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August Edition 2020

Industrial Growth Platform Inc. – Providing strategic thinking and support for all stages of new business development, from planning to launch across Asia


Running a business can be incredibly challenging, so much so that the person in charge can feel entirely overwhelmed in terms of determining the next significant steps for growth. A management consulting firm's purpose is to help an organization improve performance and grow by finding new solutions to solve problems to reach their goals.

Industrial Growth Platform Inc. (IGPI) is a premier Japanese business advisory firm with presence and coverage across Asian markets. The firm is known as one of the most successful turn-around fund supported by the Japanese government. IGPI has proudly supported the revitalization of numerous Japanese companies through realistic business planning, execution, monitoring, and even investment as a business sponsor involuntary and compulsory liquidation proceedings. IGPI capitalizes on its rich knowledge and deeply rooted networks in Asian markets to provide high-quality advice to help Fortune 500s and large MNCs enter and grow in Asian markets. IGPI prides itself on its depth of experience and diversity of human capital to support its clients during business stages and situations.

Strategic solutions offered by IGPI

Management Consulting: Theory alone is seldom enough for businesses to prosper. IGPI develops realistic strategies for reforming and shaping businesses. The company's advice is in the best interest of their clients and is highly actionable as they commit themselves from analysis to actual implementation. It is crucial to review core competencies and plans to ensure that its competitive position is continually enforced amid fierce competition. IGPI has extensive experience in helping companies revitalize their business and strategic interests for the short, medium, and long-term. For many companies, Japan remains a large but difficult-to-penetrate market due to language, regulatory and cultural complexities. As a consulting firm with headquarters in Tokyo, IGPI can support your entry into the Japanese market with strong local support, deep insights into the market, and a strong network of connections.

Hands-on Management Support: IGPI has the skill-sets and capabilities to embed staff right from the management team to the business front lines. Such hands-on support to the client ensures the effective implementation of the strategic change. Assessment of the business' core competencies and resources, as well as careful planning, is necessary to ensure management's strategy takes root across an organization. IGPI's methodology of utilizing business and financial aspects of management support has delivered meaningful outcomes to clients.

M&A Advisory Firm Singapore: IGPI has extensive experience offering seamless and integrated M&A advisory in Singapore that encompasses the entire transaction process, from strategic planning and deal execution through to post-merger integration. IGPI's M&A advisory Singapore can also help you with divestitures and deal structuring advice. To maintain confidence in Target's valuation and business plan, investors adopt financial and commercial due diligence to validate Target's understanding before a transaction. IGPI offers both commercial and financial due diligence services in Singapore.

Management Support with Principal Investment: While serving their clients, IGPI has a strong focus on creating long term value. In addition to committing IGPI's human resources, the firm shares financial risks with its clients and stakeholders through investments and hands-on support. By providing both hands-on management support and joint ventures alongside the clients, IGPI can share medium and long-term risks with its clients and support the sustainable growth of the investment.

Manufacturing innovation: IGPI has a dedicated team of professionals that are well versed in on-site manufacturing management. IGPI is adept at supporting clients with the perspective and resolve to reform and strengthen their manufacturing competitiveness. In this increasingly competitive manufacturing environment, companies find it extremely challenging to keep up with evolving manufacturing strategies. IGPI has extensive experience in enhancing the client's technology strategy and product development and can advise on the strategy most suitable for your company.

Leader behind the success of Industrial Growth Platform Inc.

Kohki Sakata serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Growth Platform Inc. (IGPI). After joining Cap Gemini and Coca Cola, Mr. Sakata joined Revamp Corporation, where he managed projects on global expansion and turn-around in various sectors, including F&B, healthcare, retail, IT, etc. After joining IGPI, Mr. Sakata has managed projects mainly on worldwide expansion and cross border M&A in various sectors such as logistics, IT, telecom, retail, etc. In addition to his broad experience in implementing solutions that have been developed in Western countries, he has developed multiple methods to turn around Asian companies, focusing on setting a clear vision and employee empowerment. He has proven the practicality of these methods by turning around Asian companies not only as an advisor but also as senior management. He graduated from Waseda University Department of Political Science and Economics and IE Business School.

"IGPI is not only sending business and legal professionals to provide on-site support for its clients but also is making principal investments based on their business requirements."