you can upload thousands of documents at one time. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and newer versions. You can send and request documents using Outlook and enjoy express upload using Windows Explorer. You get a Secure File Share Desktop App and a 100+ gigabyte file size limit.

Q. How do you streamline your services without compromising data security?

Convenience and security are always at odds in the technology sector. At ICFiles, we are always on the side of security. This has probably slowed our growth, but it has also kept us from having any data breaches. We are working on a new upload system that will allow the client’s users to upload with their cell phone numbers.

Q. How can clients improve collaboration among team members with your secure file sharing solution?

ICFiles has a notes feature where an uploader or the recipient can add notes to the document and communicate online with each other about the document.

Q. In an increasingly regulated world, organizations are now facing greater scrutiny than ever. Tell us about your compliance system.

The ICFiles cloud is hosted with IBM Cloud, which has a compliance department that works with independent auditors and third-party organizations. It meets the industry’s most stringent guidelines, SOC II Type 2, and we provide you with the reports and information you need for your own compliance needs. The physical and virtual controls of our facilities, network, and customer portal are an extension of your own, and we make it easy for you to get the information you need for your own audits. Off-premises cloud services connect seamlessly and privately to on-premises computing resources. And cloud servers deliver peak performance for data-intensive, mission-critical workloads. IBM Private Cloud provides cloud infrastructure designed to meet these unique requirements.

Q. How do you source quality individuals to maintain the quality of your services?

We have a rigorous screening process and high-level requirements for all of our employees. For added security, none of our employees or contractors have access to any vital infrastructure. We use compartmental procedures to control all new or revisited code.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Currently, Service2client is working on a new kind of search engine—something that’s seriously inventive, better than anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

As a result of an uncertain economy, there has been an increase in the number of people opening their own businesses and an explosion in the number of people working remotely, so our future is bright. In fact, we’ve been quite fortunate during the pandemic: sales and usage for Service2client and ICFiles are up in comparison to previous years. In light of the search engine we’re developing, as well as other innovations in the pipeline, exciting things are definitely on the way.

About the CEO

Sebastian Lee, Founder and Owner

Sebastian has a deep knowledge of security, IT systems and software. He possesses both tech savvy and aesthetic skills—a dynamic combination, for any CPA and/or accountant who wants to raise their bottom line.

“It utilizes advanced technology to deliver unrivaled end-to-end secure file sharing that encrypts in transit, and at rest, covering all access points to and from any virtual and physical location.”

“ICFiles is a proprietary, best-in-class encrypted communication system.”

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