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50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2022

An expert building world-class identity products, enabling omnichannel identity experiences for enterprises: Incode Technologies


Incode Technologies was born in San Francisco in 2015 by a passionate serial entrepreneur, Ricardo Amper, and a group of hard-working, goal-crushing individuals. Whereas Incode had originally started as a photo-sharing service provider, the company pivoted into facial recognition several years ago and developed a single platform that could solve all identity needs for large enterprises and governments. The team at Incode was motivated by the vision of transforming the way humans experience their identity journeys. They wanted to facilitate people’s access to services, contribute to reducing inequalities within societies, and provide freedom, and opportunities for growth while preserving the fundamental right for users to control their identity information. Incode co-developed its technology with some of the world’s largest organizations, resulting in technological breakthroughs like the world’s first passive liveness to be certified by NIST’s iBeta lab, and ultimately a single orchestration platform with over 50 modules that helps companies build trust with their customers.

Not only did Incode have the industry’s fastest and most secure passive liveness technology— the company also had the background in consumer technology to build a seamless and convenient experience into the product. Incode made a big splash with the news that it had raised a total of $255M in funding over 2 rounds + seed round on the strength of its Incode Omni identity platform.

Best-in-class offerings

Leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, Incode develops cutting-edge identity solutions that address a diverse range of real-world challenges in the identity management landscape. Incode solutions are extremely fast, accurate, and powerful in biometric performance. Designed for ease of use and tailored to meet specific identity needs, they enable smooth, secure, privacy-enabled, and user-friendly identity verification processes in which people themselves are the only documentation needed to prove their identity. With an omnichannel, privacy-centric identity solution called Incode Omni, Incode brings digital and physical onboarding, ID verification, and authentication under one platform in an easy-to-integrate modular way. Built for the next generation of consumers, Incode’s solution helps the world’s largest banks, financial institutions, governments, hospitality firms, and retailers increase revenue and reduce fraud while providing users with convenience without compromising privacy and security. The company is recognized as a leader in enterprise-grade facial recognition technology by the US Government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), building the customer experience of the future, while helping businesses increase conversion rates and reduce fraud.

Reinventing Authentication

Credentials can be easily stolen, lost, or misused, but biometric data tied to an individual provides an excellent layer of protection for people’s sensitive data, places, and money. Leveraging biometric recognition to optimize security has long been a trend. It is becoming an integral part of our lives. Every day more and more sectors are joining the use of digital identity verification, such as fintech, sports, hospitals, aviation, hotels, shopping malls, and insurance companies, among others. Companies in these sectors consider it a tool with a high level of security, reliability, and speed, which reduces fraud and identity theft. It is no longer fiction, right now our face can be the most secure access for personal identification, which will be used at all times, in all places, and in all types of transactions, revolutionizing the way we interact with institutions and companies to make our daily lives easier.

Incode is trying to revolutionize everything you can do with your identity by making sure it’s smart and digital. Incode’s AI-powered technology is helping lay the groundwork for more trustworthy experiences going forward—and when you increase trust as a society, you increase the potential for economic activity and progress. Essentially, the Incode Omni platform helps engender greater trust in the company. And the more the audience trusts, the more confidence they’ll have in their daily interactions, whether that’s at the cash register or voting booth. Incode’s technology is used to facilitate secure voting, enable car sharing services, and open a bank account. Stadiums all over the world can utilize it to promote greater safety by offering more dependable rider and ticket holder identification services. In addition, global credit card companies and government agencies are leveraging Incode’s ID authentication system to fight fraud and deliver more personalized user experiences.

Upcoming services and Future of Incode

Earlier this year, Incode was recognized in the Fintech Power 50 as one of the 10 most visionary and 40 most innovative luminaries shaping the financial services industry. The company will continue to innovate and develop new features that will help clients increase revenue and reduce fraud while improving the overall customer experience. Incode’s vision is “One Identity Everywhere”. The company’s mission is to power a world of trust by democratizing access to resources and critical services. Incode envisions a future of frictionless, highly secure, and privacy-minded relationships that democratize access and scale to never-before-seen levels. Today’s barriers of clunky identity experiences, privacy gaps, vulnerability-laden technologies, and higher costs will cease to exist once trust is marginalized.

With its mission of mapping together the identity of mankind, and deep focus on the enterprise, the company is growing exponentially. Incode is committed to building its global go-to-market operations and channel strategy, and massively accelerating worldwide growth as the next-generation leader in digital identity. Incode will stand at the center of this future, powering trust with a single identity layer that is pervasive, yet fully transparent, to a user’s day-to-day interactions. Built by a vibrant community with a nonconformist attitude, only Incode can harness the collective power of foresight, technology, and community to zealously meet today’s requirements while preparing for a future of unprecedented experiences.

Meet the leader behind the success of Incode Technologies

Ricardo Amper is the Founder and CEO of Incode Technologies. For the past 20+ years, he has founded and served as CEO at various companies, establishing himself as an industry expert in leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve traditional business problems. Ricardo founded Incode in 2015, an online identity verification platform that is reinventing the way humans authenticate and verify their identity. Today, Incode offers the world’s most advanced and accurate identity verification & authentication technology, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Prior to Incode, Amper founded La Burbuja Networks, a social network company and in 2003, he co-founded Amco Foods, a functional beverage startup that, as CEO, he grew into one of the top players in the market. Amco Foods was acquired by Bimbo Group, (MEXI: BIMBO – the biggest bread company in the world). Ricardo has also served as the CEO and CTO of Amco Group, a chemical distribution company. Ricardo re-positioned the company as the “Bloomberg of Aroma Chemicals”, developing proprietary big data and machine learning systems as a competitive advantage, and ultimately sold the company to the Brenntag Group, a $15B company (IBIS: BNR).

“We enable banks, retailers, marketplaces, healthcare systems, and many others to provide more secure and convenient experiences to their customers.”