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Identity Management Company of the Future with Innovative Solutions for Today Avatier Corporation


The world is witnessing a true digital transformation right now in the Identity Management space. And being the most efficient and secure place to run applications, container technology is just beginning to be adopted in mass.

Containers run anywhere on-premise or in any cloud and allow much higher density (20x) than traditional virtual machines from VMware and Microsoft. And, Identity-as-a-Container (IDaaC) solution can be a revolutionary thing with all the administrative features that cloud providers experience today. IDaaC combines the best of IDaaS (cloud-only) and on-premise identity management offerings while delivering greater flexibility and control than hybrid identity management solutions.

Founded in 1995 by Nelson Cicchitto, Avatier Corporation is the creator of the world’s first patented Identity Access IT Store with automatic workflow. Started out with a goal to accelerate the adoption of identity management, Avatier’s identity management solutions require fewer login credentials and provide the ability to collaborate across and beyond business boundaries.

From the company’s unique user provisioning IT Store, to its first of its kind self-service password reset tool, and now with the newly released universal mobile client access certification software, Avatier delivers critical identity access governance capabilities to IT operations while lowering administration costs. Furthermore, Avatier offers a complete compliance management system with an ITIL service catalog, self-service provisioning, active directory group management, and self-service password reset to fortify IT cybersecurity.

Avatier Identity Anywhere

Based on Docker containers making it the most portable, scalable and secure solution on the market, Identity Anywhere is the world’s first Identity Management solution. Docker container technology allows Identity Anywhere to run anywhere: on any cloud, on-premise or a private cloud instance hosted by Avatier.

Bringing separately administered back office applications and assets together to manage them as one system, Avatier Identity Management products are now armed with a unified digital dashboard, and C-level executives deliver measurable business growth and increased profits.

Enterprise Password Management

Being the world’s first self-service password reset based on Docker containers; Self-service password by Identity Anywhere Password Management reset eliminates the number one help desk request and synchronizes one strong password across the core applications and cloud services. It reduces unnecessary costs from high volumes of help desk requests and let users help themselves by resetting, synchronizing, and managing their passwords anytime from anywhere using a Web browser, automated phone system, a wide choice of MFA providers, and even biometric options.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On securely gives employees, partners and customers access to public and private web applications. Avatier SSO leverages existing groups, OU’s and users in the native directory to delegate web application access.

With built-in SaaS licensing management, the cloud subscription costs can be cut by 30% or more. SSO integrates with Identity Anywhere Lifecycle management for automatic user provisioning and de-provisioning.

Single Sign-On Features:

  • Instant Directory SSO Authentication
  • SaaS License Management
  • Integrated Identity Management
  • Terms of Use Tracker
  • Auto Detect and Enforce SSO
  • Enterprise Password Synchronization
  • Auto Launch Hide and Search SSO Apps
  • Enterprise Controlled SSO Portal

Identity Enforcer

Self-Service Access Request: Avatier Lifecycle Management is a one-stop shop for requesting access to enterprise and cloud applications, assets, and even service requests. It is as easy as shopping online, making business users and IT teams more productive.

Avatier’s patented, automated workflow establishes controls, empowering managers and operations to quickly approve access while mitigating risk, improving security, and ensuring compliance.

Automated Provisioning: Avatier user provisioning provides extreme flexibility, emphasizing inexpensive configuration rather than labor-intensive custom coding. Automated user provisioning is accomplished by leveraging existing business rules, attributes, and organizational structures from something as simple as a spreadsheet or as complex as multiple HR systems.

Compliance Auditor

Access Governance: Delivered as Hosted Cloud or Docker Container, Access Governance embraces audit with confidence.

  • It conducts access certifications IT audits from any device.
  • See its list of audits due along with un-reviewed identity and access governance items.
  • Practice security and compliance management with the touch of the finger.
  • Approve and revoke access allowing exceptions and more.
  • The best GRC software solution ever.

Group Enforcer

Group Management Automation takes charge of active directory group management memberships by applying business rules to data from HR systems to identify employees and their groups. Group Management Automation continuously updates groups, new memberships, access and privileges through rule-based group management.

Through Group Management Automation’s workflow engine new members are added, outdated members are removed, and unauthorized users identified making group access certification and access governance concerns a thing of the past.

Group Requester

Group Management addresses all active directory group management and distribution list tasks, including deleting expired groups, establishing group ownership, adding groups, and requesting membership changes through self-service group management and provisioning.

It sustains IT security through workflow automation, approvals and business user accountability, which frees IT staff for more strategic IT and compliance management risks. Identity Anywhere Group Management is the leading self-service solution for the marketing that ensures security and compliance management of groups.


With over 500 worldwide customers, ranging from the Global 100 to the smallest businesses, across a wide range of industries—from technology to pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, Avatier has delivered success worldwide.

“At Cox Enterprises we have a high volume of password reset requests coming through the help desk. We selected Avatier’s Password Station to increase customer satisfaction and improve help desk efficiency.” - Vic Chandar, Cox Enterprises.

“We’ve rolled Password Station to every desktop in the organization. We also have it published so any physician in our organization can reset their password STAT without help desk.” - Rick Allen, Gwinnett Medical Center.

Howdy Chief!

Nelson Cicchitto is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Avatier Corporation.

“We develop a “state of the art” identity management platform enabling organizations to scale faster, innovate quicker, conquer and embrace change, to dominate their competition worldwide.”