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October Edition 2019

Improving careers and performance by breaking down workplace language barriers: Voxy


EdTech as an academic discipline allows people to study, analyze and solve problems related to teaching, learning and social organization from a technological perspective. In other words, the use of technological apps tools or services to improve learning. This definition is the one that is the most widely used in the education sector and the one we refer to in this article.

By using the technology we seek to improve teaching and learning processes and therefore improve the performance of the education system. It’s important to keep this aim in mind when choosing computer programs, apps or devices for the classroom. While certainly part of it, defining EdTech as using videos alone is a very limited way of looking at things. It’s like saying that math is no more than additions and subtractions. And that’s where the definition ends.

As we witnessed the digitization of the media industry via the profusion of new content, audience fragmentation, data centricity and the convergence between content and platform players, as they impact the education in the market, leading to a raft of opportunities for innovators in EdTech. The importance of EdTech does not just lie with the power it has to bring down costs and engage learners in new and innovative ways.

One such company which is a pioneer in the field of EdTech is Voxy. It is a leading web and mobile-based English learning platform that provides personalized language instruction to global corporations, major educational institutions and governments worldwide. The firm’s proven approach draws on more than 30 years of academic research on second language acquisition. Its service combines adaptive learning technology, authentic, real-world content and 1-to-1 tutor services to support learners’ unique needs in real-time.

 Voxy launched in 2010 as one of the most disruptive technology startups of the year and has since been used by millions of learners around the world. More than four million people in more than 150 countries have changed their lives by learning English with the company. The firm has a team of linguists, scientists, developers, designers, teachers, and communication experts that believes there is a better way to learn a new language.

Core Values

Learning at Scale

Voxy’s web platform and integrated mobile app allow you to easily provide training to anyone, anywhere.

Program and Performance Visibility

The Voxy Command Center gives you full visibility into the learner and program data that help you drive business decisions.

Personalized Training

The firm has a patented technology and certified online teachers improve English learning by adapting and personalizing instruction for each individual.

Learning for the Real World

The company’s task-based approach and career-aligned content support learners with the skills they actually need to get the job done.

Services offered

Custom solutions

The company provides a flexible online solution that works as well for school. The firm also offers a full suite of customization services to optimize branding opportunities, curriculum offerings, data management, and systems integration tools.

Custom Proficiency Scale

The Custom Proficiency Scale allows the users to maintain the school’s existing level names, descriptions, and pedagogical criteria so that every aspect of the student’s courses adapts to proficiency scale.

Custom Online Classes

Voxy gives the ability to offer live English instruction with private and group classes on the web, delivered using video-chat technology. Their group classes can be customized to cover specific topics for specific groups of learners, and private classes are always tailored to the individual needs of each learner.

API Tools & Integrated Reporting

It is used to manage enrollment and student data through the Voxy API. Integrate outside tools to easily transfer data between Voxy and already existing systems in order to enhance reporting and analytics capabilities. The API also allows for convenient, seamless student logins directly from the school’s website using single sign-on (SSO).

Teacher Platform

Voxy’s cutting-edge technology allows deliveringown online classes. With the Voxy Teacher Platform, one can schedule and manage private and group classes online, extending your reach and increasing the productivity of your teachers.

Meet the mastermind behind the glory of Voxy

Paul Gollash is the Founder and also serves the Chief Executive Officer of Voxy. He has worked with some of the smartest people in EdTech. As a kid he always wanted to be an explorer; then he became an expat, a salesman, a data-junkie, and a venture capitalist. Today, it’s all about creating an incredible technology product that will change the way the world learns languages. Paul loves staggering challenges and working with brilliant people to find creative solutions.

“Tech gives the quietest student a voice."