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Priyankar Datta, Founder of Value Creed, on Improving the Effectiveness of CTRM Applications in the Run and Operate Phase: ‘We Provide a Fixed-Cost Structure and are Confident in Our Consultants’ Ability to Solve Problems Quickly”


“Our employees’ experience with companies utilizing CTRM systems in multiple industries and geographies, integrated with dozens of other software applications and data sources, makes them adept at solving challenging problems.”

Value Creed, is a leading CTRM professional services provider with a unique team of experts. The company was founded by Priyankar Datta and Nitesh Raj in the realization of their goal of creating a specialized services firm that offers truly round-the-clock support to companies using CTRM and other commodity-focused software products. While many firms work on a project basis during CTRM software selection, implementations, and upgrades, only Value Creed has developed a comprehensive solutions offerings to optimize run/operate success by aligning managed services, cloud hosting and management, robotic process automation, CTRM specific DevOps, data management solutions, and most recently, ISO services for upgrades, integrations, and more.  The company’s mission is to support their clients’ success with expertly guided implementations and upgrades, as well as innovative services. This approach enables their clients to focus on optimizing internal resources by delegating and automating low-value tasks, while enabling internal teams to engage in high-value initiatives during the run/operate phase of their CTRM journey.

Value Creed’s team of global CTRM experts operating in a remote work model allows for significant cost savings and increased resource availability to their clients.  The firm’s unique 24/7/365 around the clock approach to solving common end-of-day issues, daytime reporting, and critical business user support needs is unique.  Unlike general practice consultancies, Value Creed’s employees’ have a deep breadth and depth of experience in CTRM applications and it offers clients a novel fixed-cost engagement model.

“Our employees’ experience with companies incorporating CTRM systems in multiple industries and geographies with dozens of other software applications and data sources makes them adept at solving challenging problems,” Datta said. “This comprehensive exposure and expertise allow us to execute an around-the-clock, worldwide model for fixed-cost services knowing our consultants have the ability to solve problems quickly.”

Value Creed views CTRM ownership as a journey that begins with software selection. While Value Creed was founded with the goal of providing superior managed services to customers in the run/operate phase, it has uncovered insights and best practices that led to the extension of the service offering across the entire CTRM journey. Today Value Creed has 10 core offerings: managed services, expertise on demand, robotic process automation, business process outsourcing, CTRM implementation and upgrades, testing services, cloud services, DevOps, and data management. Combined they represent services expertise in every stage of CTRM ownership. In addition, Value Creed’s ISO operations and settlement expertise streamlines and optimizes implementations, upgrades, testing, and management of clients’ operations in deregulated power markets. They leverage these resources to provide end-to-end operations and optimized workflow solutions.

Expanding Footprint

Value Creed is focused on gaining expertise in ERP and CRM systems, as well as the various other products and tools that integrate with the CTRM. Most recently, Value Creed has been working on applying robotic process automation (RPA) to CTRM processes. While RPA has been around for a while and is leveraged in other industries, CTRM users are still manually performing RPA’able tasks. Their RPA customers have seen dramatic time savings and feel that they are just scratching the surface of RPA uses within their CTRM workflows.

Similarly, as the firm grew and new talent demonstrated the ability to handle many of the day-to-day customer interactions and systems maintenance requirements, senior employees took it upon themselves to apply their keen knowledge of how to run vital services and handle crucial processes without disruption, giving birth to the company’s business process outsourcing service.

Datta said managed services hinges on its unique 24/7/365 service model in which local geographical teams supplement clients’ in-house staff during the business day and global teams monitor overnight data processing and reporting.

He said CTRM DevOps streamlines the software development path from identification to development and through testing and implementation. It’s a methodology that incorporates best practices, automation, and collaboration tools to enable the continuous development/continuous integration of software applications.

“CTRM DevOps is a service we provide to streamline the software development path from identification to development, testing, and implementation,” Datta said. “It’s a methodology that incorporates best practices, automation, and collaboration tools to enable the continuous development/ continuous integration of software applications.”

Value Creed also generates company value by assisting with CTRM software upgrades and assuring their clients receive the full benefit of their platform’s capabilities and integrations. The service is cost-effective and value driven, Datta said, because it allows companies to more efficiently allocate their IT resources and includes full user training, customization, and testing.

Testing is especially critical during a software upgrade, as CTRM users require impeccable documentation and repeatable outcomes. Value Creed is comprehensive in preparing, executing, and reporting on both manual and automated tests, allowing the testing process to happen more smoothly, in less time, with better results.

CTRM companies that want to upgrade their software platforms as part of a cloud migration project often call on Value Creed for assistance. Value Creed understands how to leverage the cloud to give their partners maximum agility and efficiency while doing all the heavy lifting surrounding data transfer, software interconnectivity, and post-implementation management, maintenance, and monitoring.

Most recently the firm has added implementation, upgrade, testing, and operations management services to support participants interested in expanding into new Independent Service Operator markets.

Future Arrangements

Value Creed continues to grow its customer base and service offerings. Value Creed customers can expect the same unparalleled service in its existing offerings. With steady growth, Value Creed has realized increasing economies of scale and scope and will continue to seek to return that value to the customer.

In a Nutshell: Value Creed Services

  • Run Smart™ - Fractional access to technical and functional experts all for the same fixed monthly cost.
  • Expertise on Demand - CTRM technical and functional experts assigned to clients’ immediate business demands.
  • Data Management - No more spreadsheets and manually formatting, updating, and coordinating transactions. Data gets where it needs to be - fast and error-free.
  • Testing - CTRM-specific automated and manual regimens services deployed for optimal efficiency and repeatability.
  • Software Upgrades - Faster platform implementation with minimal disruption to business operations
  • Business Process Outsourcing - Experts ready to hit the ground running to supplement customers’ critical tasks and workflow.
  • Robotic Process Automation - Transformation of manual business processes into bot-driven efficiencies.
  • Cloud Services - Cloud experts who design, optimize, and maintain specialized environments.
  • ISO Services - In-house settlement and operations experts upgrade, calibrate, test, and oversee processes in deregulated markets.
  • DevOps - Continuous performance and improvement to boost efficiency and minimize costs.

Priyankar Datta | Founder

With over a decade and a half of technology solution development, nearly half spent solving a wide variety of industries’ hardest CTRM challenges, Priyankar Datta is one of the world’s foremost CTRM platform experts, largely due to his tenure as a lead software developer on the platform.

“Value Creed’s RPA services help CTRM companies automate up to 80 percent of their routine and repetitive front-, middle- and back-office tasks. RPA flawlessly parses data from BOL statements and other counterparty documents delivered in any format, leading to as much as a 92 percent reduction in the time required to enter logistics data.”