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November Monthly Special 2021

Ideal Integrations – Coupling Cutting-Edge Innovations with an Inventive and Skilled Team of Engineers to Leverage Customized Technology Solutions


Cloud computing has been a mainstay of the IT world for several years now, but many organizations are only beginning to explore how it can be incorporated into their broader technology strategy. Given the pace of recent innovations, the impact of cloud computing on business will only continue to grow in the future. Cloud computing presents many opportunities for companies willing to think beyond the traditional model of on-premises IT infrastructure. The industry is changing rapidly, empowering companies in a wide range of industries to undertake unprecedented digital transformations that allow them to break into new markets and better serve their existing customers.

Ideal Integrations is an IT solutions organization that predominantly serves the Pittsburgh market from over 15 years. The company was founded on the idea that the only thing that should be cookie-cutter in this world is the cookies. Its team of passionate technology experts test, customizes, and implements each solution before recommending it to their clients. Embracing the IT industry, the specific challenges facing business, and understanding the goals allows the firm to deliver completely customized solutions for their client organization. The company wants to align themselves to be valued, strategic partner by their customers. Its solutions include storage, virtualization, network design, and monitoring, fiber connectivity, security, and cloud offerings. Integrity is one of the core values of Ideal Integrations. The company believes that giving back to its community is a part of that professional integrity. As a company, Ideal Integrations sponsor many events and fundraisers benefiting regional groups. They are also always looking for new ways to integrate into this area and support the community that has always supported them.

Cutting-Edge Cloud-Based Services and Solutions Offered

Cloud Hosting: Ideal Integrations has design and cloud hosting services that provide you with peace of mind. Its data center provides reliable and fast internet bandwidth, Ethernet connectivity and power. The public cloud solutions remove complex maintenance and high facility costs or you can augment your existing private cloud infrastructure with its hybrid cloud solutions. The company provides traditional colocation solutions so that you can host physical equipment and legacy applications in its managed and monitored data center while you update your system and applications to the cloud. Cloud technology gives you access to more powerful IT solutions that give your company a competitive edge without requiring a large amount of time or monetary investment. With Ideal Integrations managed solutions, you no longer need to worry about having the time or the budget to own, run and maintain complex IT solutions. Ideal Integrations hosts and manages your software, infrastructure and virtualization solutions from the data centers. Its technology provides you with access to more powerful IT solutions that give your company a competitive edge—without requiring large investments of time and money.

VOIP: Voice over IP is the future of communications. VOIP allows businesses to connect communications and other forms of multimedia over the Internet. By taking traditional audio and turning it into digital data, businesses can send a variety of information with ease and speed. This technology solution allows businesses to achieve a high-level of flexibility, efficiency and cost-savings. VOIP offers the ability to connect by using traditional phones or phone software on a desktop or other device, plus call waiting and caller ID.

Managed Office 365 Service: Ideal Integrations is a certified Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Solution Provider. It is qualified to help its customers to navigate Office 365 and other cloud offerings from Microsoft. Built for teamwork, Office 365 ProPlus delivers connected, familiar productivity tools through the cloud. It empowers you to do your best work from anywhere and helps keep your data safe across locations and devices.

Back-up Solutions: With server virtualization and high-level shared storage devices, the company provides you with the infrastructure-level back-up solutions you need to prevent loss of time, proprietary data and money. They securely replicate your current infrastructure, allowing them to automate your disaster recovery without dispatching an engineer to your office to perform complex procedures. That means you get a less expensive, more efficient recovery process that ensures your business continuity.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Ideal Integrations provides an additional layer of protection by securely replicating your current infrastructure in its cloud storage infrastructure, allowing the company to automate your disaster recovery without dispatching an engineer to your office to perform complex procedures. It also offers multiple locations in different regions, enabling your workloads to be run in multiple locations for the highest of availability. Its team appreciates how important these features are to your business running at full potential, and takes those components into consideration while working to achieve a complete disaster recovery and business continuity plan for your business.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Michael Stratos is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Integrations. Michael is more than your average CEO; he is invested in every aspect of Ideal Integrations and also acts as a sales engineer.

“At Ideal Integrations, our focus is to provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage through the strategic use of technology.”