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Improving Dental Care Worldwide and Making It Affordable Through Utilizing the Blockchain Advantages: Dentacoin Foundation


Every year, $440 billion is spent on dental treatment. According to the American Dental Association, 90 percent of these expenses can be avoided if patients have their dental care treatment performed three times a year for early preventative treatments and checkups and if patients improve their nutrition and establish healthy dental habits.

Dentacoin is the new blockchain solution specifically designed to serve the needs of the global dental industry. Founded by three brilliant minds, Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev, Philipp Grenzebach and Jeremias Grenzebach, Dentacoin Foundation was set up as the legal entity behind Dentacoin.

The Beginning

Thanks to over 20,000 contributors around the world, the short-time operating Netherlands-based startup, Dentacoin managed to successfully get funding for its development.

The company developed its first three tools - Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, the first blockchain-based platform for incentivized detailed feedback, DentaVox Research platform that gathers valuable market research data on dental related topics and DentaCare Mobile App that helps users to establish healthy dental care habits. All the three tools were implemented at nineteen dental clinics around the world (in USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Malaysia, Fiji, Taiwan, Pakistan, and India). And at these 19 dental clinics patients can pay with Dentacoin cryptocurrency (DCN) as means of payment.

Dentacoin has established a few strategic partnerships that include Arklign, an end-to-end digital lab partner in San Jose, California; PCP Dental Recruitment in London, UK; Bredent dental implant manufacturer from Germany and Dentamed, the international supplier.

The First Project Roll-On

In the dental care industry, companies have long ago realized the importance of bringing customer intelligence into all business processes. Most of these companies, however, lack the infrastructure for that and fail to motivate constant, thorough and timely feedback. Launched in Alpha in August 2017, Dentacoin’s first project, Dentacoin Trusted Reviews provides just the same: an easy-to-use platform which helps each dental professional to gather valuable detailed patient feedback and improve upon it.

As the first blockchain-based platform for incentivized (paid for in DCN) and detailed treatment feedback, it got great outreach in the industry. Since the launch of the platform, it has attracted over 930 dental practitioners and 6500 patients.

“We consider this a great success for the short time functioning. This critical user base helps us to improve the platform daily so that it can serve the user needs better and better.”

Building the Community

Dentacoin is always focused on acquiring the new generation of dentists who are well aware of all the highest quality treatment and services. Dentacoin’s highly efficient, secure and automated software solutions are designed in such a way that it supports each dental practitioner into building a successful patient-driven dental practice, regardless of location, capacity, budget, experience, reputation.

Just like creating a loyal patient community around each dental practice that constantly contributes feedbacks and ideas is a mutual need for dentists, every new-born company is completely dependent on its community. So, as a startup in a whole new application field for blockchain technology, Dentacoin first created its community from zero by earning their trust and support. Throughout 2017, Dentacoin has managed to gather a community of around 100,000 people worldwide supporting the project and helping the firm daily with feedbacks and ideas.

In order to develop Dentacoin as a community-centric firm, it has established social channels which serve as a digital workplace for the firm and its supporters. These social channels are for all the community members to discuss openly the current topics and future projects.

Moreover, Dentacoin provides financial benefits to the dental practices in the network. Dentists can benefit from the potential value increase of the currency. As a fully functional currency, Dentacoin is easily exchangeable to other currencies and can be used for payments in real-world life and business.

Crafting the Future Road Map

Dentacoin is highly focused on improving its tools and developing the next ones, as well as on acquiring new industry partners. And one of the next milestones is the Dentacoin Assurance which is the cornerstone of the company’s project. Dentacoin Assurance encourages patients to pay for prevention through a low monthly fee that could be paid to dentists in Dentacoin; patients are assured to receive prevention-oriented dental care.

A dental social network, connecting all market participants and a decentralized database for dental health records, fully controlled by the patients, are also in a development stage.

Currently, the company is in communication with hundreds of dentists who are willing to implement Dentacoin into their practice and discussing different partnership models with laboratories and suppliers. At the moment there are 17 dental practices worldwide that have implemented Dentacoin into their workflow and accept DCN as means of payments.

Dentacoin has clearly stated its long-term orientation from the very beginning. And twenty years from now, definitely, it will become the operating system of dentistry.

Meet the Phenomenal Trio

Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev is the Founder of Dentacoin Foundation. He has more than 27 years experience in financial markets. Devoted to science and engineering, Dr. Dimitrakiev is a highly respected University lecturer. He is also a Member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence society, EADM, and Union of Automation and Informatics.

Philipp Grenzebach is the Co-Founder of Dentacoin Foundation. A fighter for free and decentralized markets, Philipp adopted the triple bottom line (TBL) to Dentacoin while integrating technical sustainability to create greater business value. Philipp is an alumnus of Stellenbosch University with honors in Law, Economics and Business Management.

Jeremias Grenzebach is the Co-Founder and Core Developer of Dentacoin Foundation. Dentacoin’s code wizard, Jeremias is an early entrant into the Blockchain scene. He has 8 years of experience in peer-to-peer technology has a contributor to Ethereum, Waves, ZCash, uPort, Status, imToken, and Byteball. Jeremias is a strong believer in decentralization and transparency.

“We are shaping our tools and next moves not only for the user community but together with them. This is what distinguishes a community-centric company from a conventional one.”