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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2023

Radha Basu, CEO of iMerit, acting as a catalyst that drives new levels of business success and cultivate a team


All the organizations currently hold humongous data coming from various sources like websites, web forms, google ads, downloads and other sources. This data makes way for all your campaigns and the success and failure of the same really depends on the quality of data. Apart from quality due to stiff competition you also need is quantity of data to make a maximum reach out.With Data Enrichment you can slice-and-dice your data – providing meaningful insights and recommended approach for data cleansing and future management and most importantly. All this in real-time which makes it a perfect Data on Demand.

iMerit combines the technologies, processes and people that, together, deliver the data enrichment and annotations companies rely on. Learn more about iMerit and their leadership team here. Today more than 5,500 iMeriters in the United States, Europe, Bhutan and India work with many of the most innovative companies in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ecosystems, to unlock the value hidden deep within large volumes of unstructured datasets. Its customers are able to focus on the algorithms that drive their company forward, while their teams of trained specialists handle the data work. With an output accuracy above 98%, iMerit is recognized as the leader in delivering quality, cost-effective projects on time and on budget. iMerit has labeled, annotated, enriched and segmented over 100 million images and videos that power Computer Vision algorithms. iMerit’s delivery team works with complex edge cases and nuanced taxonomies to give clients an extra advantage.

Providing scalable solutions that boosts data enrichment

iMerit Data Studio: It connects the last mile of human-in-the-loop annotation with the agility, flexibility and transparency needed for mission-critical machine learning workflows. iMerit brings applied knowledge, annotation expertise, and annotation infrastructure to every project. The platform brings together tools that manage configuration, annotation, project progress, and analytics, and more in one end-to-end solution. Their subject matter experts guide clients throughout the project lifecycle, from project preparation to project execution and data insights. iMerit Computer Vision experts use rectangular box annotation to illustrate objects and train data, enabling algorithms to identify and localize objects during the ML processes. Expert annotators plot points on each vertex of the target object. Polygon annotation allows all of the object’s exact edges to be annotated, regardless of shape.

iMerit’s Self-Serve API: It is the fastest and most direct way for teams to rapidly spin up and configure their iMerit projects. Once project creation is complete, their Solutions Architects and Delivery Leads schedule time with your teams to understand project outcomes and how they’ll work together to ensure those outcomes. The iMerit’s Self-Serve API opens up project setup and configuration options through a RESTFUL API. This allows for a more efficient and more secure way to integrate iMerit into data workflows. Use data workflows to automatically create ready-to-annotate projects. This allows for rapid experimentation and easy scalability as teams find validation in their ML initiatives. Use the iMerit’s Self-Serve API to prep projects for annotation, or build projects to facilitate deeper conversations with iMerit Solution Architects on the best annotation strategy. Images are segmented into component parts, by the iMerit team, and then annotated. iMerit Computer Vision experts detect desired objects within images at the pixel level.

iMerit Ground Control: Ground Control is your fastest path to resilient machine learning data workflows. Focus on your goals, and they’ll take over the rest. iMerit Ground Control is a gateway to their tooling ecosystem, scalable infrastructure and comprehensive annotation expertise. Gain complete control over your project’s design, edge case insights and workflow analytics to move fast toward your Machine Learning production goals. Access the output of your projects from any annotation tool through a single source of truth. Understand how edge cases in your datasets can impact your project guidelines and ML models. It offers actionable analytics, progress metrics and insights that drive proactive project management. Automate dataset uploads, design new projects, build your review teams and export from Ground Control through the iMerit’s Self-Serve API. Customers can easily access and interact with project information, which improves their time-to-value.

iMerit People Platform: It is a continuous integration and deployment infrastructure for scaling operations. The platform is critical to optimizing task workflows and skill-matching expert workforces to projects at hand. The workflow management solution designed for iMerit facilitates the entire project lifecycle. iMerit People Platform enables project scalability while maintaining the quality of skilled resources. It brings together multiple systems so that all project information can be tracked in a comprehensive, understandable, and accurate manner. iMerit collaborates to deploy AI and Machine Learning in Autonomous Technology, Geospatial Technology, Medical AI, and other industries by enriching, annotating and labeling data.

iMerit Edge Case: The users will find the edge cases in every dataset that automated models break down on, and work with you on the best way to handle these and similar cases going forward. Their clients realize the need for managing edge cases as their own annotation project. They understand that edge cases can make up a significant portion of data within a project, and they realize that edge cases are the most common reason for slow ML adoption within production settings.

About | Radha Basu

Radha is the FOUNDER and Chief Executive Officer of iMerit. She built her career at HP, spending 20 years with the tech giant and eventually heading its Enterprise Solutions group. She then took public as its CEO. Radha started Anudip Foundation in 2007 with Dipak Basu and then founded iMerit in 2012. She is considered a leading tech entrepreneur and mentor, and a pioneer in the software business.

"We provide high-quality, tech-enabled data services, that leverage human intelligence to power algorithms in Machine Learning, while creating positive social change through employment in the digital economy"