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50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2021

OP360-Inclusivity plus agility equals talent


Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting out of specific business processes, usually internal business functions (back office), such as human resources, or customer-related functions (front office) like customer experience operations in contact centers. With an estimated market size valued at 26 billion U.S. dollars, BPO firms are challenged with differentiating beyond a cost or labor arbitrage play. The business impact of customer support and internal operations have evolved past transactions to a deeper expectation for personalized experiences. This expectation requires a fundamental shift in how companies attract, select, retain, and motivate their pool of talent. Globally, there are various outsourcing companies that deliver excellent services, but OfficePartners360 (OP360) stands out from the rest with their unique blend of core values and community engagement.

At OP360 simplicity is golden.

It always has and will always be about providing effective and intelligent business solutions for the world’s best brands.

Leveraging deep insider knowledge and industry expertise, OP360 delivers optimized services for clients while also investing in the communities from where they operate.

The OP360 story centers on outsourcing with compassion.

Childhood friends, CEO Tim Boylan, and CAO Dave Highbloom, began their entrepreneurial adventure selling t-shirts from the trunks of their cars to support the youth in their community while President Ben Roberts filled his summers and weekends as a counselor for the Children's Aid Society working with underprivileged kids from the Bronx, Harlem, Queens and those with physical and developmental disabilities. The addition of CCO Aaron Fischer rounds out the leadership team's distinctive approach and view of talent nurturing with his decades of BPO insider insight - understanding what works in bringing out the best versions of his employees and more importantly which methods are detrimental.

Together, Tim, Ben, Dave, and Aaron have forged the path to growing OP360’s outsourcing practice to more than 3,000 employees spanning North America, Latin America, and Asia- all while proactively working towards a shared vision of an efficient and giving world.


Their passion for creating multi- generational impact by helping others continues to drive OP360. This formed the foundation of their corporate culture and values. With corporate social responsibility deeply embedded in their DNA, the OP360 Cares program was established to launch several community-building initiatives. They foster mutually meaningful and trusted relationships with their community partners, from hunger relief programs to blood drives and natural disaster relief efforts. The Adopt-a-School programs have provided local schools with funding to purchase learning aids for children with special needs at Don Vicente Rama Memorial Elementary School - Special Education Center, while eight other underprivileged schools in the region were awarded computers to enable teachers and students to collaborate in the post- pandemic distance learning landscape.

To encourage employees to give back, all OP360 employees are allocated paid time off to volunteer in partner communities and charitable institutions. The Donate-a-Day program, created to address current community health protocols, allows employees to donate their pay for their allocated volunteer day to pre-identified beneficiaries.

Inclusivity plus agility equals world-class talent.

OP360's commitment to developing a culture of excellence through diversity, equality, and inclusivity has been critical to their low attrition rates and our high ESAT. This has allowed them to scale operations despite challenges brought about by the global pandemic. In 2020, while their competitors were closing their doors, some permanently, OP360 continued to grow and provide jobs to hundreds of economically displaced Filipinos. Their ability to stay nimble enabled them to remain a reliable partner for their clients. Through the implementation of business resiliency measures and massive global coordination, they work tirelessly across time zones to ensure that everyone – clients, employees, and partners – continue to feel safe and that no one is left behind.

OP360 doesn’t see diversity as a linear activity.


Tim and his leaders are proud to continually adapt to provide the most inclusive and safe space for their diverse employees. In June, OP360 celebrated PRIDE month through a virtual celebration recognizing their amazing LGBTQIA+ identifying employees. They have since applied to become a member organization of the Philippine Financial and Inter-industry Pride, the biggest professional network for the LGBTQIA+ workforce. The recent introduction of more inclusive benefits, including HMO coverage for common- law and same sex spouses/partners, further supports OP360's commitment to their employees and families.

This ethos has greatly contributed to their 2021 Employee Satisfaction Survey results, showing that 94% of their people are satisfied with their current roles, and 93% have fun at work. A unique recruitment process ensures that the best are hired, while premium pay attracts top talent and a clear career development track nurtures the best in every employee. Leadership development programs and up-skilling courses motivate the workforce to discover their greatest strengths while helping them reach their greatest opportunities. OP360 believes that advocating for their employees is not a numbers game – it’s about enabling them to become the best versions of themselves, professionally and personally.

OP360 never compromises employee welfare for revenue.

With current restrictive health and safety protocols in place, OP360 provides a suite of services to support their remote employees, so they can, in turn, continue to help their clients. They offer a corporate telecommuting package, so workers can have wired internet at home. The IT asset management practices include delivery, maintenance, and retrieval of IT assets, including internet kits, to ensure continuity of operations with little to no downtime. Their Resiliency Center serves as an emergency work hub for employees who encounter service disruptions and other contingencies.


OP360 provides a safe and secure facility manned by certified occupational safety and health practitioners and trained first aiders for employees who must perform work onsite. All offices are in compliance with all health protocols, including but not limited to daily temperature checks at the entrance, submission of health declaration forms, regular disinfection of public spaces, and easily accessible sanitation stations. Any employee who contracts COVID-19 is given paid time off to contribute to their speedy recovery. Health kits are provided to support them while in quarantine at home or in a government facility.

Safety and health of employees come first.

In 2020, OP360 launched its vaccination program, Together & For Each Other, in partnership with the local government. In just two days, they vaccinated over 600 Philippines employees, who were not already vaccinated through local programs - surpassing the country’s current national average. As an expansion of the vaccination program, they recently launched OP360 Junior, so employees can have their family members and dependents aged 12 – 17 years old vaccinated.

Recognition as one of Silicon Review’s 50 Best Workplaces is especially meaningful as OP360 expands into Latin America. Their new Barranquilla, Colombia center will provide even more services and opportunities to their clients, including bilingual Spanish support, while also investing in the local economy and communities.

Everything stems from passionate personalities.

From innovating and curating competitive advantage for their clients, to protecting their employees’ holistic well-being, OP360 has remained true to their humble beginnings. By connecting the dots between passion and community, they have translated engagement into critical elements for low attrition and happy employees required to drive a superior customer experience.