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Propel your business growth and improve your digital relationships with FunnelAmplified’s excellent buyer enablement platform


One of the most commonly used terms in the sales segment is sales enablement. In this digital age, companies are focusing on what methodologies, metrics, processes, training, information, and tools can be used to have a positive impact on the performances of sales teams and individuals.

Everything these days is about the seller when the principle is that buyers are the ones that control the selling today. Buyers determine how and when to engage with a business. Buyers now watch videos, check their socials, and browse various resources to research for making purchases of any size. Previously the customers used to follow a linear path to convert from lead to a buyer. Reports from various studies suggest buyer enablement to serve the content to customers who want to make a purchase.

Social Media and the Internet have given companies new methods to connect, engage, and build relationships with their customers.

Most technology has been designed to help companies connect with customers. However, not much technology has been designed to help individual executives or sales team members - the people who lead their companies. That is where FunnelAmplified fills the void.

FunnelAmplified provides two unique services to help executives and sales reps simultaneously build their company brand and personal brands to build their pipelines and digital relationships. Its entry-level product is Social Amplification. It allows a marketing or sales support person to create social posts and provide them to their executive and sales team via our FunnelAmplified mobile app. The app-based system will enable individuals to easily approve and publish social posts onto their social media accounts with “1-tap”. It helps individuals be more consistent with social messaging, stay active on newsfeeds, and be viewed as an influential information giver in their industry.

FunnelAmplified’s more advanced service is its Personal ContentHub solution. Personal ContentHubs allows individuals to share the brand and curated content for social and direct sharing. It will enable individuals to share relevant articles with their digital community and lead visitors to their personal Hub for content consumption.

Personal ContentHubs motivate individuals to share their company’s content and curated industry content and help them share their insights and wisdom with their digital community. Both services help individuals grow their digital relationships, especially with targeted customers.

With the business world so focused on digital communication and relationships, both services are proving invaluable to teams who need to stay top of mind, share business content, and grow their relationships.

In conversation with Brandon Lee, Founder and CEO of FunnelAmplified

Q. How does your solution help your clients to create and maintain the interests of targeted customers?

Our customers use our services in tandem with social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

When using LinkedIn to identify and connect with targeted customers, our personalized social sharing helps people share valuable content with their newly acquired connections. Our personal ContentHubs help executives and sales reps be seen as more than just salespersons, but as consistent providers of relevant content to their digital network.

Q. Even if a company has sufficient data, critics argue that when anticipating human behavior, computers and algorithms fail to consider variables—from changing weather to moods to relationships—that might influence customer-purchasing patterns. How to overcome this uncertainty?

Arguably, companies have adopted the mindset of utilizing data to make business decisions. Data doesn’t lie, but critics have argued that data doesn’t always tell the complete story. Our solution helps prove that personal relationships at scale can significantly contribute to a company’s data acquisition and the filling of their pipelines.

When individuals consistently share relevant content on their social newsfeeds, they are received as industry experts and valuable relationships. Salespeople, who connect to ask only for a demo meeting, are seen as sales reps who are only seeking demos.

Executives and sales reps who utilize content sharing programs like FunnelAmplified have much higher sales success than non-content sharing counterparts. In a 2018 study by SAP, they found that individuals who incorporated a consistent content sharing and digital relationship building program were 90% more likely to meet and exceed their sales quotas than their non-digital counterparts. Even more valuable, they also found that they have a 300% larger average transaction value. Both of these are incredibly valuable to individual and corporate growth.

Q. What are the challenges addressed by your Buyer Enablement Platform?

The challenge many businesses face: how to efficiently provide web-based, personal communication programs for individuals on their teams.

Most technology is designed to help prospects connect with the company and not the team members who lead the company. We solve that problem. We provide a program that helps companies build personal relationships at scale.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We have recently launched our stock photography and photo editing solution. This allows our clients to have easier access to photos for social posts and edit images with custom messages. With this solution, we have found an increase in social post creation and more reps sharing the brand message on their social feeds.

We have also launched our text message solution. It allows companies to provide pre-created text messages that their team members can easily share with individuals in their mobile contact list.

Finally, we will launch a new gamification and reward system for our client’s users. It will reward individuals points for their posts; these points can then be used to receive gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, and other digital retailers.

Meet the leader behind the success of FunnelAmplified

Brandon Lee is the Founder and CEO of Yip Yip, Inc. and FunnelAmplified. Brandon is a serial business builder specializing in creating companies that help businesses increase their revenues through personalized communication systems.

He developed and continues to use a framework called Liked; Trusted & Remembered to help companies and professional service providers grow their business by starting new and nurturing existing relationships.

Prior to founding Yip Yip and FunnelAmplified, Brandon created and sold three other companies, one of which is Digital Lizard, Inc., a personalized digital print and fulfillment provider specializing in personalized printed materials for sales teams and franchise organizations. He also founded By Design Publishing, where he developed a personalized direct mail and web-based marketing solution for companies with distributed sales teams like real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage lenders, and B2B sales teams.

Brandon is also a speaker on leadership, entrepreneurship, and social media for teams. He is the author of “99 Powerful Questions for Business Owners & Leaders” and Co-Founded 99 Powerful Questions publishing, a company that helps business leaders build their brands and grow their revenues with book marketing systems.

He currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Kravis Leadership Institute and serves on the board with several non-profits. He and his wife, Meghan, have five children and live in Peachtree Corners, Georgia.

“With FunnelAmplified, your sales team can leverage your company’s outstanding original content, add curated content to amplify your thought leadership in your market, and do it all with your best asset, your sales team!”