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Manage your organization’s content seamlessly with ImageSource, Inc’s easy to use, highly-configurable ECM software


It is not enough to just “manage” the content of an enterprise. It is important to have the ability to access the right record or document from anywhere. Content must be managed to achieve business goals. Enterprise Content Management is the systematic organization and collection of information that can be used by a designated audience or business process. The process of content management is a dynamic combination of methods, strategies, and tools used to capture, store, manage, and deliver information throughout its life cycle. Document management was eventually categorized under content management because the volume of information available today is enormous.

Globally, there are various firms specializing in content management, but one that stands out from the rest is ImageSource, Inc. The company is the manufacturer of the ILINX software platform. ILINX software enables capturing, processing, and managing virtually any type of business content or data from paper documents to email to digital assets and external sources. Highly scalable technology, ILINX integrates with line-of-business systems to automate information processes across an organization. ImageSource works with organizations to understand their business problems, including SLA’s, regulatory compliance, and critical transaction processing. ImageSource makes use of its ECM Ecosystem methodology to define projects, measure progress, and results. ImageSource’s customers become their partners, with 96% customer retention, that not only continue to use ILINX, but apply it to solve additional business problems. The company also helps organizations expand their ILINX usage and offers Manage Services to maintain their infrastructure’s health. ImageSource, Inc. was founded in 1994, and it is based in Olympia, Washington.

In conversation with Terry Sutherland, CEO of ImageSource, Inc.

Q. Workplace automation for legacy systems is a daunting task. How do you help businesses to streamline their operations in such cases?

We find many organizations don’t know how individual departments manage their data, and if these departments can access and share information with each other. Our approach includes an inventory of current systems, internal and external access or communication points, and indentifying data duplication or areas for improving communication between systems. Because our ILINX platform is modular and easy to integrate to we are prepared for the task of automating the exchange of information between legacy or separate business systems. If an older system or third party solution needs to be maintained, we can work with that. Ideally, we migrate data to ILINX, where we have the most flexibility.

Q. What problems are solved by your content management system?

Traditionally content management systems are tasked with compliance, implementing retention policies, and storing and archiving documents and data. ImageSource and our ILINX platform continue to solve those problems as a basic level of functionality. The most business-critical transactions, including onboarding information, communicating status with outside users and business systems, and automating transactions is our primary focus today. For example, we help mortgage lenders process 1000’s of loans, on time, accurately while complying with State and Federal regulations. In a business when the time to fund a loan is the revenue of the organization, accelerating and confirming accuracy is critical.

Q. As market trends and customer demands change over time, so does your company goals, needs and demands. How do you help your clients to be more agile so their processes can be easily customized to suit the requirements of their businesses?

We help our customers become more agile by monitoring and analyzing the health of their solutions. Our platform provides data and insights to any bottlenecks or areas where data isn’t optimized. We can help them improve those processes, sometimes the smallest tweaks, deliver measurable results. We can help them optimize remotely, from our location, or teach them to optimize at their location. Our solutions are ready to deploy and manage in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment. This provides true agility, minimizes disruption when automating a new process, or optimizes an existing process.

Q. Do you have skilled/qualified individuals who can help your give your best always?

We do! Our average tenure at ImageSource is over ten years. We started by implementing third party systems, so we have built a wealth of knowledge about various environments and platforms. We’ve applied that to our ILINX platform to have the right mix of technical functions, deployment methodology, and maintenance services. We’ve also taken some time to update all Microsoft and product/project management certifications in the most recent months.

Q. Do you have any new services launching soon?

We recently launched our Managed Services offering for ILINX and 3rd party software and hardware solutions. In early 2021 we are excited to release ILINX version 9.0.

Meet the leader behind the success of ImageSource, Inc.

The CEO of ImageSource since 1994, Terry Sutherland has a significant operational background providing strategic direction for the Enterprise Content Management solutions company. With Mr. Sutherland at the helm, ImageSource has served Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, healthcare services providers, educational institutions, manufacturing, and distribution companies worldwide. Under his leadership, ImageSource has enabled its customers to transform business processes to improve efficiencies, security, compliance, and competition through ECM. A proven entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the imaging and enterprise software markets, Mr. Sutherland’s applied experience has guided the company through an extended period of growth and expansion, during which the company earned several prestigious awards including three years on the CRN Fast Growth 100 list, and an Inc. 500 honoree. A partner/reseller for tier-one ECM technology, ImageSource consistently leads sales in North America.

Mr. Sutherland’s vision in negotiating key mergers and acquisitions has facilitated the company’s ability to provide a comprehensive product line and evolve into a decorated, full-service technology provider. During his tenure, ImageSource has received many distinguished awards including the Governor’s Award for Service and Quality. Committed to industry growth and partner development Mr. Sutherland has served on numerous strategic partner forums. Driving vendor relations for ImageSource, Mr. Sutherland has fostered relationships across the ECM industry.

“ILINX technologies are designed with a focus on functionality, simplicity, reach and affordability.”