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Technologically-advanced commerce platform, linking brands to the best advanced media solutions: Infillion


Infillion develops technology solutions that help unify the customer journey for a more personalized approach to advertising, marketing, and operations. The company has built a connected commerce platform for the open Internet that seamlessly links advertising, marketing, and CX. The world’s best brands rely on Infillion for advanced media solutions – particularly CTV – and technology solutions built on real human behavior. Consumers no longer differentiate their online and offline behaviors. Actions that start online are fulfilled in the physical world, and vice versa. Infillion has set out to facilitate the connection between people and technology more deeply. This behavior will give rise to intimate relationships and more seamless experiences between people and brands, wherever they are, in real-time. Infillion technology connects consumers’ media and buying experiences through guaranteed attention and the power of place.


TrueX is the original CTV engagement platform that also works across all screens. TrueX allows consumers to choose their ad experience via the first value exchange product, guaranteed to drive results.The result is a better experience for the viewer, reduced ad load for publishers, and 5x the brand impact for advertisers over standard video spots. Advertisers are competing for human time and attention. TrueX engagement ads optimize consumer experience by reducing the number of ads a consumer sees in exchange for their undivided attention. TrueX is the leader in engagement addressability across all screens—especially CTV. Offering consumers a choice with their ad viewing experience tells them that you – the brand – respect their attention and recognize the value of their time. As an advertiser, the thing one desires most is human attention. As consumers, our most valuable asset is our time. TrueX engagement ads optimize for both groups by reducing the number of ads a consumer sees in exchange for their undivided attention. Stop paying for impressions and start optimizing for engagements with your brands from the leading interactive group available. TrueX has helped some of the top brands in the world across countless industries engage their customers across desktop, mobile, tablet, and connected TV.


Unlike traditional video ads, AttnX guarantees interaction and ≥ 30 seconds of exposure. How? Consumers volunteer their time and attention to an advertiser’s message in return for something of value – like fewer commercials or a level-up in a game .In response, advertisers are guaranteed at least 30 seconds of full-screen interactivity and attention from their audience before they’re ever charged. Combine your existing brand assets with top AttnX formats to build innovative and beautiful ads in practically no time. Then customize elements, select your colors, and choose your call-to-action. Already running standard 30-second video? Include the power of engagement in your next media plan to expand your reach and diversify your media mix. AttnX engages consumers who are ready to interact with their ad experience. Using tried-and-true creative formats and its proprietary Engagement Exchange network, AttnX delivers a turnkey solution for innovative advertisers like you. Go beyond standard video spots with interactive ads that deliver against any objective Stop paying for impressions to run and focus on guaranteed interactivity with your ads. Low campaign minimums mean you can test this new ad type against the rest of your media mix.


Combine your brand’s data with NeXt’s first-party location data. Identify individual consumers at specific locations based on the criteria you want like frequency, recency, and length of their visits. Reach consumers across all devices and channels such as mobile, tablet, desktop, and connected TV for a seamless experience. Bring your brand to life with engaging content built with innovative features that drive action – no matter your campaign objective. Connect conversions across devices and channels for upper- and lower-funnel campaigns, and understand visitation with in-depth attribution and audience analytics reports. NeXt’s advertising platform is integrated with dozens of mobile and desktop exchanges for a daily observation pool of more than 100 billion cross-device signals. Infillion works with top-quality ad servers, tag managers, viewability partners, and more. Get the inventory you want that works best for your campaign and ensure quality with trusted and scored inventory.


ShopX is a full-funnel shopping solution that provides both awareness and direct performance within a single engagement experience. Capture user attention with its time-spent guarantee and extend your message through its broad network designed for reach, exposure, and conversion. Remove the burden of multiple direct publisher buys that limit reach and efficiency. ShopX taps into its premium network of publishers to deliver shoppable experiences in brand safe environments to the right audience, at scale. From product bundles to retailer options, its consumer-friendly format is optimized to drive purchases with add-to-cart functionality through a single click or barcode scan on a mobile device. Whether you have one preferred retail partner or multiple preferred retailers, ShopX provides brands and consumers the option to choose resulting in increased brand loyalty and heightened brand equity. Go beyond awareness and drive purchases via engaging direct-to-cart shoppable environments. Increase online sales for one or more products by reducing touchpoints with a single click. Consumers volunteer their time and attention via its unmatched value exchange model. Run across its expansive network of video publishers on CTV, desktop, and mobile channels. Give users a quick click-out opportunity. This experience is designed for efficient CTR and is an ideal format for encouraging conversion. Take users by the hand and tour them through image galleries, product suites, and more – all while encouraging CTR and conversion. Self-guided engagements are ideal for allowing users to personalize their experience. This proxy for a virtual storefront qualifies customers and encourages action.

Rob Emrich, Founder and Executive Chair

“Infillion has set out to facilitate the connection between people and technology more deeply.”