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Improve your chances of natural conception drastically with Premom’s simple, effective, and affordable solution


Having a baby is considered to be an amazing experience for women. Pregnancy gives women the time to focus on their well-being, and it also allows the doctor to keep close tabs with them to ensure that they stay healthy. However, one of the least spoken topics about pregnancy is how to improve the chances of becoming pregnant naturally. If you want to increase your chances of becoming pregnant naturally, it is advised to monitor your ovulation and intercourse. Men and women are also encouraged to focus more on the health of their reproductive systems too. Premom is dedicated to helping women get pregnant quickly and naturally. As a unique and innovative ovulation tracker app, Premom is a simple, effective, and affordable solution for all trying to conceive women.

Premom has constantly worked to be a game-changer in the women’s reproductive health industry. Since it was launched, Premom was recognized as the “First” of several innovations. It was the first app to offer an intelligent reader of home ovulation and pregnancy tests within the app. This allows women to visually view quantitative results of their hormone changes and the innovative smart charting allows them to know their cycle progression with auto charting of their fertility cycle. Thanks to the successful integration of biotechnology into the algorithm and machine learning, Premom fertility app was recognized as the most accurate ovulation and period prediction app. With the accurate data, Premom has been able to offer data-based virtual consultation first in the telehealth industry. Fertility experts can remotely analyze the home testing data, charts, and other symptoms to provide a more relevant and effective solution to patients. Previously, such data-powered consulting was only available from in-office visits and testing. Earlier than Premom offering virtual consultations, Premom created a pregnancy guarantee program as being the game-changer.

To give women the best chance of success, Premom offers personalized insight and advice followed with a free consultation if women did not succeed in 6 months. All of the above innovations are from its business’s natural evolvement on Premom’s user-centered philosophy which started from the Easy@Home Ovulation Tests. Easy@Home has been the first brand offering personalized ovulation testing solutions towards variable customer needs and has become the largest volume provider of ovulation tests in the USA. It has helped millions of trying to conceive women get pregnant in the past 7 years. With its innovative spirit and problem-solving mind, Premom constantly focuses on offering the best solution and platform for women who are trying to get pregnant. Although fertility problems are a big deal and challenging enough, Premom’s solution will definitely go beyond that to solve more health problems women are suffering.

Premom was founded in 2017, and it is based in Burr Ridge, Illinois.

In conversation with Sherry Liu, Founder and CEO of Premom

Q. Technology behind pregnancy care must be flawless. Do you have qualified individuals who can help you maintain your technology/service standards?

Yes! We understand how important the technology needs to be when a family is planning to have a baby. We strictly selected the talents who not only have the capability to maintain the top standard but also have the learning ability to stay on the top line all the time. We have an executive team to develop and optimize the technology and service standard. We also have an independent quality testing team do full-testing before any release and update, and we have a user’s feedback analysis team collecting and auditing the performance of our Premom App. We have a product management team that will plan, coordinate, and implement the development and optimization.

Q. Trust is a difficult attribute to measure and a delicate dynamic to maintain. How do you maintain this with your clients?

Customer relationships and customer trust are a part of our company values. We support our customers through a devoted customer service team, a strong quality control team, and our guarantees. We’ve created a continuous feedback loop of seeking customer feedback, responding to suggestions and resolving problems, and continually creating advanced solutions to enhance the customer experience.

Q. How accurate and efficient is period prediction day and the ovulation prediction day of Premom?

Premom has successfully integrated biotechnology testing and image recognition into the algorithm and machine learning. After our survey team did a peer to peer positive and negative reviews comparison, we found that Premom ’s most positive reviews are about its accuracy on ovulation and period prediction while competitors’ most negative reviews are the inaccuracy of predictions.

Q. Do you have any new services launching soon?

Launching very soon, Premom will provide our users with an AI-powered personalized solution based on precise analysis and professional insights. This will be an integral function for our app, as we will soon be able to provide a deeper analysis of the menstrual cycle and its effects on the overall health of a woman’s body.

Meet the leader behind the success of Premom

Sherry Liu has over 17 years of proven track history to develop several businesses from start-up to success. Co-founding Easy Healthcare Corporation which successfully built the largest volume online seller and one of the best brands in the ovulation tests category. Easy@Home became a notable home health brand in both the ovulation and drug test categories. Driven by her long-lasting passion for women’s fertility health, she has focused her efforts on existing problems women have suffered for so long. Sherry then founded the Premom Ovulation Tracker app as a companion app to the already successful ovulation test brand. The aim of the company is to achieve the highest pregnancy rate among the plethora of ovulation and fertility apps. Within just about 2 years, Premom has already hit over 1 million app downloads and has become the most popular fertility app in the US with the most community social mentions on the web.

“With personalized guidance and progress reports, users will be empowered with more confidence during their natural conception journey.”