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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2023

An immersive visualization technology service provider who leverages 2D studio, 3D modeling and rendering, AR App and Mixed Reality glasses to ensure your vision and investment is on track: Authenticus


With the advent of Mixed Reality (MR), the distinction between imagination and reality has become more indistinguishable. Using interactive, real-time mixed reality technology, physical objects and digital material are combined. It aids users in quickly interpreting both digital and physical information, as well as their spatial relationships. The benefits of mixed reality in construction start to become apparent during the planning and approval phases. Before a project is completed, teams can use mixed reality to walk around the entire thing, carefully inspecting the structure’s elements and features. With this foresight, scheduling delays, budget overruns, and error detection can be avoided before they take place. Globally there are various companies delivering excellent solutions to the construction segment, but Authenticus Inc stands out from the rest.

Coming from Residential Custom-Building, Jay Schimpf, CEO and President of Authenticus always heard frustration during the process or even regret or comments from clients wishing that they would have known “it would look like this,” or “that they would have done something else, had they realized it would like look that.” The repetition over the years was discouraging and he knew that something needed to be done to ease the process and gain the results. Jay Schimpf started diving into research on technologies, soliciting insight from other professionals, and learning from the end user, how to ‘fix’ the problem which lead him to the start of Authenticus.

In conversation with Jay Schimpf, CEO and President of Authenticus

Q. Can you explain about your services in brief?

We have a 2D projection studio where people can walk their plans in life size scale with the ability to stage each room with furniture for an accurate visual and spatial feel. We also provide 3D Rendering and Modeling services, which can be used in our Augmented Reality App or with the Mixed Reality Glasses. We have a web-based Selections Visualizer, allowing people to see what a space (with a real photo or 3D rendering) can look like by using our database of thousands of material selections and combinations, which are quickly accessible and editable all from their computers.

Q. Affordability has always been a problem for people to access AR and VR techs. How can you provide an affordable and immersive experience without compromising the quality of the product?

It’s a question that we spent a lot of time and resources exploring to ensure we identified and utilized the best available option. Challenges still remain with VR and MR glasses, generally user friendliness and the expense. This is why we opted to utilize a common resource that everyone either owns or has access to, a smart device (phone or tablet) and made our Augmented Reality App. free to download and explore. With the tips of your fingers, you can see a tabletop or doll house sized version or get an actual life size representation with versatile and helpful tools. This creates incredible convenience allowing interested parties to walk a house from literally anywhere, choose a model to be built on a lot, ensure their custom build is exactly what they imagined.

Tell us in brief about the convenience and economical factor of your business.

In finding changes at the pre-design stage rather than during construction is literally game changing. We create that opportunity with one of our five services. A PDF is all we need to walk a plan to scale in our studio. To see your model in Augmented Reality, we charge a modest fee to input a 3D model into the app, which will give you access on your phone or tablet for the life of the project. Our rendering and modeling service fees are marginal while our return is professional and life-like creations. Using our Selections Visualizer again puts choices at your fingertips. Convenience and options are what we bring to the table for predesign needs.

Q. What are the factors that affect the pricing of your solutions?

Pricing varies depending on the level of immersion you want for your project. The projecting studio doesn’t require modeling and a PDF is readily available. As you move into the AR app or Mixed Reality glasses or Selections Visualizer, we need a model or rendering, which generally requires a little extra spending. However, depending on which program the project was designed in, the 3D model may already be available. We have found that a little more focus and money spent at the beginning, can save big as the project progresses, on time and on budget. We help look at ways to keep your costs down without compromising the value and providing confidence you need to move forward with your project.

Q. About adaptability, how do you stay relevant to the people’s interests and needs in this high volatile market?

Always asking questions, reading information, looking to learn. Especially with running a technology service company, we know what is new and innovative today, is possibly just news tomorrow. We are always thinking and exploring new ideas, testing new theories and pushing the ‘what if question’ out there…we have to!

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We just launched our franchise model to bring the Authenticus solution closer to you and to each major city. Yes, we also are working on some new and creative use of technologies but not ready to divulge those details yet.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Helping make what is, better, is exciting. There’s no reason to do it the same way, the old way, when it’s so easy to do it the right way, from the beginning. We are excited about franchising and building an Authenticus Network of like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators to collectively continue our quest to use technology in an industry that has been left out. We are always excited to improve and branch out with more services and technologies.

“Authenticus was created with the thought of helping people to see what they cannot. Seeing and hearing customers reactions as they have gone through our studio or used our services has been rewarding in itself, and made this journey very fulfilling so far. We’re looking forward to where the future takes us.”