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A unique blend of solutions: Introhive, the fastest-growing business intelligence platform, is designed to help companies increase their sales and business development efficiency


In this digital era, companies need the right sales tools and precise information about their prospects to keep their sales pipeline engaged with leads throughout the year. With increasing global competition and the need to efficiently market a company’s brand, image, products and services, more and more B2B organizations started implementing marketing automation software.

Simply put, marketing automation refers to a marketing solution to help organizations automate and personalize communication. These tools are good at providing businesses with the most suitable methods for defining prospects, attracting customers, capturing important information on leads, and mapping unique flows through the customer journey. B2B marketers adopt CRM systems for different reasons. A powerful CRM can simplify your contact management, be it leads, prospects, opportunities, or closed sales. It can also create a single view of the customer, prioritize activities, and receive reminders for calls, emails, and meetings, which help store information in an easily retrievable database rather than having them stored randomly.

Introhive is one such B2B sales intelligence and data quality management solution providing platform. Its AI-powered platform is designed to help organizations effectively realize the complete value of their relationships and underutilized data present across their business to increase revenues and employee productivity, while also improving customer experience management. Introhive has over 100 customers, including some of the world’s largest organizations, and in the past three years, has doubled its workforce and grown revenues 300% year-over-year.

In conversation with Jody Glidden, Co-founder and CEO Introhive

Q. Can you tell us about your services in brief?

Founded in 2012, Introhive is the fastest growing B2B sales intelligence and data quality management solution, recently recognized as a top 10 fastest growing technology company in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards.

Introhive’s AI powered SaaS platform works alongside CRM systems to help organizations realize the full value of their relationships and underutilized data across their business. Specifically, the solution maps contact and account data between email systems and CRM to improve team productivity, data accuracy, and information completeness in CRM.

Q. More business leaders are becoming aware of the tremendous impact big data has on the enterprise organization’s trajectory. How does your solution help in decision making?

“Big data” is a term that gets thrown around often in business. We’re being told time and time again that “data can transform your business.” Still, companies are left wondering how to leverage this data and fail to realize actionable insights or revenue-generating opportunities from their data.

The solution provided by Introhive is multifaceted. Firstly, we uncover countless relationships that were previously invisible to an organization. These contacts were not stored in a CRM database but instead were hidden, “dark data” pieces living within email exchange. Our AI-powered automation syncs email and calendar data with the organization’s CRM to ensure accurate and reliable data with no administrative burden placed on your team. Our AI-powered platform digs into your organization’s historical data, analyzing past deals and uncovering trends to coach your team with machine-learning informed prompts to boost productivity and increase the likelihood of closing deals, faster.

Q. The security of SaaS-based offerings is still a concern. How do you address this concern?

Data security is in our DNA, which is one of the main reasons our platform has been so successful. We purposely architected our system to pass the strict security reviews of some of the hardest companies in the world banks, PwC, and largest law firms globally. Once we could do that, security became a much lesser concern for future prospects.

We see far fewer concerns raised over SaaS/Cloud-based software than a few years back, as SaaS becomes more commonplace for enterprises. Introhive uses security and privacy by design approach when building the platform to meet customer needs. For example, modular components to support hybrid and on-premise email systems, private cloud options, and strong organizational controls allow us to help customers with strict security and privacy requirements across multiple industries.

Q. How do you source the right talent to maintain the quality of the plethora of services you offer?

At Introhive, we look for two things when seeking talent: the right cultural fit and a passion for excellence within a candidate’s field of expertise - from data science and customer service to sales and marketing.. We know that technical skills can be learned and expanded upon, but you can’t teach or coach “fit” or passion. That is what makes our company so successful is the diversity of our global team.

Q. How do your solutions enhance the customer experience?

Our solutions are designed to help organizations reduce noise, streamline processes, and give them time to build better relationships with their customers. Introhive reduces the administrative burden associated with CRMs while simultaneously improving the quality of the CRM data. This means teams are equipped with the correct information and have more time to deliver better service. Our software allows our customers to be smarter when speaking to their customers, asking better questions, and diagnosing problems easier, thus spending more time with their customers and less time entering data into their systems.

Q. How do you deal with the “never-ending change” in digital transformation?

Change is what creates new opportunities and new inventions. I think the secret here is to accept that there is no destination for digital transformation; our world and the way we do business are constantly changing as we learn and uncover new technologies. This constant state of change is what fuels us at Introhive. We thrive in situations where we need to sink our teeth into an emergency or advancing solution, so we invest so heavily in our data science work.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We recently launched Productivity Intelligence™, a suite of machine learning-backed solutions designed to support sales efficiency and team and pipeline management. Also, Time Coach, a tool to streamline services to help companies refocus time or prioritize deals, using AI-backed solutions designed to improve productivity.

We’re looking forward to releasing the Contact Coach in the coming months. We’ve learned that people want to build their network, maybe even more so than what they do for the company. Contact Coach will give teams the tools they need to develop solid networks and relationships personally and professionally to help them grow their careers. We’ll continue to expand our AI technology further into sales organization efficiency, forecasting, and management.

The ardent visionary behind the triumph of Introhive

Jody Glidden is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Introhive. A leader in relationship intelligence and sales automation, Jody is a continual inventor of new technologies. He has accumulated over a dozen granted patents with many more pending, and has been recognized as one of the ten most influential AI executives by Analytics Insight Magazine. Before Introhive, he was the COO and CTO of Chalk, responsible for marketing, product, engineering, and strategy. Prior to Chalk, Jody was co-founder and CEO of icGlobal, the world’s first global enterprise learning platform.

Jody holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of New Brunswick and a master’s degree from Harvard.

“Our solutions are designed to help organizations reduce noise, streamline processes, and give them time to build better relationships with their customers.”