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50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2022

A recognized industry leader powering innovation for success: Provenir


Decisioning software isn’t one-size-fits-all. You need purpose-built technology designed to outpace market evolution, and maintain your rank as an innovative and disruptive financial services player. Provenir powers data orchestration and risk decisioning processes across identity, credit and fraud to help you get ahead, and stay ahead of risk. Provenir has designed its AI-Powered Data and Decisioning Platform, with key data, AI and decisioning capabilities, to give you the flexibility to iterate, expand, and scale on your timeline. Technology shouldn’t dictate your path forward, it should empower it. Define your own journey with a flexible Platform-as-a-Service solution!

The credit card industry is valued at an estimated $8 trillion worldwide but Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) products are lining up to take a bite out of its market share! At Provenir, they work with BNPL providers, like you, to help them power rapid launch and growth. Whether startup, decacorn, or anywhere in between, to thrive in this competitive space you need technology that supports easy access to alternative data, powers real-time onboarding, and gives you the agility to rapidly adapt to evolving legislation. Launch, deploy, iterate and innovate on your timeline, and your terms. Easy data integration and advanced automation capabilities put real-time onboarding and sophisticated decisioning at your fingertips. With one solution for data, KYC, analytics, and insights, Provenir empowers you to create industry leading customer experiences that manage risk and drive business growth.

With Provenir, you don’t need hard credit pulls to power accurate decisions. Provenir’s prebuilt integrations make it quick and easy to create a personalized data ecosystem to power all of your decisioning needs. Get rapid access to a range of alternative data including behavioral scores, telco, and more. 

  • Make siloed data and integration challenges a thing of the past 
  • Use the Marketplace to rapidly connect data sources
  • Add data sources straight into your decisioning workflows

As a fintech lending or financial services company, you’re known for providing merchants, SMEs and consumers with fast, frictionless service. To do this, you need technology that underpins and empowers world-class consumer experiences. Provenir’s AI-Powered Risk Decisioning Platform helps fintechs like you deliver more value to your clients and your business. With advanced risk decisioning and data science capabilities, Provenir’s cloud-native platform-as-a-service (PaaS) powers rapid data integrations, fully automated decisioning and real-time business insights. Launch, deploy, iterate and innovate on your timeline, and your terms. Provenir has simplified data integration, model deployment and decisioning automation — keeping the same powerful tools that drive business growth. That means you maintain the flexibility and agility to respond to new opportunities, launch new product offerings across multiple verticals and head off new risks in fintech.

Create a powerful data and decisioning ecosystem without having to build every single component. Provenir’s no-code user interface with low-code flexibility gives you the foundation to build your own product — hardcoding not required. Provenir’s Data Marketplace makes it quick and easy for your risk team to integrate with a wide variety of structured and unstructured data sources — whether internal or external. Use alternative data to improve decisioning accuracy and expand your market opportunities.

SME Lending

With its high risk and high costs, traditional banks shy away from SME lending. At Provenir, they work with innovative small business lenders like you who are stepping up to take on the challenge. While automated processes and real-time decisioning are the minimum requirements you expect from an online SME lending platform, you know you need more. You need a solution that drives risk strategy innovation. That means making changes in minutes, deploying sophisticated credit risk models without relying on vendors and accessing the right data, at the right time. Industry-leading automation and integration capabilities are at the heart of the Provenir AI-Powered Decisioning Platform. Provenir streamlines every step of the lending process so you can lower origination costs, make smarter decisions and power the rapid approvals customers expect. Say goodbye to the days of scattered data. Use the Provenir Marketplace and advanced integration tools to rapidly integrate with a wide variety of data sources. Plus, you can connect internal and external disparate systems to create a powerful decisioning hub.

Provenir’s model-agnostic platform supports rapid deployment of models developed in virtually any analytics tool including R, Python, SAS and Excel, without recoding. Provenir’s visual interface empowers your business and dev teams to collaborate, eliminating delays that slow down product launches and impede your agility. Provenir’s digital lending platform lets you approve loans in real time with fully automated, straight-through processing. Streamlined workflows eliminate manual processing and let you focus expensive resources on high-risk applications — and other strategic growth areas for your business. In a digital-first market, agility and innovation are key. The Provenir AI-Powered Decisioning Platform blows past traditional risk decisioning solutions by letting you harness the power of data, AI and decisioning from one unified, no-code user interface. Whether you’re launching an ambitious startup, or scaling a unicorn, Provenir helps you power beyond your business goals. Use Provenir to power one or both of your data and decisioning strategies.

Larry Smith, Founder and CEO

“Seamless support for business growth replaces unscalable technology. And advanced decisioning, data and AI capabilities replace aging solutions.”