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IMEXHS: Is Helping Improve Patient Outcomes through Its Advanced Enterprise Imaging Solutions


The pandemic has put significant stress on physicians, hospitals and diagnostics centers all over the world. It has shined the light on the requirement of improving the quality of life of patients and doctors by developing cutting-edge technology and making these resources available. IMEXHS’s disruptive technology is enabling best-practice medical care and access to the tools and processes doctors and patients around the globe urgently require. The company’s innovations are having a positive impact on performance, productivity, and overall healthcare costs.

Founded in 2012 by two neuro-radiologists and two software engineers, IMEXHS was developed to solve two pervasive issues in global healthcare: the prohibitive cost of care and the need for access to modern technology. To address these issues, IMEXHS provides advanced Enterprise Imaging Solutions that streamline medical imaging workflows.

Today, Teleradiology forms the core of IMEXHS’s Radiology Solution AQUILA™ platform, which is a fully web-based, multi-modal solution delivered to more than 200 customers across 15 countries. As part of IMEXHS’s objective to improve patient outcomes in imaging diagnosis and treatment, the company created Aquila in the Cloud (AiC). This new and disruptive business model leverages the multitenancy capabilities of AQUILA´s platform to provide small to medium-sized customers with an affordable and accessible RIS/PACS product. “We have integrated IMEXHS’s international teleradiology platform, and now our workflows are very fast and consistent. We are definitely very happy to implement this modern and advanced medical imaging tool into our daily routine,” said Dr. Antonio Luna, Scientific Director at Health Time, Spain.

Hosted within Microsoft Azure, AiC can be rapidly deployed across multiple geographies. AiC customers pay an affordable connection and establishment fee for the software service with ongoing use charges on a per study basis. IMEXHS is truly democratizing access to world-class imaging software through Aquila.

IMEXHS™ has become an innovative provider of cloud-based medical imaging software solutions, delivering innovative, intuitive, and complete cloud-based software solutions under its unique Aquila in the Cloud business model, making its software accessible to centers of all sizes around the world. “At IMEXHS, we believe in a world where access to new technologies is no longer limited by location or economic possibilities. Technology is not made to separate us but to remove the obstacles that prevent progress,” explained Dr. German Arango, CEO of IMEXHS Corp.

A vast majority of IMEXHS’s revenue is recurring and derived from multiyear contracts. The development of artificial intelligence tools from its proprietary database of more than 400 million images further ensures the delivery of state-of-the-art care in real-time.

The company continues to be recognized with several awards in the USA, LATAM, and Europe. In 2018, IMEXHS became the first medical technology company from Latin America to be listed on a stock exchange: the Australian stock exchange ASX. “This allowed us to catapult development efforts to evolve our solution towards the universe of Enterprise Imaging, impacting new health disciplines and adding Artificial Intelligence capabilities, integrated speech recognition, and advanced visualization tools,” said the CEO of IMEXHS. “Our commitment is in the delivery of high-value tools for the modern health sector. Almost one-third of our team members are dedicated to the technology of product development.”

Looking Ahead

Much before IMEXHS existed as a company, there was an idea that grew like a seed in the heads of its founders, two neuro-radiologists who lived first-hand – the need they had from their medical experience to make life easier for patients and doctors. As a result, doctors have always been a crucial part of IMEXHS’ production process and have moved the company to make its product competitive since IMEXHS considers the needs of medical professionals with the technological offers of the moment.

The global medical imaging market is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and IMEXHS has multiple runways for growth as it expands into new markets and new medical imaging verticals. The company is specifically exploring new areas of Vet and Dental. “At IMEXHS, we promote the digital transformation of centers and hospitals around the world, optimizing the medical practice, facilitating patient care, changing lives, and prioritizing better health for all,” concluded Dr. German Arango.

The Visionary Leader
Dr. German Arango, CEO: Dr. Arango is the CEO and Co-Founder of IMEXHS and has over 12 years of experience as a practicing Radiologist in Colombia.  He is the former Ex-Chair Staff Radiologist, Neuroradiology at Mederi – Hospital Universitario Mayor, Bogota Colombia and was Chair Radiologist and shareholder of UT Imagenes Diagnosticas La Misericordia, Barranquilla Colombia and has practiced as a Radiologist in various hospitals in Colombia.

Dr. Arango was the Associate Professor of Diagnostic Neuroradiology for the neurology and neurosurgery residency programs for Universidad El Rosario at Mederi – Hospital Universitario Mayor from 2010 to 2017 and has held various Associate Professor of Diagnostic Neuroradiology roles for Universidad Militar de Colombia, Fundacion Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and El Bosque University between 2006 to 2012.

He holds a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Universidad El Bosque, Colombia, with specialization in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging from Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia and has completed a fellowship in Diagnostic Neuroradiology at McGill University (Montreal, Canada), and a visiting fellowship in Neuroradiology from Medical College of Georgia Hospital (Augusta, United States).

“Our commitment is to democratize access to high-tech medical imaging platforms.”

“Hosted within Microsoft Azure, AiC can be rapidly deployed across multiple geographies.”